Punish Man Who Was Charged With Dog Fighting Three Times

Target: Jeffrey Fink, Prosecuting Attorney for Kalamazoo County, Michigan

Goal: Stop allowing animal cruelty to go unpunished.

Kelvin Thomas has reportedly escaped justice following accusations of training fighting dogs. This is the third time Thomas has been charged with animal cruelty after police allegedly caught him training fighting dogs in his home. He was let off with an $8,000 fine, probation and only a five-year ban from owning animals. Not even a year ago, authorities removed ten dogs from Thomas’ home for the very same reason, and in 2013, 30 dogs were removed from his home.

According to reports, the judge claimed that the jail time was out of his hands, despite also saying that Thomas could’ve received eight years in jail for being a repeat offender. It seems the justice system basically gave a green light for people to cruelly use dogs for fighting. This is especially appalling considering the recent case where children were killed when a neighborhood dog attacked them on their way to school. Training fighting dogs is extremely cruel and dangerous not only for the animals themselves, but for other humans who could come into contact with the dogs. Please sign this petition to demand that the justice system stop turning a blind eye to animal cruelty.


Dear Mr. Fink,

I was appalled to learn that a man has been charged with animal cruelty a third time after being accused of dog fighting. Despite being a repeat offender, he was let off yet again without any jail time.

Dog fighting is extremely cruel, and it poses an additional threat to humans who may unknowingly come into contact with dogs who have been maltreated in this way. We demand that this injustice be reversed, and that the people who commit animal cruelty be punished appropriately.


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Photo credit: Annie Kavanagh

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  1. LOCK HIM UP!!!!

    • Jeffrey Fink have the guts to lock this bastard up.Use the authority the Law has given you. It’s because of people like you who let people like this get away unpunished time and time again shows there is no deterrent and they keep offending. It’s your fault. Show some compassion and respect for animals or you are no better. Keep this bastard off the streets and away from animals. Shame on you for letting this bastard get away.You are showing you are not fit to do your job properly.

  2. Kathryn Irby says:

    This low-life scum should be charged with a Felony, hands down!!! THEN, locked up!!!!!!

  3. todd fletcher says:

    Kelvin Thomas, weak ass POS! get in the ring yourself Dumb fuck!



  6. Brenda Denno says:

    Giving this repeat animal cruelty offender a slap on the wrist sends a sad and false message that these crimes aren’t serious. And allows this creep to continue his abuse and to endanger people around him.

  7. Whats wrong with the law they are spineless and this piece of human waste is making fools of them. Hang this waste of space

  8. Do you not think it is time that something meaningful was done to this cretin? He is making fools of you, and other like minded low lifes will only be encouraged to do likewise, knowing nothing will be done. Take proper action and be men, not mice. You are a laughing stock. Pathetic.

  9. “The only difference between a dog, cat, horse and dolphin and a cow, chicken, pig and turkey is perception. One is no more valuable than another. And yet in this culture, we hold the former animals in high esteem and the latter we brutalize for food. All animals are deserving of respect and freedom from violence. The way to respect others is veganism.”


  10. Mr.Fink, do something, please. Three times with this abuser??? Why isn’t he in jail? It’s no wonder he keeps doing this. He is laughing at you. Ha-HA…Catch me if you can. That’s what this sub-human is saying.

  11. Jeffrey Fink, Prosecuting Attorney for Kalamazoo County, Michigan:
    How many times is KELVIN THOMAS allowed by the court to escape justice following accusations of training fighting dogs??????? 8-9-10 times????????????????? What are you waiting for to put him behind bars? Waiting for one of his “trained/abused” dog to kill a child???????? It’s high time to do the right thing, Sir. Stop allowing animal cruelty to go unpunished. Thank you.

    Stop allowing animal cruelty to go unpunished.

  12. Dog Advocate says:

    Put this animal abuser in the center of the dog fights, the ONLY way he will know what it feels like to be tortured and by dogs because of his stupid behavior.
    All in favor?

  13. Dog Advocate says:

    Put this animal abuser in the center of the dog fights, the ONLY way he will know what it feels like to be tortured and killed by dogs because of his stupid behavior.
    All in favor?

  14. please don’t forget this isn’t just about dogs. they use small bait animals to train these dogs. they use cats and kittens and rabbits and bunnies.. and if you are one of those people who claims to care about animals but only cares about dogs.. they use puppies for bait, too.

  15. Put him in the ring with the dogs he trained.

  16. I would bet that Mr. Fink is being paid to not prosecute. There is a lot of money invested in this cruel act of dog fighting. Oh and maybe the Judge is getting in on the money as well. You have to wonder when decision were not rendered properly by law. I think an investigation as to the prosecutor as well as the Judge should be done. Shame on you for condoning dog fighting. 3 times really? What does that tell you. No excuses.

  17. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Scum sh!t for brains❗?
    Signed & shared ?

  18. Third time… obviously governments don’t care.
    Protest! Protest! Protest! But do not put yourselves on the same low level – no violence or vandalism!

  19. Lock him up ban for life having animals give him to a lion see how he is then.

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