Require Genetically Modified Foods to be Labeled

Target: Vermont House of Representatives

Goal: Require all genetically modified food to be properly labeled.

Consumers are unknowingly consuming food containing genetically modified organisms because there are no regulations requiring such food to be labeled. A recent bill introduced in the Vermont House of Representatives would require all genetically modified food to be labeled and would prohibit genetically modified food from being labeled as natural. Over 70% of all processed foods contain genetically modified organisms. Many fruits and vegetables are genetically engineered including corn, soy beans, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet peppers, bananas, strawberries, zucchini and pineapples. There is no way to determine whether a food has been genetically modified unless it is labeled as such.

Genetically engineered plants have their DNA modified in a laboratory to incorporate desirable traits. Plants may be modified to be more nutritious or to be resistant to herbicides, pests, or disease. For example genetically modified corn was designed to be pest resistant through the incorporation of bacterial genes into its DNA. Insufficient research has been conducted to determine the effects of these modifications on the plants, environment, and human health.

The long term effects on human health from consumption of genetically modified food have not been adequately studied. Several studies have suggested that genetically modified food might result in allergies, impairment of the immune system, or damage to organs. Furthermore consumption of genetically modified food may result in exposure to pesticides since some genetically modified organisms are engineered to produce pesticides. Another concern with genetically modified food is the transfer of genes from the food to bacteria in the human intestinal track and possibly into human cells. Ultimately long term studies should be conducted to definitively determine the health risks associated with eating genetically modified food. Until such research is conducted, people should be able to choose whether or not they consume genetically modified food.

By signing the petition below you will help urge the Vermont legislature to pass a bill protecting consumer choice by requiring genetically modified foods to be labeled.


Dear Vermont House of Representatives,

People unknowingly consume genetically modified food due to lack of labeling. However, the Vermont Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act would protect consumer choice by requiring genetically modified food to be labeled. There is plethora of genetically modified food on the market. Over 70% of processed foods contain genetically engineered organisms. Additionally many fruits and vegetables are genetically modified such as corn, soybeans, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, and sweet peppers. There is no way to differentiate among genetically engineered food and food that has not been genetically modified other than labeling.

There is a lack of long term research into the health effects of ingesting genetically modified food. Studies have suggested that genetically modified food can result in allergies or impairment of the immune system or organ damage. Humans may be exposed to pesticides through consumption of food that has been genetically modified to produce pesticides. The Food and Drug Administration does not require safety testing before genetically modified foods are made available to consumers. Until the long term health risks associated with eating genetically modified foods are better understood, consumers should have the ability to decide for themselves whether to consume genetically modified food or not.

I urge you to protect consumer choice by supporting the Vermont Right to Know Genetically Modified Food Act.


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  1. Audrey Franklin says:

    Other countries are condemning GMO foods and the planting of genetically modified seed but this country listens only to the rustle of $ and does not care about the health, welfare and future of its children

  2. If your gmo crap is so healthy and good for Us, then why are you so TERRIFIED and SCARED TO DEATH to put “gmo” on the labels of the abomination you call food? We’re on to you, kiddies! NO SALE!!! Keep your poison and EAT IT YOURSELF! We’ll dance at your funeral.

  3. Please accept my signature as a Vermonter – until 4 years ago I had lived there most of my life. I am NY now but have friends and family in the state and am still very much involved with what happens there!

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