Punish Men Who Allegedly Fed Hamster LSD

Target: Claire Lindley, Chief Crown Prosecutor, Lancashire, U.K.

Goal: Demand maximum punishment for three young men accused of abusing a hamster and four dogs.

Three men are facing animal cruelty charges in relation to a video posted online of a hamster being fed LSD. The video shows the men laughing as a hamster drinks soda that they say is laced with LSD. The men are heard saying that “the hamster is going nuts” and [they] “are going to kill it.” Later, the hamster is seen eating a cannabis leaf.

When investigators entered the home, they found the hamster in a cupboard. Also found on the property were four dogs, three of which were emaciated. Two of the dogs had injuries to their skulls, likely caused by blunt force trauma, say officials.

The conditions the animals were kept in were reportedly filthy. There was urine and feces all over the floors and the dogs had nothing to lay on but a bare plastic bed. One dog was allegedly found chained to a radiator. All the animals have since been rehabilitated and rehomed.

This type of blatant and intentional cruelty is unacceptable. The fact that the young men in the video seemed so cavalier about causing extreme distress to animals suggests that they could be capable of escalating their violence to other animals or even humans. Sign the petition below to demand that the maximum possible penalty is sought against those found responsible for this heinous act.


Dear Mrs. Lindley,

Three men are facing animal cruelty charges after posting a video that seems to depict themselves feeding LSD and cannabis leaves to a hamster. When police investigated, they found the hamster stuffed into a cupboard and four allegedly neglected dogs on the property. Three of the dogs were emaciated while two had injuries to their heads, likely caused by blunt force trauma, according to investigators. The dogs were allegedly kept in filthy conditions, with urine and feces all over the floor. One of the dogs was reportedly found chained to a radiator.

This shocking cruelty shows deliberate malice. In order to stop these callous young men from hurting more animals or even escalating their violence to humans, it is imperative that they are punished harshly. We, the undersigned, ask you to seek the maximum possible penalty for these young men, if they are found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. This is an obscenity England used to be a country of animal lovers. These low lives should be locked up and the key thrown away. Bring back the birch and give them a public whipping.

  2. these are the sick fxcks i would like to spend time with, they really would be terrified, i would just get great pleasure, they need stringing up and just left. evil vile scum

  3. michelle mitchell says:

    I would like to meet these animal abusing druggies face to face.An eye for an eye payback is required.Our planet needs to have scumbags exterminated!

  4. I could NOT have said it better than the ladies above my comments, but…perhaps we could draw and quarter them. 🙂

  5. Michelle told the words right out of my mouth! Kudos to you.

  6. Yeah I don’t know WTF is happening in England but this isn’t the first I have seen from that country. They all need to be fed LSD and given a REALLY bad trip that would put them in an insane asylum forever.


  8. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    These men are a high risk to society and need to be jailed for many years for each animal, then forced to sell everything they own and pay for the Veterinary treatment and the re-homing of them. If any money is left over it can go to a Shelter (of their choice).
    Upon release they must never be allowed any association with animals or own any species of animals ever.
    Keep them on the Police Watch List as endangerment to animals and humans.

  9. Angela Rabon says:

    These monsters should be jailed forever!!

  10. Because your animal abuse laws are so lax is why this continues. Abusers should be jailed. if young adults and living at home, the parents should be fined….and not just a slap on the wrist. something is wrong with the young society of today that animal abuse is so rampant in all countries. As for the adults participating in animal abuse, send them to a psychiatric institute and find out what is wrong with them! Ridiculous that this continues! tighten your laws!

  11. Alice Knight says:

    These young men, which in itself is questionable, should be given the harshest of jail time. Do you not feel there is a need to step up on the way your country handles animal cases and situations? The atrocities they committed to these living beings is unacceptable. Perhaps a stronger government to make the animal laws, ones that will stick and protect our animals at all costs. We as human beings need to stop being so selfish as to think we are all that matters.

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