Stop Trump From Selling off the Internet to Highest Bidder

Target: Orrin Hatch, United States Senate President pro tempore

Goal: Block net neutrality enemies from important seats on the FCC.

Donald Trump has chosen two of net neutrality’s biggest enemies to head important sectors of the FCC: Ajit Pai as chairman, and Marsha Blackburn for Communications and Technology. Under Trump’s plan, Internet access will be controlled by big business, including those with financial ties to Trump’s own companies. It was only barely a year ago that Barack Obama helped to legalize net neutrality and stamp out all attempts to censor the Internet by big business, and now Donald Trump is seeking to destroy that protection.

Net neutrality is absolutely vital. The Internet is not just a novelty in this day and age, it is a tool for education, business, politics and communication. People use it for a variety of things, be they work or play; to allow unfair censorship and policing of Internet activity would do severe harm to various businesses and communications everywhere.

We cannot allow Trump to grab control of the Internet. Pai and Blackburn must not be allowed in these important positions, Donald Trump must be made aware that it is highly important to protect net neutrality. Sign this petition to block Pai and Blackburn from these important positions.


Dear President pro tempore Hatch,

Donald Trump is seeking to destroy net neutrality, and with it, open and fair access to the Internet. This spells very bad news for Internet users everywhere, as the Web is more than just a novelty or entertainment venue. It is how many businesses run and thrive, how political and social causes garner focus, a vital part of education. Censoring and policing online content is unethical and unconstitutional.

America has worked much too hard to protect Internet freedom of speech to have it stolen by Trump. Small businesses will suffer, social causes will fall by the wayside and education will be of lesser quality. Please stop Trump from taking over the Internet and its content.


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  1. One thing you have to realize is that Trump is not into the truth. Hell he is literally trying to keep the press out of the white house essentially by posting everything on twitter. We are definitely going to have an interesting 4 year. One thing I have realized about Trump is that he is basically receiving information from his cabinet members and doesn’t have anyone to check the facts. Similar to Bush weapons of mass destruction ploy. If he doesn’t take the time out to prepare prior to making the tough decision possible for WW3 maybe around the corner. He already has the world leaders upset within his first few weeks of office.

  2. It looks like Trumpland is fast becoming a dictatorship.

    Gagging scientific research because it doesn’t suit his business interests.

    Preventing the media from disseminating the truth.

    Sacking staff if they don’t agree with him.

    Poor poor Americans….the rest of us can only watch and feel sorry for the ones that didn’t vote for Trump. the rest get what they deserve I suppose.

  3. Are you guys actually this dumb? First you think he’s banning all muslims, and now you think he’s selling the internet. America doesn’t own the internet you fucking dumb asses. Even if he wanted to sell the internet, he can’t. No one can obviously, as it’s a global thing that no one needs to buy(besides for paying for it monthly, of course) Whoever made this needs to quit seeking attention from using obvious news satire.

    Check out this link if you still can’t believe it:

  4. The “Powers That Be” will take away all the tools humanity has to fight them with. Educate the general public on what a “FALSE FLAG” is and it should be easier to understand the 9/11 deception and what’s happening all over the world. – It’s nothing but a BIG SHOW. The “War on Terrorism” is a farce!

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