Support Starbucks in its Pledge to Hire Refugees

Target: Howard Schultz, Starbucks Chairman and CEO

Goal: Support Starbucks’ promise to stand up to Trump by hiring refugees, and demand that action be taken to follow through.

Trump supporters are boycotting Starbucks after its CEO vocally supported justice and human rights by pledging to hire thousands of refugees following Trump’s Muslim ban. Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz committed to hiring 10,000 refugees worldwide in the next five years. This was a direct response to President Trump’s unconstitutional and cruel ban on immigration — which included refugees — from seven primarily Muslim countries.

Many of those intent on boycotting the company feel that they should be hiring unemployed Americans and out of work war vets instead. They don’t seem to be taking into account that Starbucks is a global company, and the U.S. is just one of more than 75 countries included in this pledge. Additionally, in 2013, Starbucks made a similar promise to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses. Two years into that five year endeavor, the company had already made it more than halfway there. A company that promises to give back to deserving people in need, and honor human rights and integrity, should not be punished for it. Sign below to support Starbucks in its commitment to hire refugees.


Dear CEO Schultz,

Thank you for your pledge to stand by human rights by hiring 10,000 refugees over the next five years. Your willingness to stand up and speak out against President Trump’s unjust Muslim ban is an admirable commitment to doing what is right.

The ban on immigration is a prejudiced action that directly contradicts what America stands for. You have illustrated your commitment to America just as much with this pledge as with your 2013 pledge to hire veterans. I urge you to follow through, hold strong, and stand by this promise, even in the face of misguided backlash. Nothing is more important than our humanity. I fully support your promise to hire refugees and beg that you keep it.


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  1. Yes! Agree with this petition…..the CEO, Howard Schultz, is getting slammed on social media for this idea….and by the way, to those idiots who keep telling them “how about hiring American vets”…Starbucks ALREADY has a program to hire veterans!!!

    • so why are there so many homeless veterans and veterans committing suicide if they are so well taken care of in this country? and if starbucks is going to hire all the illegals.. what jobs will they have left for legal veterans?

    • and yes they have the picture of the cute little Syrian boy who needs help… but they need to show pictures of the refugees trashing every place they camp out.

    • Why don’t you support all the refugees yourself and stop thinking that hard working American taxes should pick up the slack there is no more money to keep supporting this bullshit.

  2. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Sorry, I don’t agree with this at all!!! What about all the people here is US that need a job?

  3. Margaret Melnick says:

    I wonder how many of the people that support this have looked at what is happening in other countries where so called refugee have come by the thousands? Women raped because they are not dressed appropriately to the refugee upbringing. Christians murdered. If that is what you want why not go to their country? Second of all what about all the people living in the US who need jobs? By the way I am an outsider I don’t live in the US but keeping up with opinions on social media. If Starbuck is ALREADY hiring Vets why are their so many that need work? Is this actually a program or is it LIP SERVICE? Believe me we see plenty of that all over the world.

    • it’s lip service… just like Madonna blowing up the white house and all the other “celebrities” moving out of the country when Trump gets elected. big mouth bull shit.

  4. you can have them starbucks but you can’t have our money any more.. we were going thru a four pack every day. that’s done. kind of ironic that the protesters in DC against Trump smashed the crap out of a starbucks storefront.

  5. I intend to start buying Starbucks as much as I can.We are a nation of migrants and refugees.Noone from these 7 countries have committed acts of terror on US soil.You should note that Trump has business interests in several countries not on the list although they brought us 9/11,Boston bombings,San Bernadino etc.

    • Jane, do you really think that nobody from those seven countries has committed an act of terrorism against the United States? Are you really this dense? Yes, we are a nation of immigrants…legal ones who came here and improved our country, learned our language, worked hard, didn’t break our laws, etc. Do just a little bit of internet research before making stupid comments about a subject which you obviously know nothing about. Did you make this kind of comment under our past presidents that did the same exact thing? Or is it just trump you don’t like?

  6. I’m boycotting Starbucks.. When the hell are people gonna wake up it’s time to take care of true Americans and stop worrying about other people and their problems we have our own.. Once you let them in they bad mouth us and demand shit enough is enough!! Starbucks can have them.

  7. Perhaps you overlooked that many of these immigrants put their lives on the line to serve as interpreters and support staff to assist in our mission. They are being hunted and killed along with their family members. In my eyes that makes them a part of our military and heros. They have saved the lives of American troops and I thank them. The “Support Our Troops” mantra being espoused does not ring true.

    • There you go again, Margaret. “Many” of these refugees wanting to come into our country are not terps…they are unvetted aliens from countries that are not friendly to America. Our country IS taking care of the terps and their families…I guess you simply didn’t know that or didn’t care.

  8. Christine Jones says:

    Whatever happened to the idea of hiring the best person for the job?

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