Stop Cruel Animal Transportation Methods

Target: Paul Glover, President of Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Goal: Strengthen Canada’s animal transport regulations.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is planning on changing animal transport regulations, which are currently very loose. This is a chance to make the lives of the animals trapped in the meat, dairy and egg industry a little more humane.

The current proposition would still force animals to go extreme lengths of time without food, water or rest. Transportation times would be up to 24 hours for chickens, 28 hours for pigs and horses and 72 hours for chicks. In addition, electric prods would still be allowed and overcrowding is not defined.

It is time to strengthen these regulations and improve the lives of the millions of animals trapped in the meat, dairy and egg industries. Please sign this petition to make a difference in these animals’ lives.


Dear Mr. Glover,

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is planning on changing its regulations when it comes to animal transport. Right now the regulations are quite loose, and the proposed regulations are not much better. It is time to make big changes in order to improve the lives of these animals.

The current proposed regulations would still allow electric prods to be used, does not properly define overcrowding, does not include weather restrictions and allows animals to go without food, water and rest for very long amounts of time. It would be up to 24 hours for chickens, 28 hours for pigs and horses, and 72 hours for chicks.

Please consider making stricter regulations when it comes to animal transport. These animals already face unimaginable horrors daily, the least we can do is make their lives filled with a little less cruelty.


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Photo credit: Ed Schipul

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  1. Good news that the CFIA is planning on updating animal transportation regulations. However, their planned changes would still allow horrible cruelty to millions of animals. Is this the best they can do? Why are they so reluctant to actually legislate that animals be treated decently?
    We the people need to speak for the animals, and one way we can speak is by going vegan.

  2. Bloody ridiculous government AND the the more-than-useless CFIA!

    Canada’s current transport regulations have long been seen by many as the WORST in the entire developed world, allowing cattle, sheep and goats to travel up to 52 grueling hours without rest or access to food and water. Birds, pigs and horses can travel up to 36 hours.

    ALL that is totally unacceptable about their proposed changes:

    – The proposed transport times are far too long. (shouldn’t exceed 8 hours water and food are available, similar to requirements in the EU)
    – Electric prods OR whips should not be allowed when moving animals.
    – Transport vehicles in Canada should include up-to-date designs and technology, e.g. hydraulic lifts (for the animals); heating and cooling, ventilation, feeding and watering equipment, and temperature monitor alert equipment.
    – The regulations need to address the issue of allowable transport temperatures per species.
    – The regulations need to address density, i.e. overcrowding.
    – Training programs are needed for ALL people (ALL drivers AND all others) who handle farm animals.
    – Sick or injured animals should not be transported unless it’s for the animal’s own health care.
    – “Cull animals” (animals intended for slaughter) may be sick or injured, and need to be individually assessed prior to transport and NOT transported except for their HEALTH CARE needs.

    The proposed maximum times CFIA says that animals can travel without rest OR access to food and water:

    Compromised animals: 12 hrs
    Ruminants too young to be fed only hay and grain: 12 hrs
    Broiler chickens, spent laying hens, and rabbits: 24 hrs
    Beef, dairy cattle, and other adult ruminants fed hay & grain: 36 hrs
    Other adult monogastrics (turkeys): 36 hrs
    Horses and pigs: 28 hrs
    Day-old birds (chicks): 72 hrs

    In a nutshell, wholly unacceptable BS!!

    Submit your own comments to the CFIA by February 15, 2017

    Dr. Cornelius Kiley, National Manager
    Animal Welfare, Biosecurity and Assurance Programs Section
    Canadian Food Inspection Agency
    59 Camelot Drive, 3rd Floor East, Room 231
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0Y9

    ATTN: Dr. Cornelius Kiley

  3. There is now at to make this humane

  4. There is no way to make this humane

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