Canada’s Horse-Slaughter Industry: A Harrowing Case of Inhumanity

Target: Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper

Goal: To shut down the horse slaughter houses in Canada.

The horse slaughter industry in Canada is one of the largest; these gentle animals that have served us for centuries are shipped off to factories and forced to endure a tragic fate. Most of these horses come from auctions where about half of them end up exported to these horrific places. Some of these horses were once beloved pets but their owners could no longer afford them, some of them are injured or too old to be ridden, some are from the racing industry where too many horses are bred to produce the rare winner.

This is a complete betrayal to our gentle companions; horses are remarkably intelligent and sensitive animals. I had the unique opportunity to grow up with these magnificent creatures, there is nothing like the bond between a horse and rider. To treat our beloved companions with so much disgrace is completely cruel, it shows how utterly selfish humans can be. The horse slaughter industry is horrific on many different levels; horses are shipped in crowded trailers often with no food or water and once they arrive their fate is completely heartbreaking, they thrash their heads as fear takes over and they are forced to go down a kill chute. They are not euthanized and often not even unconscious before they endure exsanguination, or the draining of their blood.

This harrowing treatment of such mystical animals is completely gut wrenching. This inhumanity to our beautiful horses must stop; the slaughter-houses in Canada must be closed. Horses are graceful animals that are our companions, they have served us in so many ways and they deserve our protection. The eye of a horse tells a story of both hope and sorrow; it is in this that we see a reflection of our universe and the need for our compassion.


Dear Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper,

Horses are sentient and remarkable animals that have served us for many centuries. The horse-slaughterhouses in Canada are completely horrific, horses are both transported and killed in heartless ways. It is utterly selfish to kill these magnificent animals, especially in such a harrowing way.

Please take the necessary actions to close these horrific slaughterhouses for the future of our beloved horses. It is a complete tragedy that we do not respect the horses that are interwoven in our history and our lives. Canada must take a stand and close the slaughterhouses to save the lives of thousands of horses.


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  1. Gordon Wirth says:

    In Canada we kill anything that makes a profit. Horses, polar bears, grizzlys, and of course it is home to the largest slaughter of marine animals on this planet. (Seals)

    • Kristofer S. says:

      If only any of the 99% got any of that profit. lol

    • Elgrit B. Russell says:

      It appears to me that Canadians are among the direct offspring of the devil himself. You are so cruel and sadistic and the horrors you inflict upon defenseless animals will catch up with you when you die and go to hell.

      • Elgrit, by saying what you did about Canadians, you sir are a complete idiot. There are good and bad wherever you go. keep your comments directed at the individuals who are committing these acts of inhumanity.

      • Elgrit, it is the government and their policies that are to blame. The majority of Canadians and Americans want to end the slaughter of horses but our governments will not listen to us!! For example the BLM hunting down horses and sending them to slaughter in Canada and Mexico to permit cattle farmers to fatten their cattle and their wallets for free on taxpayer owned land at taxpayer expense is, I’m sure, not the wish of most Americans just as the seal hunt and horse slaughter is not the wish of most Canadians. Our governments do not listen to us so we must stand in solidarity against them, not fight amongst ourselves and insult each other.

    • I agree with you Gordon. I wish our government would listen to the majority of Canadians who wish to stop the seal hunt, the slaughter of horses, bears and other innocent creatures who deserve much better than being exploited and subjected to horror all in the name of the almighty dollar aka blood money. Filthy money is the root of all evil.

  2. A horse and rider move faster than a cow. Therefore we eat cattle and ride horses. End the useless slaughter.

  3. Janet Brown says:

    This Earth is crazy as ever…when will the maddness ever end? It is too much!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have loved horses since I was very young, all my life! They are beautiful gentle creatures who have helped humans in many ways. Served with us in wars to help preserve democracy and our way of life! How can we allow them to be killed in such horrific ways is beyond comprehension! It is all for money, all for profit, all for greed of some humans who care more about lining their pockets than anything else. Pathetic, despicable people are responsible for this outrage!! It must be stopped!!

  5. Ann Lawrence says:

    80% of Americans are against the slaughter of horses. But some of the powerful people are trying to open slaughterhouses. How come our voices don’t count? and then they want us to elect them?? So wrong! I am disgusted. Eat Bute and DIE !

    • Lynn Snop says:

      Our elected officials are not representing the people who voted for them. Instead they get into office listen to special interest groups who have the love of money as their guiding principle. They go with the power flow, no personal backbone, no sensitivity for God. Actively do what you can to spare horses, seals, and other innocents from gruesome, torturous deaths at the hands of man. And let this be your motivation: “The Lord hates hands that kill the innocent…” Proverbs 6:16.

  6. Daer;ene Marosevich says:

    Actually I dont think closing slaughter houses is the answer. Cleaning them up is and changing the way horses are taken of and actually killed. If slaughter is banned, where will they go? People will be doing it themselves or turn them loose or abandon them and they will suffer. People are already doing that. Not every one can afford a vet to put one down and then pay to dispose of it. DONT BAN IT, CLEAN IT UP AND MAKE NEW RULES AND OVERSEE THEM.

    • annette mcloughlin says:

      I totally agree with ,is it DAERENE ?.The slaughter houses need laws passed regarding the treatment of ANY animal that is to be slaughtered.AT LEAST LET THEM HAVE SOME DIGNITY PRIOR TO THIS .I have watched many videos of these places ,just to see the way the poor animals are treated and 9 out of 10 people doing the killing are actually taking pleasure in “TORTURING”PRIOR TO DEATH .I feel these so called “humans “are a danger to society .

      • You can never have a dignified death in a slaughterhouse irrespective of what animal it is. The cruelty involved in all slaughterhouses is rampant and the workers seem to revel in it. The way to go is to make breeding licensed and a penalty for unauthorized births. Everyone thinks it’s great to see a foal, but what will happen to it???

        My other point is that owners of horses should put aside enough money to deal with any emergencies that may occur, injury, sickness, death. If you cannot afford to do that then you have no business owning horses. They are cheap to buy but very expensive to keep and the sooner people realize this the better place it will be. Take responsibility of these beautiful creatures and don’t buy on a whim.

      • I agree Annette, I have seen horrendous videos of slaughterhouse workers taking their frustrations out on innocent and defenceless animals facing the worst horror of their lives. They deserve to be treated with compassion and respect, especially at the end of their lives.

  7. this so terrible the way the whole worlds treating ans abusing animals. MAN wud not like it , if its dun to him There wud b outcry .

  8. I am an avid animal lover, Horses are a food in France, just like Cow, Sheep, Hen for us. The method in which they are transported and slaughtered needs to be in a more humane manner, I agree. What else can you do with them? Who will look after them until they die from natural causes? Who will feed them? Pay the Vets bill?
    As to some of the other comments, unfortunately some wild life has to be culled, too many wolves can deplete herds of Deer, which in turn can have devastating effect on the wildlife and nature that relies on them. Some animals have to be culled, as sad as it is.

  9. Robert Pound says:

    Canada stop killing everything!!! WTF!!! Your so polite but when no one is looking POW!!! Wolves, forests, bears, seals, horses, trapping and god only knows what else!

  10. Horse Slaughter is unnecessary evil. It is an industry of greed and excuses. This nightmare has to end! The product- the meat is laden with chemicals and with the suffering of how these animals are killed while conscious! uGH

  11. Elgrit B. Russell says:

    I have dedicated 41 years of my life to every facet of animal welfare and will continue to do so until I take my last breath. Those who care not about animals are surely direct descendants of the devil. I pray they will pay for their cruel sadism when the day comes when they end up in hell. What goes round come round. They are pure evil.

  12. Horse slaughter is a problem in USA also. We must all fight to put this barbaric business to rest once & for all ! Land of the free-home of the brave !

    • Yes LuAnne, instead of blaming one another and who is worse we need to stand in solidarity against our governments in order to make them listen to us, the majority of Canadians and Americans who love animals and believe that they deserve to be treated with kindness, compassion and respect, especially if they are facing the worst horror of their lives and are frightened!

  13. Horse slaughter isn’t good business.

  14. All you people on here who call slaughter a “necessary evil” are overlooking one key point. Horses are not raised as food animals; they are raised as companions and for recreation/sport. So throughout their entire lives horses are treated with drugs, fly sprays and insecticides, dewormers, grooming products and more that are clearly labeled NOT FOR USE ON ANIMALS INTENDED FOR FOOD. Some of these products may — may — leave the animal’s body after a withdrawal period but some may not. Do you want to eat that stuff? Do you want your children eating it? Probably not, yet you would foist this tainted horsemeat off on families in other countries and “the poor?” Especially on people who don’t know about this danger? That is not only wrong, it is immoral. It is immoral to put innocent people at risk for money, just as it is wrong and immoral to slaughter a companion horse who has given his or her whole life in service to humans. Horses that are too old, can’t find a home, can no longer be cared for, etc. deserve humane euthanasia. And humane euthanasia does not include slaughter!

  15. “While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal positions on this earth?”
    George Bernhard Shaw


    People need to vote unacting dumb authorities and officials acting irresponsibly for futuregenerations and their wildlife out of occupations NOW AND FOR ALL!




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