Thank Senator For Denouncing Trump’s Press-Bashing

Target: John McCain, Arizona Senator

Goal: Thank John McCain for standing up to President Trump’s attack on the press.

Following President Trump’s recent attack of the press as “an enemy of the American people,” Senator John McCain spoke out against his words. Trump has been attacking and shouting down the press his entire run as president and earlier, even going so far as to reportedly attempt to shut down the freedom the American press enjoys to report on whatever they deem necessary. According to McCain, this is the first step of every dictator in history.

Trump wasted no time proving himself to be unfit for his position as president, and due to reported evidence of hacking and Russian involvement in the election along with voter suppression, it is becoming clear he did not win this election fairly. Additionally, Trump’s attempts to suppress the press is hypocritical considering he refuses to shut down his highly volatile Twitter account and has insulted too many people throughout his campaign and his presidency simply because he felt like it.

While he may not be a full-fledged dictator yet, Trump’s behavior is coming dangerously close to it and it is highly important that people speak out against him. Freedom of speech is what this country was founded on, and a big part of that is freedom of the press and the media. Sign this petition to thank Senator McCain for standing up for our core values.


Dear Senator McCain,

Thank you for standing up for freedom of the press. President Trump’s many rants against the press and the media, in addition to his wishing to see it shut down, are compromising the core values this country was founded upon. Your criticism of his behavior is very important in this day and age, as Trump sincerely seems to believe he is what America needs most and that he can do no wrong.

Please continue to speak out against Trump’s behavior, for the benefit of not only the free press but for every citizen of this country. All defenses of American freedoms and rights matter more than ever, especially when strong authoritative figures such as yourself add their voice to the effort. We must protect the free press, for without it, America would be forced into silence and ignorance.


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  1. Maurice Robison says:

    I will NOT sign this petition! The press has continually used its power to ridicule anyone who doesn’t agree with their world view. They twist words until the person’s statements are skewed beyond recognition. The press is supposed to REPORT the news; not manufacture it to suit themselves! They have ruined their own reputation. Trump is communicating directly with the people, with no go between to corruptly change his words.

    YOU are idiots for supporting such a corrupt group. YOU are losing credibility!

  2. Paulette Mirfield says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! The emperor STILL has no clothes. When the media has video of lies or, ahem, “alternative facts”, it is reporting – not twisting words or misrepresenting statements. I wish when a mind closed it would automatically close the mouth.

    • Maurice Robison says:

      Paulette Mirfield: The archives are overflowing with “alternative facts” that were spewed by Clinton, Obama and a myriad of other democrats, but they will never see the light of day, because you’re all out for the same corrupt cause, and the MSM has the same stench. Corrupt democrats don’t need lawyers, because the MSM always covers their trails. I wish that when a person reaches a certain quota of lies, they would just die. The democrat party would soon be extinct.

    • Robin Newlan says:

      Um…..Trump has been the worst President so far. He has incited more racism, violence & fake terrorist attacks in just 3 wks. You people are all stupid if u think Trump is a great President. He cannot even give a speech with proper English. Ummm…really, really, it’s a shame, really. God, he sounds like a 5 yr old. And he’s our commander in chief. The prior Intelligence members have came out & said that Trump & his pick of intelligence team are NOT ready for an emergency. It shows ! We should all be very afraid. He makes up stories. He doesn’t listen to briefings from inside the white House. He listens instead to Fox, the faux news. Are u kidding me?? He is increasing our chance of a terror attack by him being so blatantly uninformed!!

  3. jane Pettifer says:

    I told my daughter before Trump got in that I fear that he will become a dictator. I hope the next President will reverse all the damage that Mr. Trump has done. That alone should keep a new President busy for the first 4 years.
    I am sorry I never thought I would say this of our neighbours President has serious brain problems. all very sad for its
    its citezens God Bless you all. I hope it all works out.


    • Maurice Robison says:

      jane Pettifer: Where do you people get these outlandish ideas? Trump is no more likely to become a dictator than anyone else, especially Obama or Hillary. Obama even had it written into his healthcare program that the government was to collect all kinds of information about people that had nothing to do with insurance. He used branches of our own government against the American people. He was MUCH more likely to become a dictator that Trump ever will.

      Nobody gets everything right, but I think Trump is doing a GREAT job, so there would be no need for anyone to reverse any damage. Interestingly, it’s Trump who has his hands full, trying to undo eight years of corrupt, Muslim rule. At least he’s trying to serve the AMERICAN people instead of all the various ILLEGAL immigrants that Obama forced upon us, which Hillary said that she would continue to do if she had been elected.

      The only way you would believe that Trump has serious brain problems, is if you actually listened to and believe reports by the main stream media. He’s not corrupt Hillary, so they hate him, but he’s doing exactly what AMERICANS need him to do. If these are your true thoughts about our current president, just stay home. We have enough troublemakers here!

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