Justice for Dog Adopted Only to be Killed Unecessarily

Target: Mark Sorsacia, Putnam County Prosecutor

Goal: Seek criminal charges for woman who allegedly adopted a dog, then had her neighbor shoot and kill him.

A woman reportedly adopted a dog from a shelter, only to have the poor animal killed. According to the shelter staff, Amie Bowling had signed a contract agreeing to return the dog, named Bernie, if any problems were to arise. Instead, she allegedly had her neighbor shoot and kill him.

When asked about the incident, neighbor Sam Rife said that he took poor little Bernie into the woods in his backyard and shot him. Rife claimed that the dog was mean and had bitten Bowling’s boys as well as himself, but another neighbor says Bernie, who often played with her granddaughter, was gentle. The little dog apparently fled to her house for food and to escape from cruelty, she said, adding that she’d witnessed the owner and her boyfriend hitting their animals. The director of the animal shelter says “Bernie was a little defenseless, sweet, fun-loving dog. Just four days before this happened, we were told that everything was going great.”

Police conducted an “investigation,” where they only interviewed the owner and neighbor who shot the dog. They then determined the dog was a vicious biter and turned the case over to the prosecuting attorney. Considering the comments coming forward from other neighbors and the shelter, it seems that police should have conducted a more thorough investigation. The fact that the owners failed to communicate with the shelter is suspicious, and no matter the situation leading up to his death, this dog should not have been killed by his owners in this way. Please add your signature to the petition below to urge the prosecuting attorney to see to it that these people face criminal charges, if guilty.


Dear Mr. Sorsacia,

A small dog was reportedly adopted from an animal shelter only to later be shot and killed. The owner had signed a contract agreeing to bring the dog back if any problem occurred, but instead, she allegedly had her neighbor kill the animal. The neighbor claims that the dog was a vicious biter, but multiple others say he was kind, gentle, and friendly. One of the owners’ neighbors reportedly witnessed the owners abusing the dog.

Unfortunately, police may not have gleaned all of this information during their investigation, as they only interviewed the owner and the dog’s killer. They concluded that the dog was vicious. It seems likely that this dog was the real victim, and he deserves justice. We’re calling on you to see to it that these people face criminal charges if guilty of killing an innocent, harmless dog.


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Photo credit: Jennifer Bradford

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  1. I think this is the monster who had her cowardly neighbor murder the doggy. This is her name and she lives in Putnam County, W. Virginia https://www.facebook.com/amie.bowling?ref=br_rs

  2. Crystal Taylor says:

    Please show justice for this poor dog. These people avoided proper adoption procedure and need to be taught that regardless of the situations things are done a certain way for reasons and need to be carried out as such.

  3. Cynthia Gannon says:

    Why didn’t the other neighbor speak to the abuser when she saw her abusing the dogs. What is the matter with people? Or is this normal practice in W Virginia. People, stand up when you see abuse of any kind . Get a backbone. I despise the observers who talk about it after the event.

  4. True, Cynthia. They can be anon if they are afraid for their lives.

  5. The neighbor is just as guilty. This poor innocent dog. RIP Bernie.

    Sam and Amie: FUCK OFF. Hope you pay for what you’ve done.


  7. michelle mitchell says:

    Pop goes the wheasle.These bastard dog killers must have the death penalty enacted when least epected!!!!An eye for an eye!!

  8. michelle mitchell says:

    Pop goes the wheasle.These bastard dog killers must have the death penalty enacted when least expected!!!!An eye for an eye!!

  9. Joshua Morrison says:

    Justice for Bernie please.

  10. Alice Knight says:

    I hope both of these people; the shooter and the person who adopted the dog receive the harshest of penalties and be banned from ever adopting again. How could anyone simply tell someone to shoot an animal simply because the dog allegedly was a vicious biter. Did any of these people give cause for the animal to bite them? Were they teasing or antagonizing the pup? I have to think the dog most likely was provoked.

  11. Laurie Miskell says:

    There is a special place in Hell for people who abuse animals, Karam’s a BITCH and it ALWAYS come back on you…

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