Protect Great Apes from Gruesome Body Part Trafficking

Target: Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon

Goal: Protect Cameroon’s great apes from body part trafficking by implementing harsher penalties for traffickers and poachers.

Body part trafficking is one of the latest obstacles in the fight to save the world’s great apes from extinction. Despite promising increases in populations in recent years, a sudden uptick in the demand for great ape body parts is threatening multiple great ape species. The demand is fueled by the body parts’ supposed medicinal value in some African and Asian cultures as well as their value to trophy hunters in the western world.

Once believed to be an uncommon practice, great ape body part trafficking is booming, particularly in Western Africa where most great ape populations are found. While it is hard for wildlife protection agencies to gauge the exact number of apes being poached, it is clear that the trafficking is thriving. In Cameroon alone, over 200 ape skulls were seized from traffickers over the course of two years.

Left unchecked, the combined threat of poaching, trafficking, and habitat loss could wipe great apes off the face of the earth within our lifetime. Ask that the President of Cameroon do his part to prevent the loss of precious great ape species by imposing stricter enforcement of anti-poaching policies and harsher penalties for perpetrators.


Dear President Biya,

The world’s great apes are in grave danger, and Cameroon has the potential to help them. The trafficking of great ape body parts in Western Africa, particularly Cameroon, is the latest trend posing a serious threat to great ape populations.

More needs to be done to protect these precious animals from extinction. Please do your part to take a stance against great ape body part trafficking by implementing harsher penalties for illegal poachers and traffickers.


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Photo credit: owenbooth

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  1. Lilian Caughlin says:

    if those body parts were to be spiked where all their di### would fall off it would come to a screeching halt.
    We the animal loving people are way too nice.

    • Linda Amundson says:

      You’re so right, Lilian.

    • Love your idea.
      I think we should start a rumour that those who catch and murder these apes have been infected with an aphrodisiac.
      Then maybe they would be hunted down and killed for their body parts. See how they like it.
      Am a vegetarian but think I could make an exception to eat a poacher’s penis – toasted.

  2. Linda Amundson says:

    Protect these great apes. What’ll you do when they’re all gone? Besides, the real magical medicine is in the HUMAN male penis. But it must be severed from the body to work…

  3. I am absolutely sickened by the atrocities being committed against the Great Apes and all the Wildlife especially in Africa.
    The demand is fuelled by the body parts’ supposed medicinal value in some African and Asian cultures as well as their value to trophy hunters in the western world.
    It is about time these wildlife animal murderers were caught and put to death for there deliberate murdering, poaching and the vile and evil African and Asian countries for their supposedly false medicinal claims and the vile and evil Western World where the heartless trophy hunters kill for enjoyment.
    If these animal murderers were put to death this vile and evil trade of the innocent wildlife and animal parts would cease.
    The eradication of these wildlife murderers must be introduced.
    This would hopefully stop the money hungry and animal torturing monsters.
    This is pure evilness and the vilest of sadism committed against the innocent.

  4. Another sickening atrocity inflicted on innocent animals by so-called human beings! Shame on the disgraceful people who do this! It must be stopped NOW!

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared ?

  6. Cruel bastards stop now

  7. I don’t call them “humans”. I call them subhuman demonic refuse. The scale of pain they inflicted upon an animal that did nothing to deserve it disturbs me to no end. That picture keeps running in my mind since I saw it and makes me livid.

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