Justice for Multiple Animals Allegedly Tied Up and Left to Suffer

Target: Perry Stout, County Attorney of Johnson, Tennessee

Goal: Dog groomer who allegedly starved multiple animals to death must be banned from owning or working with animals as part of her punishment.

A multitude of animals, including, dogs, cats, and rabbits, were reportedly found starving, some of them dead, in the home of a dog groomer. The conditions were so bad that the neighbors could smell an odor of death coming from the home, which was referred to as a “house of horrors” by the animal rescue workers. Deputies said the home was littered with animal carcasses both inside and outside. They found numerous live dogs as well, some of them tied up outside the house, and others kept inside.

Caroline Miller, who ran a dog grooming business, was charged with nine counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and six counts of cruelty to animals. Despite the horrific amount of suffering these animals faced, Miller was allowed to escape justice. She was given a plea deal where her only punishment is probation, and forfeiture of her animals — a slap on the wrist. Anyone who would allow this many animals to suffer and starve to death should not be trusted to own animals or even work with them in the future — but with such a minor punishment, it seems likely that animals will be put at risk again by this woman. Please sign our petition demanding that this injustice be reversed, and that a permanent ban from owning animals be part of Miller’s punishment.


Dear Mr. Stout,

A dog groomer, Caroline Miller, was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty after numerous animals were found tied up and starving inside her home. Animal carcasses littered the inside and outside of the house, according to deputies. A rescue worker even went so far as to call it a “house of horrors,” adding that he’d never been to a place that was this bad.

The innocent animals that allegedly suffered due to this woman’s negligence received no justice, and more creatures may be put at risk in the future, as the only punishment Miller received was probation. We are calling on you to reverse this disgusting injustice and see to it that, at the very least, this groomer receives a permanent ban from ever owning or working with animals.


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Photo credit: Eileen McFall

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  1. ABSOLUTELY WRONG that this person received only probation for this crime….can the judge not IMAGINE what it would feel like to starve to death, slowly, and be kept from hydration???? Has he or she NO imagination to feel what these living creatures went through????

    The LAWS have got to be strengthened so that fiascos like this aren’t never allowed to happen.

  2. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    This is why Judges need to be assessed before they are appointed. Some have absolutely no idea on many areas of the Law.
    This is a case where perpetrators start with animals and will move on to children and spousal abuses. It has been proven so many times that these perpetrators that get these slack sentences will move on to re commit.
    The woman really needs psychiatric evaluation and counselling. Jail term of 12 months per dead animals with additional 6-12 months for each live animal neglected. When released, be marked on the register for never being able to own or associate with any species of animal ever! The fine must be high enough to cover all veterinary care and for board until re-homing can be arranged.
    Nothing less. Please sort this miss justice out so these animals didn’t die in vain.

  3. I demand justice for these poor animals that suffered terribly as they starved and died! Punish this putrid woman to the fullest extent of our completely inadequate animal abuse laws, NOW!

  4. Anne Moeller says:

    this person should be put in the same conditions that he inflicted on these innocent animals for a VERY LONG TIME and left to rot!!!

  5. Kathryn Irby says:

    Anyone who would do such a thing as this to innocent animals, is NOTHING BUT A COWARDLY PIECE OF TRASH!!!!

  6. Are the authorities in Tennessee stupid? If this sadistic pos can do this to innocent animal beings, she’ll keep doing it and more innocent animals will be tortured to death. And then she’ll graduate to human beings. Grow a brain and put her away in solitary confinement until she rots. I hope a group of animal lovers/activists read this article and then FIND her. They’ll deliver the real justice she deserves. Tennessee, do the right thing and jail this danger to society.


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