Stop Abuse Of Livestock By Meat Suppliers

Target: Randall D. Jones, Acting Administrator of the Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration

Goal: Demand a complete ban on livestock abuse by food suppliers.

Hormel Foods immediately suspended production of the Maschhoffs Oklahoma sow operations after seeing a video allegedly depicting graphic animal abuse on their premises. The scenes apparently depicted in the video show workers mutilating piglets and leaving them to languish in pain from their injuries as well as any untreated illnesses. In addition, they pack the mother pigs into gestation crates, which are banned in 10 states and hated by many big-name food companies and restaurants. Hormel has stated that it will be conducting a thorough investigation of these crimes.

Livestock animals, even if they are raised for food, should not have to undergo such mistreatment. Whether or not an animal is eaten it is still a living creature deserving of proper care in its lifetime. Furthermore, it is believed that mistreated animals produce lesser-quality meat; GMOs and antibiotics bulk up cows and chickens, but result in the meat being less healthy for human consumption and not tasting as good.

Hormel has done a good thing in suspending Maschhoff’s Oklahoma, but this is only a small step. We must keep moving in this direction by demanding more ethical treatment of livestock, including a complete ban of gestation crates.


Dear Administrator Jones,

Hormel Foods has recently suspended production of one of its pork suppliers after a video was released apparently depicting graphic, violent abuse of the pigs housed on their premises. Baby piglets were reportedly mutilated, their testicles and tails torn off before they were left to suffer and die. Mother pigs were shown being crammed into gestation crates, which are banned in 10 states. Hormel announced it intends to investigate the supplier thoroughly.

Hormel has done a good thing by suspending operations of the supplier, but this is still a widespread problem among many meat companies and suppliers. Livestock animals are abused, force-fed antibiotics and GMOs in order to provide larger quantities of meat at the cost of quality, and forced to live in squalid conditions.

Please encourage more meat companies to investigate their suppliers to ensure that their operations are ethical, and to suspend their operation if they are discovered to be abusing the animals. Just because animals are raised for meat does not mean they do not deserve proper care.


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Photo Credit: Humane Society of the United States

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  1. Jenna Miles says:

    Killing them is itself abuse

  2. Hornel Foods is to be commended for suspending production of one of it’s pork suppliers. I am hoping that the people at Hornel Foods will further educate themselves as to other horrendous abuses going on in the animal industry. The video they saw is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope they come to see that humane treatment of animals for the food industry is a myth. Watching the film “Earthlings” would be a good start (if you can stand to watch it – maybe just close your eyes and listen, like I did).

  3. Your mom's inner thoughts says:

    It’s really too bad you were able to open them.


  5. Anne Moeller Anne Moeller says:

    we all need to become vegetarians and this will help to end this abuse!!!

  6. Hairybagina says:

    Fuck that my food shits on your food!!!!

  7. Pétition Signé & Partagé Signed & Shared Frima Asscine..!

  8. Until changes are made, I’m boycotting all Hormel products and encouraging all my friends and family to do the same.

    Let’s hit them in the wallet, where it counts!

  9. shut this hell hole down how can any human with any feelings at all allow this cruelty these poor animals give their lives for you to feed faces at least show them some kind of kindness not this cruelty

  10. Why isn’t the production of meat publicized so that people can see what is happening? Society needs to be educated and not sheltered from reality. They need to see what suffering their “hamburger” or “sausage” source goes through before it gets to their table. This is a sad and grim reality that we still use animals for our selfish needs.

  11. Who the fuck do these filthy scum think they are? I pray everyday for a higher intervention to rid this dying planet of this cancerous evil human garbage!!!! What they do to *God’s Creatures* is UNFORGIVABLE!!! & i pray every evil corrupted man, woman & child that commit evil acts of violence, torture, rape & murder of Animals & innocent humans, no matter what race, religion, rich, poor whatever,,, they will all suffer in hell for all eternity for all this evil they inflict on the defencelss beings on this planet! BURN IN HELL ALL U EVIL ROTTEN SCUM!!!!!

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