Stop The Cruel and Outdated Use of Hunting Dogs

Target: U.S. Congress

Goal: Stop hunters from subjecting dogs to violent hunts, abuse, and neglect, all in the name of sport.

The use of hunting dogs is not only a cruel and outdated practice for the deer and various animals that are hunted, but for the dogs as well. This method is infamous for its abuse and neglect of “hunting hounds,” pinning animal activist against hunter for decades.

While hunting hounds can track and kill a variety of animals, there has been much controversy over the hunting of white-tailed deer. White-tailed deer are illegal to kill with hunting dogs in most states, but it is still legal in a handful of states in the south. Many protest this legality, but even if these white-tailed deer were protected, the legacy of hunting dogs would still carry with it much abuse.

Hunters sometimes join “hunt clubs,” in which they can rent hunting dogs by the hound, or in a pack. The dogs are sent into the woods in groups up to forty, where they hunt the specified game. This is ideologically cruel due to the army-like train-to-kill lifestyle imposed upon dogs—and all just for fun. However, this sport is also physically demeaning to the dogs, because when they aren’t been neglected, underfed, isolated, etc., they are risking their lives in this gory blood sport. It’s literally a fight to the death, and the dogs don’t always win. Animals such as bears can get the best of these dogs, but the owners have also been known to abandon the dogs in the woods when they are no longer fit for the hound-hunting job.

Tell Congress to regulate, if not abolish hound-hunting. It is nearly impossible for animal rights groups to independently keep hunters in check. Please sign the petition for a new and enforced federal standard for hunting practices.


Dear U.S. Congress,

Hunters have been controversially using dogs to hunt game for years, but the practice is an outdated one that is often abusive to both the dog and the animal being hunted.

I urge you to create an enforced federal standard for “hunting hounds,” or, an ideal solution: ban the use of hunting hounds completely. It is unacceptable that animal rights groups must find one hunting dog abuse scandal after the other, yet this very sport where dogs are neglected, injured, and sometimes killed is still legal.

Please put an end to hound-hounding, as it is an outdated practice based on a cruel bloodbath between dog and prey. A federal standard must be enacted to put an end to this sport’s animal abuse.


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  1. Unfortunately this is a blanket article to include all hunting dogs and it’s offending their owners. To those of you who actually care for your dogs, your negative, defensive remarks would be better put to use towards those hunters who do not care for their dogs. Reinforce the intent of and care for using dogs specifically in a move to strengthen the positive and humane treatment of these animals. I live in a state where I see these dogs, daily, during season. Every single dog that I have the opportunity to see up close looks like skin and bones, have thier pads sliced open and bleeding, along with eye, ear, or genital infections and covered in fleas. They are scared to death of me, but I leave food and water near them and quickly leave so they get a chance eat and drink before continuing. I have no tolerance for abuse and neglect and do what little I safely can for these dogs. If dogs love hunting, let them, without abuse, neglect and torture.

    • Why would you lie in such an outlandish style. Quality dog food is over 23 dollars a 50 lb bag . vet care is comparable to human care cost wise.
      Is it that someone hurt your feelings at some point in time?I have been hunting hounds for 30 years and what you posted is simply not true

  2. I just want to say how ignorant and behind the times the US citizens are. No I’m not talking about hunters using dogs, but the fact that in Spain and other European countries hunting dogs are strictly seen as tools. I’ve grown up in the Midwest/South region so I’ve seen my fair share of hunting dogs. They are not mistreated and are kept until they die and if they are abused it’s because the owner is a terrible person (even drug addicts treat their dogs well and with dignity).

    However in Spain, hunting dogs are disposable tools and kept in cold, dark, and unclean environments. They are fed once or twice a week with moldy bread or restuarant leftovers. It is not uncommon to have 20 dogs at the beggining of the hunting season and end with 5. The most cruel way they are murdered is “piano playing” where they are hung by a tree just high enough where they can survive by standing on their hind legs and struggling to keep balance. The suffucation can take hours to kill them.

    But no, you want to start a shitty forcechange movement to change something you’ve probably had little exposure to. Dogs like hunting, they were bred fo hunting, and they like to please us. You can outlaw hunting dogs but what will you do when you dog breaks free of the leash to chase after a squirrel? Or a deer? Or any living thing ever because they’re animals.

    I hope no one wastes their time signing this petition or giving money to this cause when there is real animal abuse that makes drug addicts sick.

  3. judith goldsmith says:

    We have two hound dogs behind us that live under unbelievable living conditions. Please read my facebook message. What can we do the city won’t help.

  4. lesley ann miller carter says:

    This is bullshit. Yes there are some people who hunt with dogs that fail to take care of the dogs but it is the same as people who leave their dogs chained up in the backyard. I know many hunters who spend more time with their hunting dogs then their family and if one gets injured makes sure to care for the animal. The hunting dogs are not vicious animals when they are running deer most of the time they never reach the deer only smell the trail. I myself have hunting dogs and care about each one, we make sure they are well taken care of and healthy. You shouldn’t judge the use of dogs for hunting because of a few bad people. There are people in other countries who slaughter dogs why don’t you put your two cents in on that!

  5. This article is is false and misleading. Houndsmen chereish there dogs and treat them as part of the family. I my self have never left one of my hounds in the woods to fend for itself or cause it can not get the job done anymore. That is true of all hunters. We spend tons of money on these dogs for there health, on tracking equipment to get them back and to keep tabs on them. The antis are full of shit and don’t know what there talking about when it comes to us as hunters and dog owners. Don’t judge us cause u don’t understand are way of life. We don’t judge you for not knowing what ur talking about. May be u should try it once be for u voice an opinion on what we do…..

  6. Colton DeVries says:

    This is one of the most miss leading posts I’ve ever read about hunting dogs!! For one 9 out of 10 times a dog never catches and animal. 2 hunting dogs are not rented.. that’s the bigest crock of shit I’ve ever Hurd. I have 10 hunting dogs my self they have auto feeders so that thay can eat as much as they like heated water buckets for winter. even heated kennels. And it’s is not cheep by no means. $10,000 dollars a year between feed kennel up keep and new tracking equipment. Dogs love to do what they are trained to do. And in every environment they go through it do also. Not only are you trying to kill the happiness it brings to thousands of people your tearing down a economy as well. I hope I’m not wasting my time. And if anyone feels the need to Vist my kennels your are more then welcome to see just how happy they are

  7. Mike Koolhof says:

    Your a lying moron. All the clubs around here care for their dogs and spend time money and effort for food, proper shelter, and veterinary care.
    Stop talking about things you obviously know nothing about.

  8. I’m sorry to tell you that you are sorely misinformed on the practice of gun dogs and hunting in the U.S. Are there hunters out there that do not take care of their hunting dogs or abuse them? Of course, just like there are humans who don’t hunt who abuse their animals. To lump all gun dog owners into one group is frankly offensive to those of us who cherish our gun dogs. It’s also very offensive to those of us who cherish our cultural heritage of hunting with dogs. I’ve grown up with gun dogs all my life and have two English Setters of my own. My dogs probably are more spoiled than my fiance. They sleep in bed with us, they eat expensive dog food, and they go to the vet is they even sneeze. I’ve jumped in an icy river to pull my dog out from under an ice shelf. I spent two full days in sub-zero water searching the river bottom for my dad’s dog who got sucked under an ice shelf of a river, just so we could give her a proper burial. I quit a hunt early if my dogs are tired or have sustained an injury. I pack 10 pounds of water in my bird vest…not for me…for my dogs. I spend thousands on equipment that keeps them safe, like GPS collars and expensive insulated kennels for cold Montana winters. I spend on AVERAGE two hours pulling burrs out of their coats, seeds out of their ears and eyes, and thorns out of their paws after every hunt. So PLEASE tell me, in your self-righteous mind, how my owning and using my English Setters for hunting is abusive to them? Because lady, you are outside of your damn mind. Get outside your liberal bubble and actually see different parts and cultures of the United States, including the rural culture of middle America. Then, AND ONLY THEN, will you have ANY ground to stand on. Until then, don’t comment or push for legislation on stuff you know ABSOLUTELY nothing about.

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