Punish Owner of Farm Where 28,000 Hens Were Allegedly Neglected

Target: Mike Ramos, District Attorney for San Bernardino County, California

Goal: Punish owner of allegedly cruel hen farm to the fullest extent of the law.

The owner of an egg farm is facing several animal cruelty charges after officials found tens of thousands of hens in allegedly deplorable conditions. Robert Hohberg of Hohberg Poultry Ranches is facing 39 misdemeanor counts of violating the Californian Farm Animal Protection Act as well as 16 misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty. If found guilty on all counts, Hohberg could face several years in jail — 180 days for each Farm Animal Protection Act violation and one year for each charge of animal cruelty — as well as hefty fines.

The investigation started when a tip claimed that animals at the farm were being kept in “inhumane” and “deplorable” conditions. Criminal complaints by investigating officials allege that hens were not provided with the space to spread their wings without being hindered by a cage or other animals, as required by law. There were also reportedly several corpses laying among the live hens, a health threat to both the animals and the humans who consume their eggs. Finally, there were reported to be several cats in the barn preying on hens too helpless to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, this type of cruelty is rampant in the farm industry. Until animal welfare violations are taken more seriously, it will only continue. In order to bring justice to these hens and deter other farmers from putting profit over the welfare of their animals, a tough stance must be taken against this farm owner. Sign the petition below to ask that the maximum possible penalties are sought against Hohberg, if he is found guilty.


Dear Mr. Ramos,

The owner and operator of Hohberg Poultry Ranches is facing several charges of animal cruelty as well as several violations of California’s Farm Animal Protection Act. It is alleged that tens of thousands of hens were kept in inhumane conditions on this farm, including being forced to live alongside the corpses of dead animals. According to complaints, the hens were not given adequate space to spread their wings, and there were cats loose in the barn preying on the helpless animals.

This cruelty in the farming industry will continue until law enforcement takes a tough stance against it. For this reason, we ask that you seek the harshest possible punishment for the owner of this farm.


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  1. Not only do these cases prove the mental state of an evil being but also how sad the world we live in is such that we have to demand justice for an evil abuser of innocent lives be punished when in this day an age they should automatically be punished or we will forever be subjected to these crimes because abusers know that nothing will be done which in turn causes us distress and depression and we feel helpless because animals enrich our lives and are earths gift snd we feel blessed so they are close to our hearts but time and time again these barbaric laws let everyone down and it’s a vicious cycle and again and again we are subjected to this negativity and sorrow which in turn we start to feel violated and our trust towards mankind takes ten steps back so the impact is greater than we even realize or imagine which in turn creates a decaying world and it is not one that I want to leave behind when we have a voice and a chance to do better because what goes around comes around
    Animals are here to test our karma and yes they do rely on us to do right by them so it’s time that animal abusers face whatever punishment is handed down and unless we change these prehistoric and barbaric laws that belong in the past and way past their due date then the consequences will be overwhelming because you mess with mother nature and she will retaliate
    I demand not only justice for these crimes on behalf of animals but I demand the laws are up to date and current with what steps need to be taken to weed out this evil and take into account that a life is just that “a life” no matter what and most importantly take ten steps forward

  2. Horrifying cruelty unfortunately goes on all the time in animal industries. Unfortunately also though, there is no such thing as humane farming. Even if the conditions are pleasant on a farm and there is no outright abuse, when they are slaughtered, they all go to the same slaughterhouses as other animals, and slaughterhouses are houses of horror and torture. See humanemyth.org and watch “Earthlings”. And please go vegan.


  4. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Punish to the very maximum…please!
    Ye must not only have kind and merciful feelings for mankind, but ye should also exercise the utmost kindness towards every living creature.
    The physical sensibilities and instincts are common to animal and man.
    Man is, however, negligent of this reality and imagines that sensibility is peculiar to mankind, therefore he practices cruelty to the animal…..
    In reality what difference is there in physical sensations! Sensibility is the same whether you harm man or animal: there is no difference. Nay, rather, cruelty to the animal is more painful because man has a tongue and he sighs, complains and groans when he receives an injury and complains to the government and the government protects him from cruelty; but the poor animal cannot speak, it can neither show its suffering nor is it able to appeal to the government.
    If it is harmed a thousand times by man it is not able to defend itself in words nor can it seek justice or retaliate…..
    Therefore one must be very considerate towards animals and show greater kindness to them than to man…. Man is generally sinful and the animal is innocent; unquestionably one must be more kind and merciful to the innocent. Baha’i Faith Writings

  5. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared

  6. Punish this putrid hen abuser to the fullest extent of our completely inadequate animal abuse laws, NOW! It is wrong to treat any living being in such a callous manner! Very sad.

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