Stop Company From Sawing Through Live Lambs’ Throats

Target: Dr. Yudhbir Sharma, District Manager of Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) in California

Goal: Launch full investigation into allegations of animal cruelty and violations of food labeling standards against lamb meat producer.

Animal rights group Compassion Over Killing has released horrific undercover footage showing what appears to be cruel treatment of animals at a meat plant owned by Superior Farms, the United States’ leading producer of lamb meat. Footage shows lambs having their throats brutally sawed at with a knife in repeated strokes, in apparent violation of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. Many of these innocent animals were seen still moving and trying to breathe, even after their throats had been cut. Almost as worrisome was the revelation of potential health code violations. According to investigators, workers were documented removing “best by” and “packed on” date labels from finished products and replacing them with labels with later dates more than a dozen times, essentially lying to consumers about the freshness of their products. The slaughterhouse has denied these claims and asserts the labels were simply wrong.

The FSIS department of the USDA must do its job to ensure that Superior Farms is abiding by animal welfare and labeling standards. Demand that they launch a full investigation of Superior Farms and penalize them as necessary if found guilty of these alleged violations.


Dear Dr. Sharma,

A video from an undercover investigation shows workers at a California meat plant owned by Superior Farms brutally slaughtering lambs in methods that apparently violate the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. The video also shows workers changing dates of “best by” labels on finished products, apparently deceiving their consumers about the freshness and quality of their meat.

I ask that the FSIS launch a full investigation of Superior Farms and punish them harshly if these allegations are found to be true.


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Photo credit: Compassion Over Killing

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  1. annie vallet says:

    This must stop, go vegan

  2. May Grouchy de Vornez says:

    Yes! Karma will get you.

  3. May Grouchy de Vornez says:

    Halal is worse than murder!

    • I don’t for the life of me, understand why we even allow halal killing in our countries.

      I hope you are right about Karma but it won’t save all these poor animals, in the meantime, being in such a careless manner.

  4. to any and each employee of that establishment … may the grace of KARMA find you and rot out the ovaries of your whores … your dick may shrivel from the disease that emulates from it and your vile evil spawn all die … may you all get what you so rightfully deserve

  5. Dear God! How evil are these people!

  6. Marion West says:

    Absolutely despicable what they are doing to these poor creatures. They have no heart or compassion at all.

  7. Marilda Aversami correia says:

    Triste humanidade não respeita a vida dos animais tantas coisas materiais que podem ser usado para o homem e outras alimentações precisam evoluir e parar de comer animais parar de causar tanto sofrimento.

  8. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared ?

  9. This is HALAL.The rocess is for Mslims.It also involves the exact same phrase the terrorists use when they torture and kill someone. “Allahu Ahkbar”.

    If anyone says that to you BEWARE!

    This animal cruelty is one more proof that Islm is NOT compatible with Western Civiliztion and President Trump is correct in wanting to restrict immigration by muslims.We do not want this in America.Where animal torture happens, so do rape torture and murder!!!!

  10. Disgusting pieces of filth! How dare they treat these innocent animals in such a monstrous and barbaric manner! I hope and pray, yes I said pray that they have to suffer similar pain and torture! I would love to personally inflict it upon them and then toss their worthless carcasses into a pile to rot!!!!

  11. I Hope people understand they’ve BEEN Doing this for many years, & yet it will Not just CONTINUE this INSANE, BARBARIC & SADISTIC Cruelty, It Will Become MORE & MORE Frequent, because GUESS WHAT?? THOSE Who’ve BEEN “IMPORTED” into OUR COUNTRY?? DEMAND THIS!! Understand what HAMAL IS..These Helpless, Defenseless ANIMALS FEEL EVERYTHING, they also KNOW FEAR, FEEL FEAR, & yet they are COMPLETELY helpless to CHANGE THEIR FATE! Let alone, lessen their PAIN & SUFFERING..Disgusting, because this Horrific PRACTICE of BARBARIC & SADISTIC Animal Cruelty, IS Not Just On these Helpless LAMB, But also EVERY ANIMAL that IS CONSUMED or USED For their SKIN, FUR, HAIR, You name it, Including THEIR INTERNAL ORGANS..& ON & ON..KARMA I PRAY VISITS ALL OF YOU HEART-LESS SOUL-LESS Compassion-less, & Conscience, NONE..Void of ALL the BASIC TRAITS that MAKES A REAL..HUMAN BEING..A HUMANE Human Being..No Wonder so-called HUMANITY never has CHANGED..No Wonder There STILL Exists SO Much Babaric Sadistic BEINGS who are NEVER, will Never BE, a HUMAN BEING..But a Barbarian?? ALWAYS.

    • Lisa Petardi says:

      I read a quote that will forever stay with me…”As long as “humans” walk the earth I believe in monsters”….My god how can anyone do such a thing to theses defenseless beings..”Humans on the other hand…not so defenseless.Hope they reap what they sow…….

  12. Hope that they all involved suffer the same fate! Damn them all!

  13. Cruel evil vile sick gutless worthless heartless scum bastards. They should have it done to them !!!!!!

  14. Beth Marie says:

    When is SUPERIOR FARMS going to SHUT DOWN!! Why does this continue. Are there no laws protecting these animals? Start DOING YOUR JOB# People are fed up with this abuse.

  15. I hope you get what is coming to you for not having any compassion for these animals. even if they are to be slaughtered it should be done humanely.if you don’t have any ethics then you should be done the same way.I hope you and your employees suffer for what you have done and do now. this is barbaric and disgusting. this should be outlawed and the laws should be enforced.


  17. Juliette Smith says:

    Stop the cruelty!!

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