Don’t Make Solar and Wind Energy Illegal

Target: Matt Mead, Governor of Wyoming

Goal: Veto bill seeking to outlaw large scale solar and wind power developments.

In Wyoming, a new law may ban energy utilities from using renewable energy resources such as wind and solar power to generate electricity. If this bill passes, utilities using energy generated by solar or wind power plants would face steep fines. Wyoming is the largest producer of coal in America, the fourth largest producer of natural gas and the eighth largest producer of crude oil. The state currently derives over 90 percent of its energy from coal. Of the nine legislators sponsoring the bill, most are from the state’s coal-producing counties and are climate change deniers. We must act now to protect solar and wind energy in the state.

This bill undermines any attempts to shift to renewable energy resources in Wyoming, a state with largely untapped wind and solar energy potential. It would also block Wyoming energy users from benefiting from the Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project, the largest wind farm currently under construction in America. Furthermore, the passage of this law may well spur new investment in coal, causing an unsustainable energy model in Wyoming for decades to come. Sign our petition and demand that the Governor of Wyoming publicly commit to vetoing the bill.


Dear Governor Mead,

I was alarmed to hear of a law advanced in the Wyoming House of Representatives that would levy steep fines against energy utilities providing energy through renewable resources such as solar and wind power. Wyoming has one of the largest untapped wind energy generation potentials in America, and yet this bill would deny residents of Wyoming the economic benefits of wind development in terms of cheaper, cleaner energy and safer, healthier jobs.

Furthermore, fossil fuels are a significant driver of global climate change and, under America’s commitments under the Paris Agreement, the U.S. has committed to limit warming to under 2 degrees centigrade. Any impediment to the development of clean power undermines these efforts. I urge you to commit to vetoing any measure that would undermine the development of clean, renewable energy in Wyoming.


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Photo Credit: Steve Ralston

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  1. BUT the wind energy format MUST be changed so that so many birds do not die, as they are now, from these.

    I understand there is a way to do this….it must be mandated!

    • Seriously? What about the untold birds and other wildlife dying from fossil fuel pollution ? Inept oil industry PR

      • Brenda Denno says:

        I don’t think Lajeanne is against wind energy, just saying that it needs to be designed so that it’s not killing birds. A legitimate concern, as many birds and bats are being killed this way.

        • Nicola Andrew says:

          There is little indication that birds or bats are affected. Do you have access to research that gives figures? Don’t rely on myths and guess work. I GUARANTEE that birds and bats are dying because of fossil fuels.
          Wind turbines kill between 214,000 and 368,000 birds annually — a small fraction compared with the estimated 6.8 million fatalities from collisions with cell and radio towers and the 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion deaths from cats, according to the peer-reviewed study by two federal scientists and environmentalists.

          • Brenda Denno says:

            Thanks for the info. There are clearly many ways in which birds are being massively killed. Regarding the wind turbines, if we want much more of this type of energy, the bird and bat deaths will drastically increase along with them unless they are designed to be safe for them.

          • Not to mention untold numbers of birds shot by the size challenged gun nuts, along with everything else in their path….brendaor Lejeanne simply raised a strawman with their ‘ concern ‘

        • Its great that you can verify what her thoughts are…..but again, damage to wildlife from fossil fuels dwarfs any concerns she raised about the alternatives

          • Brenda Denno says:

            I agree that AT PRESENT, the number of bird deaths by hunters, fossil fuels etc. is exponentially greater than from wind turbines. But my point is, that if what we want to happen – many MORE wind turbines throughout the world to replace the use of fossil fuels – the bird and bat deaths will THEN become a huge problem unless they are built with safety features. It is not a straw man. It is a legitimate concern that needs to be addressed.

        • It’s ONLY really a concern for people who covertly raise the ‘big bad green energy’ straw-man by professing ‘concern’ over birds…..if we were to seriously apply your logic ‘brenda’, then every single tall building on this planet would be demolished, as many birds are killed by collisions with them….but we know it’s really the alternative energy concept itself that’s got your beef.

          • Brenda Denno says:

            Calm down. Your accusations are not true. You don’t know me. I’m all for alternative energy but I confess I’m fairly new to all this so excuse my ignorance. Still, do you have a good reason not to make wind turbines safe for birds?

          • I don’t know you, “Brenda Denno’, as much as that’s a situation of no despair, what I do know is that there is currently a Big Oil led ‘backlash’ against alternative energy sources, which is not surprising…..and it is so easy for vested interests to not come clean about their true agenda, instead masking it as concern for wildlife.

    • Humans kill bird way more than wind farms. Look it up, they are seen as pests and are allowed to be poisoned and shot in most states. In NY they actually kill birds because of an incident of them causing a plane crash.

  2. Angela Rabon says:

    Wind and solar is superior to oil, which will kill all forms of life if there is a spill and those happen more often than you know. The fracking and transportation process is equally as dangerous. We must move away from fossil fuel sources as much as possible. Alternative energy is cheaper, too. There are several countries ahead of us when it comes to alternative sources. Chile has so much solar energy stored, they are freely giving it to other countries that are in need of electricity. That is the position the U.S. should be in, but the incoming administration, and the Republicans, are heavily invested in fossil fuels. That is why they want to go back to drilling for oil.

    • And that is the sad truth. Because decision makers have their own money invested in the fossil fuels, either directly or indirectly (major campaign supporters), they are not willing to change.

  3. We seem to be living in a lethal “protection racket’ society, where the interests of a reptilian minority take precedence over the majority AND the environment

  4. Instead of making wind power illegal, or in any way imposing any type fine against those that choose to reduce pollution and preserve our natural recoursespecially, they should, instead, be rewarded in some way for their efforts!!
    Pamela Justice

  5. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Portugal, Bonaire, Costa Rica, and Iceland are all running several days to months at a time on neutral carbon emission! Many other countries have their entire massive rail systems on renewable energy, and Las Vegas has all its local commodities running on renewable as well. Why on earth would this lot in Wyoming want to continue to pollute their citizens and kill off the inhabitants of this planet? If it is all about the money, then they had better start learning to like the taste of it now, because that is all there will be left to eat… So foolish.

  6. It’s all money and greed. That’s why.

  7. Lauren Haby says:

    In what world does it make sense to make it impossible or even more difficult to utilize clean energy? Doing so is in direct opposition to the idea of life itself.

    The people proposing the idea are in it for the money, obviously, but they don’t seem to understand the consequences of that paycheck. Rich or poor, we all breathe the same air. Our water comes from the same sources. We look out our windows and, although our immediate views may be different, it’s the same world we look upon.

    Doing anything to further prevent clean and efficient energy is like killing yourself one small step at a time. Your money will matter very little when you realize it can’t be thrown at a polluted planet in order to save it.

  8. A willingness to admit to climate change, is the first step, in the realizion for change. Then the right change is necessary, to affect all of us, in the proper manner, shared responsibly among all of us.

  9. Heather Brophy says:

    Drill baby drill, Burn baby burn, Earth gone as we know it!

  10. Daniela Bress says:

    Intelligent, far-sighted, civilized, superior?

    Well, what comes to MY mind everytime the human species is involved:

    greedy, destructive, short-sighted, megalomaniac, callous, stupid, self-exterminating – in short: ecologically and ethically worthless!

  11. Leaders lacking intelligence is insulting to voters, and should be considered a criminal offence!

  12. Some of this ant-wind turbine rhetoric found online, besides being so much wind, smacks of a covert fossil fuel industry lobby……..using poor ill informed sods paying astronomically overcharged gas/oil bills to ‘hit the streets’ and protest alternative energy…..making it look like Big Oil is on the side of Joe Sixpack…….amazing how big business can sabotage pollution industry alternatives with incincere cries of “Big Government !’ and turbines ruining beautiful scenery….sheeple will believe them…..and of course Trump peddles this ‘big bad green’ idea.

  13. Seriously??? Is this for real?!? What a bunch of f#cking redneck hill-billys to even dream up such a ridiculously retarded ‘law’!!! Trust America LOL -_-
    & While I’m at it – F#ck Trump and the Idiots who voted for him!

  14. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    it doesnt matter which weapons to kill birds but just have trees and/or solar power now!

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