Success: Trump’s Immigration Order Temporarily Blocked Nationwide

Target: U.S. District Court Senior Judge James L. Robart

Goal: Support the decision to block Trump’s ban on immigration from 7 predominantly Muslim countries.

Trump’s executive order preventing people from 7 largely Muslim nations from entering the U.S. is now blocked nationwide after a federal judge put a restraining order in effect. Trump’s decision, widely referred to as the “Muslim ban,” was met with outrage due to its clear violation of what America stands for–the executive order revoked visas, blocked immigrants, and cut off refugees. Thankfully, the voices of Americans who oppose the ban are being heard through petitions like this one at ForceChange, and are finally being acted on.

Judge James L. Robart of Seattle, WA put a nationwide restraining order on this immigration ban, which will block the ban until the judge has considered a legal challenge filed by the attorney general. This move is a victory for the constitution and for justice. Sign below to support Judge Robart’s decision to block the immigration order, and encourage the immigration order to be rejected indefinitely.


Dear Honorable Judge Robart,

The temporary block on President Trump’s executive order to cut off all entry to the U.S. from 7 predominantly Muslim countries is a step in the direction of justice and respect of the Constitution. America is a country of immigrants, and the discrimination against these countries along with the disregard for the lives of thousands of refugees is inhumane.

The restraining order may only be in effect while a legal challenge filed by the attorney general is considered, but it is a move in the correct direction, and we must continue down that path by undoing the immigration order permanently. Thank you for your commitment to honor and justice, and please continue to stay true to those values.


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Photo Credit:  Sayed Mohd Faiz Haider Rizvi

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  1. Good news. Trump’s ban was irrational and Islamophobic.

    • And B Denno, just what is good news about letting anyone at all into our country? Have you given one second of thought to this? Is there any country on the planet that allows free access across their borders without vetting? How does it make sense to let millions of illegal aliens into the U.S. from countries that hate us??

  2. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    it has to be blocked completely or else

  3. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    Trump’s executive order is smart and reasonable. The government’s first job is to keep its citizens safe. It is a 90 day period, not a permanent order. It only impacts travelers from the countries identified by Obama as dangerous. Legal immigration from every other country is not affected.

    • Another Republican “alternative fact.” Let’s blame President Obama. He’s responsible for everything negative and nothing positive. That’s the Donald’s plan. I’m right about everything and everyone else is wrong. You’ve given a mentally disturbed man child the power to decimate our country and the Constitution. Are you happy now?

      • Yes, Margaret, I’m very happy that we didn’t elect a criminal liar whose only qualification was that she was a female. I’m glad that we shouldn’t have a liberal Supreme Court but a Constitutionalist Court. I’m going to be happy if my 2nd Amendment rights are good all over the country instead of here and there. And so on! Do I like trump? No, absolutely not, but he was head and shoulders over the socialist or the criminal.

  4. can’t sign pititiond yet seems like there has to be a better way so not to effect people that have done all the right thing to be part of our country and devide families up.

  5. I can’t believe how incredibly stupid people are over this issue. Vet every single person coming into our country, without exception. Homeland Security estimates that there are over ten million illegal aliens in our country and that about thirty percent of these are from countries that do not have the welfare of the United States at heart. All it takes is a few! Do you remember how a single shooter had the entire NorthEast U.S. in a panic over random shootings a few years back. Multiply that by ten per state and see what the effect would be. Hit our powerplants and other non-hardened infrastructure and see how you like these people now that you don’t have power or your water is poisoned. These people are NOT coming here because they love our freedoms, people!!

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