Don’t Allow Motorists to Run Over Protesters Without Consequences

Target: Keith Kempenich, North Dakota Representative

Goal: Don’t allow motorists to run over protesters without punishment as long as it was allegedly unintentional.

It may soon be legal to “accidentally” run over protesters on the road, thanks to a bill introduced by North Dakota Representative Keith Kempenich. This is a disgusting bill that will put peaceful protesters’ lives in danger if it becomes law. Sign this petition to stop this bill and protect protesters.

Representative Kempenich introduced the bill as what he says is a direct response to protesters of the environmentally dangerous Dakota Access Pipeline, who blocked traffic as part of their peaceful protests. The aim of the bill is to deter protesters and supposedly protect frustrated drivers who run over these protesters by mistake.

Representative Kempenich has called these protests “terrorism” and says he wants people to be able to drive without fear of running into somebody and being liable. This legislation leaves the door open for people to run over protesters on purpose under the guise of an accident. This bill puts people’s lives at risk. Demand Representative Kempenich stop this heinous bill.


Dear Representative Kempenich,

It’s disgusting that someone who is elected to serve the people has introduced a bill that would put people’s lives at risk without any consequences for their deaths. This bill is an attempt to silence peaceful protestors who have every right to be protesting.

Rather than trying to discourage peaceful protests, you should be working to address the concerns of these citizens. Instead, you are making it legal for them to get injured or killed. I demand you stop this bill and work to protect protestors and address their concerns.


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Photo credit: Neil Cooler

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  1. This psychopath should be quickly removed from office.

  2. Kyle Hardwick says:

    Hell yes!!!! About time we have a law like this. I haven’t seen a peaceful protest yet, FUCK THOSE PROTESTERS!!! They get what they deserve!! Blocking traffic is not a peaceful demonstration for a protest, it means protesting where you are not interfering in any other people’s way!! THIS DEFINITELY NEEDS TO BE LAW!!!

  3. The majority of protest’s are violent; with people burning cars and destroying business’s. If you happen to make a wrong turn and end up on one of these streets. Your life may be in danger; and will have no choice but to hit the gas and hope you get through. If you stop, you or your family may end up in the hospital.

  4. I fully support peaceful protesters; however, if the protest is in fact a riot and the rioters are aggressive and endanger me, my family, my property or obstruct me from my intended destination, then I will run them over in a heartbeat. I also have rights, and I will not allow my rights as a citizen to be trampled and overrun by thugs and irrational mobs.

  5. Roads and/or street should never be forcefully blocked by “protesters”.

  6. Are you f’ing serious?????? This is insanity itself. We get enough pedestrians killed daily on our roads in MD, VA and DC this will be all the people need to carry out mass executions of protestors and it could be one of your sons and daughters. Think about it.

  7. There is a law already protecting PEACEFUL protestors. To willfully run them down is a crime. However, there is nothing to protect a motorist caught in the middle of a riot who is being threatened.

    Remember we have the right to PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE.

    BUT we do not have the right to block the free flow of traffic and commerce nor do we have the right to destroy property or harm others through our “protesting”.

    The ones facing the consequences should be the rioters, not the man or woman going about their business who gets caught up in the middle of the riot and is threatened with harm.

    Let that sink in.

  8. I can’t imagine how peaceful it would be to have people swarming the streets in traffic surrounding my vehicle so I can’t move or get to work or get home. these protesters have no right to disrupt someone’s life. especially if the drivers have nothing to do with what the people are protesting against. I did not sign.

  9. Angela Rabon says:

    Protesting is protected under the First Amendment. Free speech. Killing people is murder!! You go to prison for that! You cannot legislate murder. Well, maybe with Trump in office, but it would get overturned.

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