Don’t Let Zoo Euthanize Elephant Who Isn’t Suffering

Target: Mark Loomis, Interim Executive Director of the Oregon Zoo Foundation

Goal: Continue to treat Packy the elephant’s tuberculosis as long as he is not suffering, rather than have him euthanized.

Two anonymous employees at the Oregon Zoo have leaked insider information that zoo management may be planning to euthanize Packy, the zoo’s oldest Asian elephant. According to zoo officials’ past statements, Packy is struggling with a reoccurring bout of antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis. However, the zoo has also confirmed that Packy is still able to function normally in his day-to-day life with no evidence of suffering, making the alleged decision to euthanize him extremely questionable.

Packy is very unlikely to be transferred to an elephant sanctuary in lieu of euthanasia due to the highly infectious nature of tuberculosis. Instead, the Oregon Zoo should give him a fighting chance at recovery as long as he is not suffering. Ask that the zoo continue to try to find an effective treatment for Packy rather than euthanize him.


Dear Mr. Loomis,

If the Oregon Zoo’s rumored plans to euthanize Packy are indeed true, I ask that the zoo administration reconsider. Euthanasia should be reserved for animals who are suffering tremendously, but based on statements released by Oregon Zoo itself, Packy does not yet seem to fit that description.

Packy’s battle with tuberculosis is deeply unfortunate, but until it has proven so detrimental to his quality of life that it would be considered more compassionate to put him down, he deserves another chance to come back from this disease. While it might be more financially convenient to euthanize Packy rather than pursue treatment, I would hope that Oregon Zoo’s first priority is saving animals, not saving money. Please give Packy a chance to live.


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Photo credit: Francisco Herrera

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  1. To consider putting down this poor elephant is disgusting. What is the policy of this zoo? Use them and then kill them when you can’t be bothered anymore? Save this poor elephant and send him to an animal sanctuary where he will be safe from backward, hardhearted morons.

  2. NO NO NO! She isn’t suffering.leave her be and send her to a sanctuary!!!!!!

  3. I can hardly believe the callousness of the people at this zoo. They have mistreated this poor elephant for so long, and now that he is sick they want to just kill him. It’s disgusting. This sweet elephant should be nursed back to health, then sent to a good sanctuary where he will be cared for properly and appreciated like he should be.

  4. michelle mitchell says:

    Send this lovely elephant to a sanctuary and provide the required medical treatment.

  5. This ‘zoo’ is a disgusting example of humanity’s inhumanity! This poor elephant was born in this lousy zoo and has lived IMPRISONED his whole life there!!! I truly wish the monsters that want to euthanize Packy were forced to live his existence so they could see what it was like!! Euthanize them, not Packy!!! I hate them like you wouldn’t believe. Packy SHOULD BE allowed to go to a good sanctuary and live the remainder of his existence being happy instead of miserable!!!

  6. I just now found out THEY MURDERED PACKY! He could have been happy in a sanctuary if he had been placed there LONG AGO, but instead had been imprisoned for over half century! Go to Oregon Zoo’s facebook page and show your outrage at these MONSTERS!


  8. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    “The decision to euthanize came following a lengthy search for alternative treatment options after test results last fall indicated Packy was suffering from a drug-resistant strain of TB.

    “We’d run out of options for treating him,” said Dr. Tim Storms, the zoo’s lead veterinarian. “The remaining treatments involved side effects that would have been very hard on Packy with no guarantee of success, plus a risk of creating further resistance. None of us felt it would be right to do that. But without treatment, his TB would have continued to get worse. We consulted other experts — veterinarians and pharmacists — and a lot of people were involved in this decision, but that didn’t make it any easier. Anybody who’s had a sick or elderly pet knows how painful this can be, even if you know it’s the best thing for the animal.”
    Oregan Zoo FB dedicated to their beloved Packy….

    • So sad about the tragic death of sweet Packy.
      The Oregon Zoo was named by the group In Defense of Animals last year as being #7 on the list of Worst Zoos for Elephants in North America, for the use of BULLHOOKS and for being in the “dark ages” about elephant care and welfare. In 2015 two other elephants died prematurely also. I think it’s time this zoo was investigated.

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