Shut Down The Surabaya Zoo In Indonesia

Target: Surabaya Government

Goal: To successfully save the animals residing in Surabaya Zoo and relocate them to appropriate facilities

Last week a 30 year old Giraffe by the name of Kilwon died at the Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia due to consuming 40 pounds worth of indigestible plastic. This foreign material was caught in his intestines and caused a fatal blockage. This poor animal was forced to look to non-edible items due to a lack of appropriate food. These types of tragedies are nothing new to this facility where an estimated 15 animals die every week from preventable circumstances. Any reasonable person can understand that this zoo is obviously not at all fit to care for the animals currently residing there. These creatures need help before they meet the fate of the already deceased animals.

The Surabaya Zoo currently has 4,000 of the rarest animals in the world and is known as a popular location. Unfortunately this zoo is less known for its better qualities and more for its dirty and crowded living conditions for its animals. This facility is over 100 years old and its only viable options are a 100% renovation or to be completely shut down. No animal should ever have to be forced to live in disgusting, crowded living quarters, especially the animals we are trying to protect from extinction. The past of the Surabaya Zoo involves empty promises to fix what is necessary to prevent cruel conditions, deaths of more than a handful of animals, and suspicions of staff members illegally trafficking wild animals. There is not many reasons, if any, to keep this zoo open to the public and housing any animals at all. A more appropriate agency does not even want the task of renovating the facility and its procedures. This is a dire situation that needs a solution and fast.

The best solution for the Surabaya Zoo is to completely shut down and rehome all of its animals. Other facilities have already offered to open their doors to the Surabaya inhabitants. Renovations would be entirely too costly and without anyone willing to complete them, they will not ever happen. The health of these animals should be the top priority at this point. They are currently suffering unnecessarily and will continue to do so until the zoo is shut down. This solution would be a win-win situation for everyone involved as hard work will be eliminated, as will the costs of renovation. The animals can be relocated accordingly and will not continue to suffer at the hands of the Surabaya Zoo.


Dear Surabaya Government,

The Surabaya Zoo must be shut down to prevent the continued suffering and deaths of animals in their care on a daily basis. It is very unfortunate that many rare species call this zoo their home, only to have to fight for a less than mediocre life. Wild animals should never be kept in confined quarters without excellent care to benefit the animals as an individual as well as a species. It seems that this particular zoo is more interested in keeping animals in disgusting, crowded conditions just to continue to stay open to the public and be able to scrape up some sort of an income.

Other facilities have already turned down the offered job of renovating the zoo to revamp the buildings and the care provided to these animals. Entirely too much money and labor would be required and there is not anyone willing to do what needs to be done for a change to occur successfully. Many zoos are already waiting in line to take the Surabaya Zoo animals and provide them with the care they so desperately deserve. Please ensure that these animals do not stay in the wrong hands.


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  1. sauver les

  2. Sophie Becco says:

    C’est honteux! Agissez!

  3. In 2010 has been reported. Why only now the petition?
    3 years suffering!
    These subjects are NOT anti-social people!

  4. Thanks for bring this to the attention of an uninformed world. Please forward this petition and try to exert some action.

  5. Us humans as a race , we are a disgrace , what r we doin to this world , we don’t belong to be here as 1 , these are endangered animals , why only now is this bein brought forward , why are people so cruel !!!!!!!!!

  6. Where is this case going to end – when every single animal in the zoo is dead?

  7. manuela claus says:

    weil den tieren schnell geholfen werden muss bevor es zu spät ist

  8. Alex Carels says:

    Maybe all zoo’s should be closed? Aren’t they all locking up animals in a much diminished, enclosed, unnatural surroundings? That in itself sounds cruel and inhumane, no matter how “well” you treat the animals, purely for human entertainment? It’d be a bit hypocrite to close the worst, but leave open the others

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