Don’t Criminalize Abortions

Target: State Rep. Tony Tinderholt

Goal: Stop bill that would completely ban and criminalize abortion.

Abortion at any stage of pregnancy could be banned and women and healthcare providers involved in it could be charged with murder, should a bill proposed by a Republican state representative in Texas be passed into law This policy is a sickening attack on women and the providers who help them make a personal choice about their body. Demand this representative withdraw the bill and stop his war on women.

Rep. Tony Tinderholt said his proposed bill would make women “more personally responsible” for their sexual behavior and what they do with their bodies because they wouldn’t have abortion as an option. The bill, titled the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act, has no exceptions for rape or incest, with Tinderholt’s justification being that there shouldn’t be exceptions for “murder.”

Roe v. Wade made it so that women have a right to a safe and legal abortion, so criminalizing abortion would be unconstitutional. Restrictions that would have made it more difficult for women to access safe abortions in Texas were struck down just last year.

This severe policy will increase unsafe abortions and unjustly punish women and providers. Demand this representative withdraw this bill.


Dear Rep. Tinderholt,

You recently proposed an unconstitutional bill that would increase unsafe, illegal abortions and is unjustified in trying to punish women for practicing bodily autonomy. This is an extreme bill that has no place becoming law and will only exacerbate any current problems around sexual health and pregnancy in Texas.

I demand you withdraw this vicious bill and work to protect women’s rights rather than take them away.


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  1. Mid-century, here we come again?! What kind of a regressive “witch hunt” IS this utter nonsense?

    Listen up bubbas, if ANYONE needs to be made “more personally responsible” for their sexual behavior, it’s MEN!! In that case, the plethora of men who cheat on their wives and end up impregnating their affair partners ought to have their peckers cut off! After all, why should THEY have more rights to their own bodies than women do?

    The male gender is obviously NOT in any way better, if they’re so clearly terrified of women being treated with due respect, allowed their INHERENT right to choose, or to hold power over their own bodies. You jerks better smarten up and BACK OFF of women’s rights.

    But if this is how you want to play it, I suggest we introduce federal law that requires all males over age 13 to undergo forced vasectomies. Let’s stop the breeding of any more males who may grow up to be in FAVOR of oppression over the female gender WHO BORE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE! Seriously, how DARE you??!!!

  2. I do not believe in abortion.

  3. Why must women be more responsible for their sexual actions? What actions does he propose be put in place for men to ensure they will stick around and provide for the child? What about the care this child would need if they’re put into the system, because a low income woman can’t afford to take care of a baby that her state forced her to have? This bill is punishing women for embracing their sexuality, which has only recently become more socially acceptable. It is a fetus, not a child. You want to protect human rights? Then start protecting women’s rights to their reproductive choices instead of forcing your religious beliefs onto them and their bodies.

  4. Brenda Denno says:

    Fetus is a Latin word meaning the equivalent of “baby” in English.
    I am against abortion. I know this is a hot topic, but please hear me out . I am not religious, I am an agnostic. No religious figure is telling me what to think. I ask people that if you are going to talk about abortion, that you will please first learn about it – research it yourself. Find out what abortion is, what types of abortion there are, what actually happens to the woman, what happens to the “fetus”, possible complications, etc. Please educate yourself. Planned Parenthood will not tell you to do this. Find out the truths about abortion – then you can make your own decision based upon the facts. Thank you.

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