Cancel Cruel Circus Show

Target: Jim McCue, Senior Vice President of Entertainment for SMG

Goal: Cancel plans with cruel circus show.

The Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center in Florida is planning on hosting the infamously cruel UniverSoul Circus. UniverSoul has worked with numerous animal exhibitors who have allegedly neglected and abused their animals. Some even have citations with the USDA.

Animals held in captivity suffer mentally and physically. It typically leads to shorter life spans and causes increased stress in the animals. UniverSoul currently works with a big cat exhibitor who has admitted to keeping his animals in their cages for 24 hours a day up to seven days a week. In addition, animals have escaped from UniverSoul multiple times, putting both the community and the animals in danger.

Sign this petition to demand the venue cancel its plans with UniverSoul Circus. This circus not only lacks respect for its animals but is also hugely irresponsible.


Dear Mr. McCue,

Your convention center is planning on hosting the UniverSoul circus, which is notorious for its alleged abuse and neglect. Many of the circus’ exhibitors even have citations with the USDA.

UniverSoul currently works with a big cat exhibitor who has admitted to keeping his animals in cages for 24 hours a day up to seven days a week. In addition, animals have escaped from UniverSoul on several occasions, putting the community and the animals in danger.

Animals held in captivity suffer mentally and physically. It often leads to shorter life spans and increased stress in the animals. No animal should suffer for human entertainment. Please consider canceling your plans with this cruel circus.


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  1. annie vallet says:


  2. These cretins who put on this show should be PLACED IN CAGES 24/7 FOR A YEAR!!!! All of the animals should be freed to a good sanctuary!!!

  3. Worst group of people I’ve ever seen running a stupid show abusing animals for money! Sick sick sick please if you have any compassion stop this traveling horror show! What sane adult takes kids to see this! Always hated the circus you can feel the sorrow and sadness and desperation of the animals tortured there

    • Irígyellek,,hogy eredetiben is láthattad ezeket a képeket.Nekem azadatott meg,hogy Párizsban az akkor még létezÅ‘ Impresszionisták Múzeumában a lépcsÅ‘n felfele menvén/kellemes "testhezálló "kis múzeum vol/-,mindjárt jónéhány Van Gogh képet láthattunk.Nekem Å‘ a nagy keosÃnc!Bale¡zsdlávhoz nagyon szép verset találtál.Református lévén az ilyen"hamus" dolgok engem nem értek.Úgy tudom a múzeumot az Orzcy múzeumanyagához tették át.

  4. Have you nothing sensible and informative to do in your conference centre? What sort of conference is watching wretched, abused creatures being forced to do humiliating acts which are quite foreign to them? I would be sorry for you if I didn’t despise you. Backward monsters!

    • Deft DÄ—la tame, jog joks ISP tau uždykÄ… neconfigins routerio, jei jis nÄ—ra jų parduotas, ir tai for free butų tik jei katik nupirko ir pajingunÄ—ja, sedÄ—jau teo, portų forwardinimas juridiniam asmeniui 50lt tai kÄ… kalbÄ—s apie didesnius konfigus? O dÄ—l nustatymų kokių tau nustatymų reikia iš TEO? ko jie tau neduoda? O dÄ—l to supporto kur sÄ—di prie ragelio, tai tu teisus, ten lamų lamos arba blondinÄ—s.

    • I agree, and today’s essay addresses that.The point of conservatism is not what is minimally functional in the short term, but what works well.Our goal is to find the beauty, joy, truth, wisdom, glory, honor, passion and reverence in life, and intensify it.We are the ultimate hedonists. More than those who are content to inundate themselves in drugs and drink, we want life itself to be a source of incomparable pleasure.And why not? The future is in our hands.

  5. A cancer curse on the lot of them and the ignorant people who pay to see this barbarity and keep this disgusting practice alive.

  6. Brenda Denno says:

    Please do not host UniverSoul Circus! They are known for being neglectful and cruel to their animals. ALL circuses with animals abuse them in various ways, from keeping them caged in small cages for long periods of time, to torturing elephants with bullhooks to make them perform, and much more. More and more people are disgusted at how circus animals are treated and DON’T WANT to see animals in a circus.

  7. i hate and always have hated circuses, to think that beautiful creatures have to behave like idiots and are ill treated tortured just to do stupid tricks for the people who are as bad just to pay money to see these wonderful animals acting like they are enjoying themselves. yes right, they are not looked after or treated well. it should have been stopped years ago.


    Stop & pursue this criminal rabble and this deformity  –  instantly!



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