Justice for Dog Allegedly Dragged Behind Motorized Scooter

Target: Ricardo Rodriguez, District Attorney for Hidalgo County, Texas

 Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the man who allegedly dragged a dog behind his motorized scooter for two blocks.

A shocking video showed a dog being dragged behind a motorized scooter. The dog was attached to the scooter by a leash and appeared to be struggling to keep up. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

“I turn around. I see him dragging his dog from the middle of street all the way to second drive way. I’m out of my car yelling at him, asking him ‘what are you doing? What’s wrong with you?’ And he just keeps going telling me to mind my own business, it’s his dog he can do whatever he wants,” stated Melissa Torrez. She filmed the entire confrontation. The video prompted the Mission Police Department to get involved.

Investigators arrested Mario Cardona and charged him with animal cruelty. The dog was taken by Animal Control and is doing well. Sign below and demand that Cardona receive the maximum penalty, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Rodriguez,

A man has been charged with animal cruelty after a video reportedly showed him dragging his dog behind his motor scooter. The horrific footage prompted hundreds of calls from concerned citizens. We demand justice for this innocent dog.

A concerned neighbor confronted the man after she witnessed him dragging his German Shepherd down the sidewalk. The man showed little concern for the dog, who appeared to be struggling to keep up. Per the neighbor, the dog was dragged for about two blocks.

This cruelty cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: neiv

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:


  2. L’auteur des faits devrait être mis à mort pour cet acte odieux.la peine de mort devrait être remise dans chaque pays pour ce genre de chose.pauvre bête…

  3. Drag this bastard behind a car, please!

  4. He cant do as he likes and he dozent own the dog. All animals belong to God. This person will be dealt with, karma is a bitch

  5. ANOTHER Texan piece of pond scum!!! How about you go back to your western roots there and HANG HIM HIGH, or put him in a stockade and let the public have at him?

    There’s NO known or reliable cure for sociopaths or psychopaths who are missing both innate consciences as well as the gene for EMPATHY or REMORSE, so quit wasting society’s money and efforts on these too-broken wastes of space, when those could be far more effectively used for proactive and truly productive means instead. Abuse and torture such as what this psycho chose to inflict upon another living being CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be tolerated, minimized, or sanctioned in any way, shape or form. Lethal injection is what he deserves as a consequence, nothing less!!

    • Can we please, please make him suffer excruciating pain first? Hanging’s too good for him, I say some good old fashioned British punishment is better, have repugnant slimebag drawn and quartered. 🙂

  6. Provide me with this vile wog bastards contact details as I am ready, willing and able to enact the required permanent payback.How about we drag this bastard behid a car travelling at 100km an hour for 50 kilometers.Oh yes!An eye for an eye!

  7. well at least they must know who this evil vile bastard is, and i am with the person above, it would give me great pleasure to be able to do just that, please make him pay for the agony he caused this dear dog, i know he must be feeling so clever and brave to be able to go out of his way to hurt and torture a helpless animal, WOW WHAT LOW LIFE SCUM

  8. FIRST: the dog wasn’t “Allegedly” dragged behind a motorized scooter, there is video footage of it.

    Second: this man has a history of spousal abuse and I believe other animal abuse as well.

    He should NEVER be allowed to own another animal again, and should spend time in jail……!!!! NO slap on the hand “community service”!!!

  9. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    If this is true Lajeanne L. Then it just proves what we all keep saying “animal abusers always move on to child and spousal abusers” and we are correct again! When will the court judges sit up and take notice and come down extremely hard on the perpetrators?
    These animal abuses charges should be sentenced on the exact charges as if these heinous cruelties were perpetrated against a small child. No less.
    By saving animals we are saving our children and grandchildren, from these abased and troubled humans.

  10. This POS should never be allowed to own another animal. I can’t believe they gave her back to him just to take her back. Don’t they know what he probably did to her for him being arrested. Please put her in a home where she’ll be treated like a princess. If I lived closer I’d take her. I wanted to snatch his ass off that scooter and beat the crap out of him when I saw the news about him. Please don’t let him get her back again.


  12. This is allowed in Hidalgo County? Another chronic abuser of animals and people. Why can’t judges get these abusers of our streets and do their job! People are sick and tired of these abusers going free!!!

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