Support ACLU Fight Against Trump Refugee Ban

Target: Donna Brazile, Interim Chairwoman Democratic National Committee

Goal: Encourage increased democratic support for ACLU fight against refugee ban.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) pledges on its website to “not stand by and let families be torn apart” by the immigration policies of the Trump administration. However, in the days following the widely denounced executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, the DNC has made no official public statements — beyond tweets — either condemning those actions or supporting the work of organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in freeing those unlawfully detained by the order.

Since its inception in 1920, the ACLU has been instrumental in protecting the civil rights of people in the United States from government abuse. The organization has argued successfully before the Supreme Court for desegregation of public schools and abortion rights. The ACLU also has a proven track record of successfully challenging attempts to block the legal immigration of refugees. A key victory came in a 2016 lawsuit against (then) Governor of Indiana Mike Pence for halting state funding in support of Syrian refugee resettlement. Both district and appellate courts ruled that resources could not be withheld from anyone granted refugee status by the federal government, effectively mandating that refugee resettlement be continued.

Most recently the ACLU displayed inspirational leadership in securing the expeditious release of those immigrants and refugees detained under the executive order signed by President Trump. This has led to an outpouring of public support, including $24 million in public donations and a 150,000 – 200,000 individual membership increase. In addition, many lawmakers expressed public support of the action taken by the ACLU and a bill has been drafted by Democrats in Congress which would block implementation of the executive order.

Please sign the below petition encouraging the DNC to uphold its own stated values by publicly pledging support for the ACLU.


Dear Chairwoman Brazile,

The DNC pledges on its website to “not stand by and let families be torn apart” by the immigration policies of the Trump administration. However, in the days following the widely denounced executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, your organization has put forth nothing more than a few tweets to condemn those actions or support the work of organizations like the ACLU.

The threat to civil rights presented by the Trump administration is too urgent to be met with apathy and half-measures in 140 characters. As a guiding light for the democratic party, you have a responsibility to actively stand with organizations working to protect those values most critical to our democracy. I urge you to publicly support the ACLU in its continued fight against the refugee ban.


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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Our illegitimate and unfit “president,” Donald Trump, is destined for impeachment, sooner or later, just a matter of time! God Speed the Day!

    • Gillian Miller Gillian Miller says:

      Why didn’t you protest when Obama did the same thing? All mouth and lack of intelligence. And, what are you doing about the 5 year old girl who was raped by these migrants? What are you doing about the women and children (both sexes) who are abused in Muslim controlled countries? What about the 8 year old girls forced into marriage by 40+ year old perverts many of whom die on their weeding night or are totally destroyed internally? You want that for my children/grandchildren? You are welcome to do it to yours but leave me and mine out of it!

  2. Gillian Miller Gillian Miller says:

    You didn’t protest against Obama doing the same thing. You are not objecting to Muslims saying the same thing. So, it is because you are the whingey whiny anti-Trump brigade behaving like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum.

    I may not be pro-Trump but I support his efforts to protect the West. Sexual assaults and rapes have gone up across Europe where Muslims have been allowed in. You should be aware that both the Danish and the Swedish police have stated that ALL RAPES have been committed by Muslims.

    They are NOT refugees but migrants looking to live off of us and have turned us into dhimmis. They do not assimilate and over 80% of them want Sharia law. Why are they not emigrating to Muslim controlled countries where they would be happier? They are not stupid enough to let them in so they come here, refuse to assimilate and force PC behaviour down our throats without our permission. Do bear in mind that no-one approved this huge immigration of young healthy males who have left their families behind to defend their honour, returning home for holidays just to be sure.

    So, if you want to be raped/have your women raped and murdered then that is entirely your affair. Just go to one of those hell holes for women and children and do it. Leave those with sense and intelligence to want to stop this happening to others, such as a 5 year old girl who has not been protected by anybody, and stop this kind of rubbish.

  3. Gillian Miller Gillian Miller says:

    I would also like to ask why you do not have a petition for those countries who discriminate against Israel and Jews and have done so for years. They are members of the UN and are deliberately ignoring international law.

    Guess that that makes you far more racist than Trump.

  4. Gillian Miller Gillian Miller says:

    What are you doing about other discriminated people such as Christians being murdered in Pakistan? Tibetans by Chinese? West Papuans by Indonesia? Christians across the Middle East where they are suffering from genocide? Yadizi girls forced into being sex slaves? Where minorities are being ethnically cleansed from the Middle East?

    You lot sicken me, help the real sufferers not the abusers.

  5. Most states voted for him so why are you moaning about him lol

  6. Obama also had a ban. This is a temporary ban until they Vet better and can be sure people coming into America are safe people. You are reading false TV media which tries to inflame.

  7. X raying breast milk or people is not safe. A mom needs to pump milk or she will expode and can save it for her baby. Breast feeding needs to be more common…then people will know about it and not be so curious and need her to demonstrate about it. To have her have to show this is like someone who is watching porn maybe to them. Don’t make women have to prove breast feeding. The pump doesn’t look like a bomb.

  8. What a bunch of uninformed, frightened children. Check the stats, very few terror attacks have been committed by refugees. Before you bring it up, 9/11 was not committed by refugees. They were terrorists who may have been stopped had the President at that time, a Republican by the way, not ignored credible intelligence. This one, who shall not be named, doesn’t even sit in on briefings. He’s got a good brain, the best brain ever, so he doesn’t need to. However, the overwhelmingly large majority of these perpetrators are young, white, American males. How many lives are lost “EVERY DAY” by everyday Americans? Annually, it’s about 30,000. Where’s the outrage when rapists are not charged or are let off because we wouldn’t want to ruin their future? Guess how many of these are immigrants. A miniscule number, especially if you check the immigrant population vs the percent of crimes they commit. Even one is too many but you are not using the same standard to judge them. Spoon fed talking points that make no sense. I’m sure you will disagree but I don’t care. Since you don’t, won’t or can’t look at any side other than your own, I’m wasting my time.

  9. Margaret, “very few” can also kill a large number of American citizens. Why do you want open borders? Something that no nation on earth condones? As a first responder I have taken two Homeland Security schools on terrorist activated energetic materials. We simply do not need illegal aliens from countries that are not friendly to the United States walking into our land unfettered and unvetted.

    • Again, where is the outrage for our natural born citizens who kill large numbers of people. Columbine, Newtown, Pulse Nightclub – committed by an American, Aurora, CO, to name a few. There have been almost 400 more mass killings since Aurora. Many of them are personal like someone killing their family, many are political, many are committed by the mentally ill. There is no dispute that there are killings by immigrants. There should also be no dispute that it is an issue of many more Americans committing murder. You say unvetted and unfettered. That is simply not true. And for your information, I do not support “open borders.” I do support refugees. If you don’t know they are not the same thing, I’m surprised with your background.

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