Punish Man Accused of Stabbing His Dog With a Kitchen Knife

Target: Michael J. Satz, State Attorney for Broward County, Florida

Goal: Demand that the man who allegedly stabbed his dog with a kitchen knife receive the maximum penalty possible.

A dog was injured after her owner allegedly stabbed her with a kitchen knife. The dog was reportedly locked in a crate when the stabbing occurred. Demand that justice is served for this innocent dog.

A witness to the incident told police the horrifying story. Nala, a Husky, was reportedly locked inside of her crate and barking. Michael O’Brien, Nala’s owner, reportedly became frustrated with Nala’s barking and proceeded to jab at her through the crate with a kitchen knife. Blood allegedly poured from a wound in her front leg and pooled on the bottom of the crate. O’Brien took Nala to an animal hospital but reportedly told the veterinarian that she had run into a glass door.

Nala received treatment and is now in the custody of animal control. O’Brien reportedly admitted to the stabbing. He has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Sign below and demand that the maximum penalty be assigned in this case.


Dear State Attorney Satz,

A dog was reportedly stabbed in the leg, allegedly because she was barking. She suffered considerable blood loss and had to be resuscitated. We demand that justice is served for this innocent dog.

The veterinarian at the LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital became suspicious of O’Brien after his story did not match the dog’s injury. When an anonymous caller contacted the police, an investigation was launched. The caller, a man who was in O’Brien’s apartment at the time of the alleged stabbing, reported that O’Brien had stabbed the dog with a kitchen knife while she was locked in a crate. It was also the witness who convinced O’Brien to get the dog medical care.

This horrific act of abuse cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Heis

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  1. put a lot of bullets in michael o brian now till dead.

  2. Scumbag…. put him in a cage with 4 hungry dogs !!!!

    • Susan Hartley says:

      R u serious?? And give those poor hungry dogs! I think he should have a very SLOW agonizing death AND “accidentally” get stuck with a knife BUT didn’t have the ability to tell anyone!!!

  3. Tara Souther says:

    Huskies bark. They are very vocal. They also love their people. She was probably barking to be let out in order to be with the moron who stabbed her! If you don’t want barking, don’t have a dog.

  4. Lets put him in a cage and do the same thing.. Come on people until there is recourse for these horrific actions no punshisment seems to take place.. Aren’t we all tired of these low lives getting away with a slap on the hand. Laws need to be put in place so that these abusers never see light again.. It could be a human the next time.. Think people… stabbing a dog over barking? What next.. Really put this abuser in jail this is where he belongs.

  5. Wendy Morrison says:

    STAB this stupid idiot while he is locked inside a small cage and render ABSOLUTELY NO MEDICAL ATTENTION!!!!

  6. The law should be as strick as a child, because animals are like a kids. They don’t have a voice to speak. We as their owner need to train and plenty of love toward them. If you don’t have love and passion in your heart, you don’t deserve animals love and their loyalty. Put stupid ass O’Brian in a cage wt a hungry tiger.

  7. He’s an evil sociopath! Throw him in jail force him to pay vet costs. And pleeeez ban him from owning animals for life.
    Hopefully if he goes to jail he’ll get shanked through the bars!

  8. What a f-ing asshole! Hope he sees jail time amongst animal lovers….

  9. michelle mitchell says:

    Death wish for this POS.An eye for an eye!

    • The dog did not die! Why do you wish death for him?
      He shouldn.t be allowed to have animals anymore, and he must get psychiatric treatment, but he didn.t deserve death, he took his dog to a vet, he wanted to save her.

      • I have to agree with your first comment Alina Zagitova. There are lots of very angry venomous outpourings amongst all these posts. I rather think it was the other person who wanted to save the dog however and that person persuaded the abuser to get the dog to the Vet.
        What the abuser needs [psychiatric care is certainly one option], is to spend a couple of days incarcerated with animal loving members of the criminal underworld. Just a couple of days.

      • michelle mitchell says:

        Death is required becaues we don’t want these vile scumbag animal abusing/murdering bastards on our planet.You are obviously NOT an animal advocate!

  10. OMG I love all the above ideas for this worthless piece of filth!!! Well this scumbag’s picture is on facebook. Go check it out. I hope and pray that some dog lover finds him and hurts him but good. He should be made to suffer. Oh, and pretty please, toss a bit of acid into those wounds.

    • I totally agree w/u! See my reply to Anthony’s that I did 2 day… I am sorry that i didn’t think about having battery or sulfuric acid!

  11. If he didn’t have the patience to own a dog who barks, he should never have adopted one. Sounds like an ignorant A-Hole !!!! ~ Would love to see him in prison …. getting stabbed by another inmate.

  12. The one who should have been the most sensitive to Nalla’s barking failed her the most. His only saving grace was taking her to a vet and admitting his crime. Good that Nalla has been taken away from him. A nice long jail sentence and an enforceable restriction against ever having another animal regardless of species would be a good beginning. Anger management should be required so he doesn’t take out his anger on an innocent person,too.

  13. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Rot in hell u piece of sh!t scum❗?
    Signed & shared ?

  14. Stab that bastard till he dies banned owning animals for life lock him in a cage for good see how he feels. needs jail . Why do people get animals needs a law on owning animals owning a animals need to be on an animal register.hope it happens to him give him to the public all people that do animal cruelty should have there name address of him on social media

  15. Lilian Caughlin says:

    He could have made so many choices that would have served both him and the dog but he chose to be cruel. Needs to be either jailed and/or fined. Personal choice would be to throw him into the ocean for fish bait. It’s past due to make all animal cruelty a felony with high penalties.

  16. Christine Jones says:

    I am concerned at the number of petitions calling for the “maximum penalty”. This person lost his temper and did something awful, but he did take the dog for treatment, the dog recovered, and he was arrested. That is nothing like the other cases we see where animals have been cruelly tortured, starved, skinned, burned alive, and all the other ghastly things that people do. If we don’t want ForceChange to be ignored like the boy who cried wolf, we need to pick our battles and word our petitions carefully.

  17. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — We must ensure that the idiot O’Brien, animal abuser, stay away from animals & NEVER adopt again — O’Brien’s cruelty & depraved indifference to the dog Nala, is telling of an irrational, hateful human WHO should NOT own any animals EVER — CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — we must NOT be lax with idiots like O’Brien — REMEMBER, we do NOT want repeats of these crimes! — In addition, ensure Nala finds a loving home.

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