Stop Torturing Rodeo Animals

Target: John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand

Goal: Stop beating animals, shocking them with electric prods, and other cruel practices allegedly taking place at rodeos.

A video has surfaced of multiple acts of animal cruelty and endangerment at a rodeo in New Zealand. The part that makes this even worse, is that the New Zealand government does not have any restrictions on the treatment or keeping of the animals. The rodeo claims it adheres to the Rodeo Code of Welfare, but some of the behavior captured on the video appears to violate this standard.

In the video, calves and adult cows are seen apparently being being shocked with electric prods, which breaks the code the rodeo supposedly adheres to. Calves are also allegedly being thrown onto the grown and forcefully wrestled down as is common in calf roping events, and other animals in the videos are noticeably afraid, trying to escape their enclosures and handlers. These animals are being treated terribly all for the sake of human entertainment. This needs to be stopped.

The government of New Zealand has to create new restrictions on rodeos and how they treat the animals in their custody. No animals deserve to be treated this way, and especially not for pure human entertainment.

Sign this petition to make sure New Zealand starts protecting their rodeo animals.


Dear Prime Minister Key,

A rodeo in New Zealand has recently been exposed for beating and electrocuting animals in their care. The rodeo claims that it adheres to the Rodeo Code of Welfare, but they seem to be openly violating it. Last year a committee in your government opted to put no restrictions on rodeos, this even though in 2015 the Ministry for Primary Industries filmed at least seven rodeos breaking the codes which they supposedly follow.

Your government must reform its laws on rodeos, and ban certain activities, if not the practice entirely. Much of the population in your country has already made clear they support a ban on rodeos. Why not support the values of your citizens, instead of supporting this harmful and inhumane industry? Animals are being beaten and degraded every day that these rodeos continue to function how they are.

Use your power to protect the animals in rodeos. Show the population that you support their interests over a select few’s. Force these rodeos to reform their treatment of animals, or shut them down.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Skarabeusz

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  1. It is long past time for humans to mistreat, torment and brutalize animals for their entertainment. Let’s prove that we have indeed matured from the stone ages.

  2. Brenda Denno says:

    It is horrific that these extreme abuses are going on in the rodeos. But there is no such thing as a humane rodeo. Rodeos are ALL ABOUT animal abuse. To stop the abuse you have to ban rodeos COMPLETELY. Let’s face the facts; Rodeos are a form of SADISTIC entertainment.


  4. James Wassili says:

    What b.s. Rodeo animals are taken better care of than common stock. They are treated as athletes. Some people not familiar with rodeo should learn more about it, or go back to their video games.


    • I cannot leave your comment unchallenged. You imply that learning more about rodeos will show that the charge of abuse is nonsense. Actually the opposite is true. ANYBODY can watch videos of rodeos and see for themselves the sickening cruelty involved. There is a ton of info out there proving the SADISTIC nature of this “sport”.

    • Kae Blecha, OTR says:

      Rodeo animals can’t sign consent forms.

    • james wassili’s frontal lobotomy gone bad.

  5. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!!!Please stop this?

  6. Gene Sengstake says:

    Sometimes I think people need to take matters into their own hands – especially when it comes to defending defenseless animals. If each one of us would simply do “something” when directly witnessing some sort of animal cruelty or abuse – that would be a healthy start. Sometimes one simply can’t take the time to think about “possible repercussions” – but simply needs to realize that an animal is in trouble and needs our help – “now” – – –

  7. We should use one of the man that ride and tortured those innocent bullin the ring full of bulls

  8. I thought New Zealand was above that thought of thing, torturing animals for fun. Stop behaving like the Americans you ignorant morons. Shame on you and the pathetic inadequate men with small dicks that have to try and be macho at the expense of animals. A curse on the lot of you cretins.

  9. A curse on the ignorant bastards who go and watch this barbarity and keep it going. THE GREATNESS OF A NATION AND ITS MORAL PROGRESS CAN BE JUDGED BY THE WAY ITS ANIMALS ARE TREATED. Mahatma Gandhi

  10. Wendy Morrison says:

    ALL rodeos need to be BANNED!!!

  11. Just letting the creator of the petition know: the current Prime Minister of NZ is Bill English, not John Key. I’m still signing the petition because rodeo should definitely be banned – maybe the new PM will have a different attitude towards this so-called sport!

  12. Hopefully, the new Prime Minister of NEW ZEALAND and his “probably new decision makers” have more common sense that the old ones. Thanks to this WORLDWIDE PETITION, we are demanding that they ban these abusive rodeos in the name of GREED. Is someone getting a cut ($$$) out of those cruel and abusive “activities??????????????????? Is it a money maker for some people… besides the cowboys???????????????

  13. Stop beating animals, shocking them with electric prods, and other cruel practices allegedly taking place at rodeos.
    Here we go again the sadistic and heartless human species torturing and murdering the innocent purely for greed and the thrill of the kill.
    Eradicate the animal torturing monsters.


  15. When governing bodies fail, activist must step up! Protest! Protest! Protest in any way possible but without violence or vandalism!
    Seems these types have that huge need to conquer, to rule, to control, to be admired – sad that your partners cannot satisfy this need.

  16. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

  17. Stop this now poor animals they get hurt broken bones people are f**cking stupid get a life do something without animals wheres the law

  18. BAN ALL RODEOS IMMEDIATELY. This is entertainment for psychos!!

  19. Kimberly Drudge says:

    My name is Kimberly Drudge. I am blind, and I love animals. I’ve never been to a rodeo, and I never want to go to one. I’ve seen horrific and terrifying videos of horses being shocked with five thousand volts of electricity, tormented with bucking straps, spurs, and i’ve looked up injuries and deaths from Showing Animals Respect and Kindness, SHARK. Please help me stop this cruel act. Thank you. Sincerely, Kim Drudge

  20. There must be something missing in humans brains to allow animals to be tortured and neglected and punished for peoples amusement.

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