Dog and Cat Fur: The Untold Suffering Endured by Beloved Pets for Fashion

Target: Chinese and U.S. Legislatures

Goal: To make more clothing companies fur free by making consumers more aware and banning the use of dog and car fur for clothing.

The tag won’t mention that the fur coat or boots you’re considering buying are made with a tabby cat or golden retriever, but they could be. A lot of the clothing in America is imported from China and some of the fur products are made from “mans best friend.” The cats and dogs that we love so much are killed in grisly ways for the cost of fashion. This evidence has caused an uproar of people boycotting fur; a hopeful outcome for a tragic situation.

In 2005 PETA(People for the ethical treatment of animals) did an investigation in China that revealed some harrowing truths. Dogs and cats were crammed in cages with no food or water, they were so weak they could barely move. Many had wounds from fighting because they were driven insane by the conditions. The animals were thrown from trucks in these cages by the thousands, the fall must have broken their bones. They were taken out of the cages only to be thrown into the killing pen where they were strangled, boiled, or even skinned to death.

This horrific operation still exists today and all this suffering is for something so superficial; fashion. China supplies the U.S. and Europe with half of their fur products. The fur that comes from cats and dogs is deliberately mislabeled, it is up to us to be more aware of where our products come from. No animal should be tortured for fashion and when a fur product is purchased there is no way of knowing  if we are wearing an animal just like our beloved pets. Legislators should be urged to ban the selling and production of cat and dog fur, but the most effective solution to this issue lies in consumers choices to boycott all fur products and companies that sell fur. The reality is that the production of any animal fur is barbaric and cruel. This commitment at an individual level could end so much suffering endured for such a superficial cause.


Dear Chinese and U.S. Legislators,

Dogs and cats are being heartlessly tortured in China for the production of fur products. These coats and boots are then mislabeled so the public does not know that they are in fact wearing the remains of “mans best friend.” This barbaric trade for superficial fashion should be banned by China and the U.S.

People deserve to know exactly what their products are made of, perhaps if Europeans and Americans were aware of the torture endured by domestic pets to make fur products they would boycott the companies that sell them. The public must be educated on these realities so they can make informed decisions.


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  1. David García Ayala says:

    Con constancia, denunciando, podremos acabar con cosas como estas.

  2. Stop treating the Chinese like humans. They are not. Stop buying Chinese junk. I quit 12 years ago have not missed anything I needed. The Chinese support every enemy the USA has ever had with arms. The IED’s blowing off our troopers legs made in chinia and sold for $2.50 each. Been going on since before Vietnam.

  3. Cheryl Edwards says:

    This must be stopped

  4. AGATA WYCINEK says:


  5. jacqueline Cibelle De Azevedo says:

    Isso é cruel e desumano.

  6. I agree with every comment. Those that indulge in such low minded barbaric acts require prison sentences and education. We have the technology today that affords us fabrics for pennies not to mention the natural fibers (silk, soy fiber, raki, hemp. bamboo, wood etc.)and natural wool/fibers that sheep, alpacas and Llamas provide for us. This is ludicrous that any human being would be a part of this and to do it so cruelly. Our world has lost its empathy…

  7. stop this barbaric treatment …. WTF is wrong with these countries !!!!

  8. Angela Ingber says:

    We can try to collectively make a difference by not purchasing anything that is made in China, especially faux fur products, which are REAL, not faux, that comes from innocent cats and dogs. I wish these EVIL MONSTERS could experience the same thing that the cats and dogs do at the fur farms. Let’s work together and put an end to this evil act.

  9. the western governments turn a blind eye, yet they are responsible to allow the import fur from these countries. Course the one only thing here to end these practises is no more import.
    So I rather saw a petition to against the governments who makes benefit of it and they have to stop these.!! will NEVER visit China to leave any tourist dollars until much more humane treatment is given to ALL animals unfortunate enough to find themselves there.

  10. Louise Schutte says:

    1.Please help out by sending letters to Gov’t officials. Here in Canada, 60% of the fur comes from CHINA. (I Believe that it is Directly linked to the amount of seal pelts and meat that we trade to China, pelts that many other countries won’t buy. We sell “clubbed baby seal fur” and they sell “skinned alive dog and cat fur.” It’s a vicious cycle that needs to end. We need help to convince our government officials – Promptly and Politely – that this cruel act is not acceptable. PLEASE send a letter pleading with the government of Canada to end this vile trade. Please, Please keep the letter polite, and informative.
    Honourable Edward Fast, Minister of International Trade:

    The Right Honourable Stephen Harper P.C., M.P. Prime Minister of Canada:

    Minister of Industry, Christian Paradis:

    2. Please tell everyone you can about where fur Really comes from.

    3. Please Boycott China

    4. Please don’t let the political leaders in your beautiful country fall victim to the allure of trading with China.

    Both our countries (Canada and the US) are great countries that have afforded us the right to freedom of speech; let’s exercise that opportunity every chance we get to stand up for those that have no voice themselves.


    • Brenad Anderson says:

      i agree with all of yous, this has to stop, this is no way for any animal to end its life… it is so sick. Thinking of it makes me sick. I look at the tags now where stuff is bought if it says china it goes back on the shelf,, but watch out for dog food, and stuffed aniamls, that are made in china,,, these things may contain dog or cat also,, stuffed animals are 98% chance they do, and they make some chinese noodles out of dog,, and those fur pink vest that people buy for thes girls,,, dog or cat fur but they are coloured, Walmart from what here sel dog food from china, but CHINA AND OTHER COUNTRIES ARE GETTING SMARTER THEY ARE TAKING WHERE IT IS MADE OF THE PAKAGING, AND IT IS ON THE BAR CODE NOW, SO LOOK AT THE BAR CODE,,, THE START OF THE NUMBERS,,,,690,691,692,, is all made in China,, 00-09 USA-Canada, 30-37 France,40-44 Germany,471 Taiwan , 49 Japan, 50 UK,, hope this helps,, we can do our part by not buying China… thanks….. save the animals,,

  11. Lesa Winter says:

    Please stop the killing of all animals for fashion

  12. Pourriture

  13. isla diamond says:

    What you do or what you permit..i s out of money not religion no true is by your side..pain abuse death and tortures have no excuses..anytime..not for child not for people..and not for animals..pain and abuse is wrong on everyone and everywhere..all the rest are lies !!

  14. Angelina Miranda says:

    Soo sad

  15. Vicki Ricupero says:

    Animals like dogs n cats are pets not supper not clothing but to be are best friends to love n be loved

  16. Zijn die Chinezen allemaal psychopaten ?? Hebben die geen gevoel in
    hun lijf ? Steek ze dan zelf maar eens levend in kokend water.
    Kan de overheid zijn volk niet wat meer verbieden om zo met dieren om
    te gaan. China wil zo vooruit komen en modern zijn, maar ze zitten nog
    in de prehistorie met hun barbaarse martelpraktijken.
    Doe hier iets aan, want heel de wereld zal jullie kennen als dierenbeulen,
    en niet als een land dat vooruit wil.

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