Demand That the White House Address Anti-Semitism

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Publicly recognize that Jews were the primary victims of the Holocaust.

A statement from the White House regarding International Holocaust Remembrance Day failed to mention Jewish people or anti-Semitism. Joe Crowley, a Democratic congressman, introduced a resolution calling on the White House to affirm that the Nazi regime targeted Jews, but Republicans have refused to hold a vote. The resolution would have confirmed that Congress knows the truth about what transpired under Adolf Hitler’s rule.

Donald Trump’s administration claims they neglected to mention Jews because other groups were targeted as well. Nationalist parties, such as those in Iran, Russia, and Hungary, are typically the ones to disregard that Hitler’s genocide was against Jewish people, and it is a disgrace that the United States’ government is showing an alliance with these views. Past administrations have been rational on this fact and have recognized the mass murder of this religious group, including America’s part in turning Jewish immigrants away to be sent back to camps. Please sign this petition to demand that the White House recognize the impact the Holocaust had on Jewish people.


Dear President Trump,

It is a known fact that Hitler’s Holocaust primarily targeted Jews. While your administration is correct that gypsies, communists, those with disabilities, etc. were also executed, his main obsession was eliminating Jewish people from planet Earth.

Failing to mention this important fact on International Holocaust Remembrance Day aligns your administration with nationalism. While being patriotic is wonderful, it is important to remember that the United States is one of many countries in the world and that we must recognize our part in some of the horrible atrocities that have afflicted various groups of people. I am writing to demand that the White House release a new statement recognizing that the Holocaust was a genocide of Jewish people.


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  1. Maybe he didn’t mention the Jews because he knows about the unspeakable crimes they have been committing against the Palestinians since 1948 – including ETHNIC CLEANSING; and in 2016 alone, the arrest, imprisonment and sometimes torture and/or sexual assault of Palestinian CHILDREN, and the murder of 35 CHILDREN, most of whom their offense was throwing rocks. Please read “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” written by Jewish historian Ilan Pappe.

    • Meant to say – the arrest, imprisonment and sometimes torture and/or sexual assault of OVER 500 CHILDREN, and the murder of 35 CHILDREN in 2016 alone.

  2. Your comment is ignorant. Ethnic cleansing is when you “cleanse an ethnicity” from a region. The Palestinian ethnic group in Israel has grown 8-fold since Israel became a state.

    Also, from your comment it appears that you believe the holocaust was deserved for the Jews, so I guess you gotta live with that too. I’m sorry for you.

    • I invite you to do some serious research on this topic, and read the book I suggested and/or other books on this issue – many written by Jews.
      You slander me by suggesting that I believe the holocaust was deserved by the Jews. I believe no such thing.

      • B Denno is correct.
        I, too, suggest reading Ilan Pappe’s book.
        Professor Ilan Pappé: Israel Has Chosen to be a “Racist Apartheid State” with U.S. Support.
        Further reading, a powerful account, by Israeli peace activist Miko Peled. Miko’s father was a famous general in the Israeli army. Miko too has served his time there.
        The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine.
        An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel.

        The state of Israel has committed crimes against humanity; the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine, displacement of thousands of Palestinians, forced off their lands and out of their homes, and genocide in the Gaza Strip.
        End all U.S aid to Israel. The Israeli occupation of Palestine is in violation of International Law, and funded by U.S. taxpayers.
        Free Palestine!
        Never again, means never again, for anyone.

        • Yes, the U.S. funds this ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians. Please check out the links above by Josia and do your own research. The truth is out there and the truth can stand testing.

    • The Palestinians HAVE been cleansed from the majority of their homes and towns in Israel, and been put in outdoor concentration camps in two major regions. The cleansing involved many massacres of dozens of people shot without mercy. The population growth of the Palestinians is a natural growth and has occurred DESPITE the ethnic cleansing going on.

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