Demand Stronger Animal Cruelty Laws After Cat Burned to Death

Target: Eric J. Holcomb, Governor of Indiana

Goal: Require stricter punishments for animal abuse offenders in Indiana.

An Indiana teen allegedly brutally injured a cat and faces up to just three and a half years in jail. Noah Riley confessed to kidnapping and tying up a cat that he then reportedly poured gasoline over and set on fire. The 19-year-old was charged with two counts of animal cruelty but animal rights activists in Montgomery County don’t believe the pending punishment is enough.

Noah’s victim was named Phoenix because she initially survived the abuse, though she has since passed away. The teen said he made his decision to harm the cat after seeing posts about her on social media. Three years and some fees is not an adequate punishment for an act so heinous. Noah deserves more time in jail for his alleged crimes, but the law won’t allow it. In addition to adding more time to sentences, Indiana should also make those who abuse animals put their names on a registry and ban them from working with or owning an animal ever again. Demand that Indiana lawmakers pass stricter animal cruelty legislation.


Dear Governor Holcomb,

Recent news of a cat, Phoenix, that was burned to death in Montgomery County has sparked renewed interest in stronger protections for the rights of animals. The 19-year-old who allegedly committed the abuse only faces up to three and a half years in jail on top of thousands of dollars of fees. Acts as immoral as this must receive a greater punishment in order to dissuade abusers.

Law should mandate that the man who set fire to Phoenix receive a harsher punishment, and all animal abuse offenders should be required to place their names on a registry and be banned from owning or working with animals ever again. I demand that you work to pass stricter animal cruelty laws in Indiana.


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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Until every Animal Abuse Case is judged on the exact same Laws for those abuses carried out to a small child, these perpetrators will continue to abuse.
    It is proven that they will move on from animals to child and spousal abuse.
    So stop them now!
    No new Laws need to be implemented as the Children’s Abuse Legislation Laws are already set in place.
    Please save all species by going this way and perhaps your child or grandchildren will be safe.

  2. Jail this sick sadistic criminal for as long as possible, two years is nothing for such a horrific crime. If the DA wants to easy on this criminal let them keep this trash at their home!! I dot want to run into this sicko on the street unaware that are a violent predator. Keep this violent criminal out of my community PLEASE!

  3. Laurie Miskell says:

    There is a special place in Hell for those who abuse children and animals. Karma is a BITCH and it ALWAYS comes back…

  4. I hope this piece of shit gets a new asshole in prison! Hope he gets raped every day he is there.

  5. the IDA put INdiana high on the list for animal welfare laws.. please stay true to that ranking and prosecute this creep.

  6. Susan Baker says:

    I hope person gets life in prison or is sentence never own or be near a dog, cat, any other animal for the rest their lives.


  8. Geri Wiltshire says:

    Can you imagine the excruciating pain that baby suffered. It is unthinkable that anyone could torture a living animal or person by burning them alive?? Until our laws are stronger against these horrendous acts of cruelty, they will continue. Unfortunately these predators not only torture animals, but in many cases they graduate to the same cruel acts on humans. Please help strengthen the laws against these unthinkable acts of torture perpetrated on these helpless animals. Thank you

  9. I felt bad for that cat. That poor animal doesn’t deserve to die. If I own animals; I rather take responsibility. For example; say if I owned a cat; I rather take care of it,–just like raising children in your family. Burning that cat is cruelty. If I had animals; I’ll never do it. Why don’t they sentence this man to 10 or more years in prison, or a $200,000 fine per count of animal cruelty,–or ban him from owning or working with animals for 10 or more years.

  10. I hope this being gets the justice it deserves..Everyday!

  11. Kill the sick sadistic demented vile fuck he’s only going to do it again knowing he’s getting off easy this is barbaric that u let these sadustic demented fucks of so easy and will do it again there needs to be stricter laws against these demented fucks and put there names in a restistury to not be allowed around or own any animal ever again STOP LETTING THEM OFF SO EASY how the fuck are they going to learn if u keep letting them walk ??????????

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