Don’t Allow Mentally Ill to Purchase Guns

Target: Senator Mitch McConnell, majority leader of the Senate

Goal: Don’t overturn measure that prevents mentally ill from purchasing guns.

In response to the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre that claimed 26 lives, President Barack Obama pushed a measure that disqualified persons with a history of mental illnesses from purchasing guns. Now, Congressional Republicans are seeking to undo those safety measures. Republicans in the House have voted in favor of preventing the Social Security Administration from reporting mentally disabled insurance recipients to the FBI, which would remove the mentally ill’s greatest legal barrier to purchasing guns. Proponents of the bill claim that it aims to protect everyone’s Second Amendment right, regardless of disability, but it grossly overlooks the danger this poses to the U.S. public.

People with mental disabilities deserve all the help and resources they need to make their lives easier, but access to guns should not be part of that solution. Tell the Senate to vote against this dangerous bill.


Dear Senator McConnell,

I condemn Congressional Republicans’ attempt to allow people with mental disabilities to purchase guns without a background check. Background checks for gun purchases are an essential aspect of keeping Americans safe from unnecessary gun violence. With America’s gun homicide rate being 25 times that of any other developed country, the solution is not to loosen regulations on who can purchase firearms. While I believe that people with mentally disabilities deserve quality mental care services and shouldn’t face discrimination in other aspects of their lives, I do think it is incredibly irresponsible to allow them to purchase firearms.

I understand the importance of protecting the sanctity of the Constitution, but I hope you can agree that American lives are far more valuable than a partisan desire to protect the Second Amendment indiscriminately, at any cost. Please vote against Representative Johnson’s bill.


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  1. No one can argue against not allowing the mentally ill to purchase guns, but the Sandy Hook shooter didn’t buy the guns–his irresponsible mother did. Knowing her son had psychological issues, she encouraged him and accompanied him to go shooting and enabled his access to the guns. No law can control what happens in situations like this without infringing the right of the mother to purchase firearms. Will the law then restrict the purchase of any firearms if there is even ONE family member who is mentally ill?

    • Whatever. Even one person saved is a victory. I’m kinda tired of the, “if anyone is restricted from purchasing a gun, they’re going to come for mine.” Are you mentally disabled? Do you even give a thought to the 30,000 plus people who are killed by guns each year? Oh no, they’re coming for my guns. Do you still have them? Oh no, President Obama is out to take our guns. Do you still have them? That’s what I thought. What exactly are you afraid of that requires everything up to an assault rifle? It can’t be for defending yourself or for hunting. My father was an avid hunter and gun owner. He was a true, responsible gun owner who was a member of the NRA. He would be disgusted by this situation. So am I.

      • As a Life Member of the NRA I’m amazed that you didn’t learn anything from your father. Millions of crimes are prevented each year by law abiding citizens and the bulk of the deaths with firearms fall into two categories…suicides and murders by stinking thugs. Think about it…do you want to walk down the street or drive by mistake into the wrong neighborhood and get into trouble? Because the thugs don’t give a happy crap about your irrational fear of law abiding citizens with firearms. You are simply unprotected easy meat!

        • My father taught me a lot of things, firstly to respect guns. It was never a game and you better know how to use it before you pull it. That’s what is missing in our gun crazed world,discipline. I’m amazed that you continue to try to justify your irrational remarks that gun owners prevent millions of crimes. You seem to have an idealized vision of how many crimes are prevented by so called vigilantes. How about backing that up with facts. The 30,000+ figure has been verified. It sounds like murder and suicide are inconsequential in your eyes. Those are real people, most of whom, would be alive without the easy accessibility of guns. How many people are killed by children because their “responsible” gun owner parents weren’t at all responsible? I guess being around kids means I’m in the wrong neighborhood. I may be unprotected, easy meat in the other wrong neighborhoods, but I am just as likely to be shot by some cowboy who bought into the macho b.s. Thanks, but no thanks. You and your ilk are the last persons I want watching my back. I’m not afraid of law abiding citizens with guns, I’m afraid of unqualified gun owners who would probably make the wrong call. BTW,you still haven’t replied to, “What are you afraid of?”

          • Margaret, I’m a fireman and that means that I’m not much scared of a whole lot, okay? I’m well aware of the risks to life today and most risks can be mitigated with knowledge, training, etc. It is sensible to be aware of the many different ways you can be hurt or killed and crime is one of them. The people who commit suicide with firearms are not driving head on into cars with families in them. I have responded to more suicides than you can imagine and I’d much prefer that such things happen with a firearm over using a car or stepping into traffic or in front of a train. And taking away firearms from honest citizens will NEVER stop the thugs from using guns, despite what the lunatic Pelosi might believe. And you do know that your comment about “easy accessibility” is simply not true, right? Can you name any other legal implement that you have to get government permission, a background check, possibly a waiting period, to purchase?

  2. Dog Advocate says:

    Don’t allow ANYONE to purchase guns. We live in a world so full of hate, violence, greed, addiction,killing animals, diseases borne from killing and eating animals, etc. It is truly amazing any people are left on earth to talk about it.
    Mentally ill? I would say that fits the carnivores and those who seem to love pouring BILLIONS into wars and fighting, and violently killing BILLIONS of innocent animals.
    If you want a gun, start with taking your own life, spare the rest of us your misery you seem to enjoy bestowing God’s living creatures. In Jesus name I pray.

    • My little lab would be very displeased to hear you make such comments about an implement that gives his dad pleasure as well as protection. And you pray in Jesus name after making such an evil comment??

  3. Depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, seasonal depression, and ETC.
    There are many “mental disorders” that do not make the person “crazy”.
    Any brain chemistry imbalance is classified as a “mental disorder”.
    The law must define which one: Schizophrenia would be one.

  4. We would be far better in a world without guns except of course police, guard, anyone protecting life. If a person has no need for a gun they should not be allowed to own one. Simple.

    • Rose, “anyone protecting life” could be me or you!! Literally millions of crimes are prevented each year by ordinary citizens with firearms. And remember that the Constitution doesn’t say one damn thing about “need” now does it?? It is a “RIGHT” not a “need”.

      • To conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens. -Adolf Hitler

      • I keep hearing this millions of lives are saved but no data and resources to back it up. Can you do so?

        • Absolutely, Margaret. The facts are easily obtained and I will NOT do your research for you. Look it up, google it, do whatever, but it is factual information. You do realize that YOU are your own protection, right? Or do you think you can call 911 and get a policeman to your house in time to help you? You do realize that the police don’t have any responsibility to even respond to help you, right? If you don’t know that, then you’re showing incredible ignorance of the subject.


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