Save Innocent Dolphins Trapped in Small, Chlorinated Tanks

Target: Kazutaka Sangen, Mayor of Taiji, Japan

Goal: Move dolphins to a sea pen or retire them to an accredited sanctuary.

An albino dolphin named Angel, along with a few other dolphins at Taiji Whale Museum, are reportedly kept in such strongly chlorinated waters that they cannot even open their eyes. These dolphins either need to be moved to the facility’s sea pen or retired to an accredited sanctuary immediately.

Angel and a few other dolphins were captured during Japan’s annual dolphin hunt. Since then, she has been kept in a small, allegedly dirty tank at the Taiji Whale Museum, which features dead and alive cetaceans along with whaling gear. Captivity is extremely detrimental to dolphins’ physical and mental well-being. The high chlorine levels lead to additional problems. A marine mammal scientist stated that chlorine “can lead to permanent eye damage, other tissue damage and perhaps eventually long-term health problems from ingesting small amounts of water with their fish.”

Sign this petition and demand that these dolphins are either moved to the facility’s sea pen where they can heal and thrive in natural water or retire them to an accredited sanctuary.


Dear Mayor Sangen,

Since Angel, an albino dolphin, was captured during Japan’s annual dolphin hunt, she has been wasting away in a small, allegedly dirty tank at the Taiji Whale Museum along with a few other dolphins. In addition to the mental and physical stress captivity puts on an animal, the chlorine levels in their tank are reportedly causing concern in regards to the animals’ health.

An animal rights organization visited the museum, and its members were disturbed at what they saw. Angel, who is especially sensitive because of her albinism, had her eyes shut along with a few other dolphins due to the high chlorine levels. A marine mammal scientist stated that chlorine “can lead to permanent eye damage, other tissue damage and perhaps eventually long-term health problems from ingesting small amounts of water with their fish.”

Please take action and help these dolphins trapped at the Taiji Whale Museum. Ask them to consider moving her and the other dolphins to the facility’s sea pen where they can heal in natural water or to an accredited sanctuary.


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Photo credit: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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  1. Mayor Sangen, I would hope that you show compassion for this dolphin. Think how this dolphin suffers in chlorinated water, please get her out of there. Do what is right for this innocent creature and don’t make her suffer, it’s up to you.

  2. All the animals at this facility should be released to sanctuaries, in my opinion. If the staff are abusing the dolphins, it’s likely that they are also abusing the other animals. And – just having them in captivity is cruel. They should be shut down and investigated for cruelty.

  3. Anne Moeller says:

    These innocent dolphins should be moved to an open fresh ocean and the CEO,S of this so called museum- really a fraud- should be put into the water tanks for a very long time.

  4. Sandra K Reyes says:

    Mayor Sangen,

    Please throw these precious dolphins, especially Angel the Albino, a life-line and give them the chance they so desperately need to heal and flourish. They are constantly suffering in more ways than meets the eye when confined in this pathetic polluted prison tank. They deserve a better life of nurturing and enrichment in their natural habitat or sanctuary with their own kind. ‘Tis very disturbing when ANY sentient creature is torn away from its home and family, neglected, and made to suffer for WHATEVER reason! ;( ‘Tis sad and shameful how helpless animals have to live and die by the dreadful hands of horrible human home-wreckers. =(

    Words I write to live by:

    May the footprints in life that we leave behind
    reflect compassionate hearts and respectful minds!
    With history in the making, let us lead with our deepest yet ~ ~ ~
    for impressionable hearts to follow ~ finding them hard to ever forget! 😉

    On that note, Make a Magnificent Move & Make your Most Memorable Mark for these Mammals, Mr. Mayor! 😉

  5. Maybe Mayor Sangen would like to spend his life in highly chlorinated water, irritating HIS skin and eyes.

    Close down that atrocity, and buy Nat’Geo documentaries, and BOOKS, to teach your people about sea mammals.


  7. Animal cruelty, torture and abuse sadly are present in every country. But the levels of cruelty that exist in this asiatic countries surpasses all. This barbaric actions of torture against animals are appalling and should no longer be tolerated. Strong economic sanctions is the only language this monsters will understand. Dont buy their products dont travel to this countries. Denounce their crimes to the world!

  8. What is wrong with your mental capacity, Japanese people?? Do you have a vendetta against all sea life? Have you lost your respect for yourselves as human beings? Why must you destroy, torture, disrespect so many forms of sea creatures? You should all be ashamed of your so-called great nation! Open your fucking eyes and see the destruction you are causing by your lack of compassion and forethought!!!

  9. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared ?

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