Justice for Mother and Children Detained at Airport for a Day Without Food

Target: Mark Herring, Virginia Attorney General

Goal: Charge the immigration officers who detained a Somali woman and her two children at an airport without food for 20 hours.

A Somali woman and her two children were detained at Dulles airport in Chantilly, Virginia without food for 20 hours because of the president’s ban on travelers to and from seven Muslim countries. There is no excuse for a mother and her children being starved for almost an entire day. Demand officials charge the immigration officers who allowed this to happen.

It was reported that an unnamed woman and her two children arrived at Dulles airport from Kenya and were detained because the mother is from Somalia. This country is part of the president’s current immigration ban.

The immigration officers allegedly became aggressive and tried to pressure the woman to sign the papers for the family to be deported and put her in handcuffs, keeping her cuffed when she needed to use the restroom.

A temporary stay granted by a U.S. District Attorney allowed the family to be released, but only after 20 hours of detainment without food. This treatment of a mother and her children is unacceptable. Demand officials charge the immigration officers who treated this family inhumanely.


Dear Mr. Herring,

A Somali woman and her two children were detained at Dulles airport for almost a full day without food. The mother was even allegedly kept handcuffed when she needed to use the restroom. This is a heartless way to treat people, especially children, who have done nothing wrong.

These actions must have consequences, and the immigration officers who did this cannot think they’re allowed to continue treating people this way. I demand you charge these officers for doing this to this family.


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Photo credit: Bridget Coila

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  1. Save my patience for God sake. And so what? I had been the same time or more without food and I even have low glicose. I had been long time without been allowed to go to the bathroom. If we start doing petitions for this kind, there will be millions. I lost my job which I got after pass several tests because of sexual harrasment…i could keep going on….

  2. So many white mothers starving with their children because the immigrants take their jobs, because the husband lost the job and become alcoholic,because the burden of taxes that so many are obligated to pay, and part of the money a great deal of it goes to immigrants and migrants, so this somali who belongs in her country with always they always have lots of children, I bet she left others there, this deserves a petition only for a minor thing that happens everyday in the world. What about passengers in Ryanair which had been inside the airplane for hours with no food, no water (and Ryanair only follow the rules, they didn’t break any law and they act right, who choose to travel with them knows this can happen so like the sailors, if u go to the sea, prepare in land. Most mothers travel prepared if not u are subject to the consequences of your irresponsibility, which happens here. This mother is irresponsible doesn’t care and goes to other country expecting the tax payers to pay for her and children and then the rest of the family will follow. Is up to each passenger to check laws before you go and make sure you are allowed to get into that country. african and middle east usually go expecting to live as soon as they arrive on tax payers money. I don’t see anyone talking about the real problem in africa which is: sterilization of many of their already super excess population as they don’t learn simple rules and many women are abused for sex, so then we gotr their fu… here in Europe and USA to pay and take care. Some good demographic control that should start many years ago, like in other countries we have done it, responsible using the pill and other means, but the big percentage falls in women responsibility as usual when men get the most of it.The problem persists after years and years of teaching africans, or helping them, they still are fuc… and then those who are now saved with so much help when they should die, than they export themselves to other countries where they are not invited to come, or those countries need them. Who needs people without any culture, education, money, skills….these countries in africa, middle east, many in asia need desperately a demographic control. We keep getting the poor children abused in africa and the problem persists. While they keep having much more than can afford there will be slavery, there will be human trafficking women always the most used and abused the most victims of all, the asian girls used as prostitutes to pay for the family, as if it was their fault, the father couldn’t restrain or use his hand to beat one, or be enough intelligent to do the thing without pregnancy. See what needs to be correct is not keeping with the help the the BS of poor migrants and children bal bla bla, we need to go the the root of the problem.

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