Company Spilled 600,000 Gallons of Oil Into the Environment – Demand Punishment

Target: Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General

Goal: Hold Enbridge accountable for a massive oil spill that has irreversibly polluted the environment.

A 600,000 gallon oil spill recently burst forth from the Seaway Pipeline in Blue Ridge, Texas — ominously following Donald Trump’s decision to revive the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. Oil spills of this magnitude serve as an important reminder that fossil fuels, and the infrastructure that accompanies them, should no longer be considered a viable energy option. Demand that Enbridge, the company responsible, be punished for this terrible spill.

Sadly, this latest accident apparently marks the second oil spill from the Seaway Pipeline since it began operating just under a year ago. Enbridge, which is a half-owner of the Seaway Pipeline, also holds a share of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). One of the key points in the case against DAPL has been the risk of contamination to local water sources if the pipeline were to leak or malfunction — this recent event with Seaway Pipeline goes to show just how justified these concerns are.

The cause of the spill is still unknown. Despite this being the pipeline’s second spill, Enbridge said it will be conducting clean-up as fast as possible for operations to resume. It’s obvious that this pipeline is unsafe and poses a danger to the environment and nearby communities. Companies like Enbridge cannot continue to profit at the expense of our Earth. Demand Enbridge be charged for this oil spill, and that the Seaway Pipeline be shut down immediately.


Dear Attorney General Paxton,

Oil pipelines have repeatedly proven to be a danger to the environment and the communities that surround them. A 600,000 gallon oil spill in your state, apparently the second in less than a year from Seaway Pipeline, will be devastating to the environment. The companies responsible for these catastrophic events must be held accountable.

Enbridge cannot continue to operate and build pipelines, in the name of short-term profits, when the accidents and environmental impacts will affect our planet for years to come. I demand that you penalize Enbridge for this spill, and order the immediate shutdown of Seaway Pipeline.


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Photo credit: Ingrid Taylar

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  1. Time to shut the Seaway Pipeline down permanently, with it’s horrendous short history of two oil spills within a year. Two is already two too many.

  2. angelina ricketts says:

    What a mess. Poor sea poor mammals’ who has to live in this shit. What can you drink if oil is spilt in the ocean x

  3. Trump and the rest of the American’s who voted for him have no idea what they are doing to the environment! What we need is better education system so people can prepare and make better decisions. American’s are so selfish and are locking common sense. Trump wants to keep you stupid! So the wealthy gets richer and the middle class work longer hours and the poor people less educated.

  4. you need to check these stated figures.

  5. Kathryn Irby says:

    Having lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast when BP literally destroyed our Gulf of Mexico, I can honestly conclude that such is all oil companies are good for!!! Incompetence!!! IT MUST STOP ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

  6. Kristin Peterson says:

    This is so extremely tragic and sad for the poor animals that call that home and so extremely dangerous and such a health risk for the people who live in that area.
    Shut this unstable & unsafe pipe line down IMMEDIATELY, FOR GOOD!
    2 spills in less then a year is a abomination and a outrage.
    2 spills is already 2 TOO MANY, it needs to be shut NOW once and for all.
    Hold Enbridge responsible for any and all present and future clean up needed due to their irresponsibility and fine them tremendously.
    The Trump administration is ignorant, dumb as a brick & has absolutely no clue.
    Trump is nothing more then a greedy ass con man that would do anything to line his pockets & not giving a shit who he hurts, who gets hurt, or what gets destroyed and ruined as long as he’s making a buck.
    This is corporate greed at it’s finest!
    Corporate greed and ignorant ass wealthy con men are what’s going to ruin our planet earth!

  7. This is inexcusable. Republicans are now going to allow oil drilling in 40 cherished national parks. These are our lands. They also voted to scrap the Stream Protection Rule that prevented contamination from mountaintop removal caused by the extraction of coal. Trump signed off on Dakota Access Pipeline before the ACE comment period expired and in violation of treaties with Native Americans. It has told USDA to scuttle its online reports of animal rights investigations that describe such terrible animal abuse it is indescribable. EPA head Scott Pruitt has a long history of opposing and suing the EPA. Rex arillerson ran Exxon. Florida’s governor has a financial interest in the Sabal Access Pipeline.

    Expect the ruin of our country at the hands of this party- all for oil, gas, and business interests. 2/3 of the wild animals are gen in our lifetime. We are going to kill a huge number more, though there is clean energy available and fossil fuel needs to stay in the ground. But the industry has the time ve nkent by the short hairs,.

    Before anyone comments that I am a liberal crank, I am a republican who did not however vote for Trump. If you are not happy with what our environment is going to look like and how many animals will be killed, then please call your legislators and object, strongly. If you are ok with it, then enjoy.

  8. Heather Brophy says:


  9. Inexcusable but typical of the fossil fuel industry and the politicians it owns. Think what the damage will be when the inevitable happens with the XL and Dakota pipelines and when drilling starts in the Arctic. Thanks to Trump and his money obsessed pals the USA environment is more at risk than ever before.
    With all the attention the media is giving to Trump era incompetence,corruption and immigration bans, all of which can be remedied, no attention is being given to what scientists say will be irreparable damage to the environment, wildlife and American farms. NO FARMS, NO FOOD.

  10. Angie Warner says:

    Sick and tired of hearing about these fucking oil spills. What about the poor wildlife that’s affected each time one of these bozos fucks up!???

  11. You’re just a bunch of greedy sods who could give a rat’s arse about the environment. Let’s hope you have children and grandchildren who will have to live with the consequences of what you’ve done with your greed.
    No good saying close it all down, as your greed won’t let you. Thanks for the irreperable damange you’re doing!

  12. Christine callahan says:

    All oil companies are damaging the environment, wildlife and eco system, enough is enough, what gives these oil companies the right to destroy our planet? Greed. Thats all it is, they don’t care about the consequences of their actions only the profit they make.


  14. Free publicity for Greedy Enbridge – This is extremely scary. Some companies are more than willing to jeopardize drinking water, human lives, wildlife in order to fatten-up their bank accounts. This pipeline is unsafe and poses a danger to the environment and nearby communities. This is the SECOND oil spill from the Seaway Pipeline since it began operating just under a year ago.

    Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General: Hold Enbridge accountable for a massive oil spill that has irreversibly polluted the environment.

    Do not wait for a THIRD oil spill. Enbridge has to be charged for this oil spill, and the Seaway Pipeline be shut down immediately.

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      Denise I totally agree with you on this, it must be shut down and full independent inquiry made into this company’s shoddy workmanship or price cutting to gain profit at the expense of every living creature, plant life and water. Nowhere near good enough in its short life span… must be done now.

  15. Anne Moeller says:

    Make the greedy CEO,S of this company PAY out of their wallets for the clean up and them through them into a barrel filled with oil and let them ROT!

  16. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    Ha,ha,ha we have robbed the land to Native Americans and we will destroy the land fully so that after us only a desert will appeared…it’s what every intruder in there has dreamed about, isn’t it?

  17. Not surprising..

    When education focuses only on academics for attaining jobs.. leaving out moral and political issues.. 😉

  18. Of course we must punish all involved because not only are we given the gift as caretakers on our time here on earth to ensure its survival for the next generation but if we turn a blind eye to these selfish acts with no disregard to for the planet then others will also spill their waste because there will be no punishment and this will have dire consequences
    If you mess with mother nature then she will retaliate and we wonder why the world is what it is today
    What goes around comes around

  19. Another case of wasted money that could have been used to help animals in need
    Shame on you and karma will reward you for for your evil doing so enjoy

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