Justice for Cat Hog-Tied, Set on Fire, and Thrown From Window

Target: Joseph Buser, Montgomery County Prosecutor

Goal: Seek the maximum penalty possible for man who reportedly hog-tied a cat, set her on fire, then tossed her from a car window.

A man allegedly hog-tied all four feet of a live cat, then doused her in gasoline and set her on fire. An M-80 explosive was also attached to the rope that bound her. After being set on fire, the helpless cat was then tossed from a car window and left to suffer in the most horrifying way imaginable. Steve Wright, a witness, was reportedly looking out the window when he saw a a burst of fire flying about six feet into the air followed by the sound of a cat screeching in pain. The vehicle sped away, and the cat miraculously began trying to move. Veterinarians said the cat had severe burns around her mouth, nose and ears, and they’re concerned about damage to her lungs. Whether the poor animal will survive or not still isn’t clear.

Noah Riley, a 19-year-old man, was arrested for the disturbing crime, and has been charged with cruelty to an animal and abandoning and neglecting an animal. It’s clear that this crime was spurred by pure evil and malice. Setting a live animal on fire is bad enough, but to also include an explosive indicates that the person who did this wanted to create as much suffering and damage as possible. This is a sadistic act of cruelty inflicted upon a small, helpless, and harmless creature. It’s exactly the kind of animal cruelty that’s common among people who have the tendencies of a mass murderer. It’s up to us to help make sure that this innocent cat is given justice, and to demand that other creatures be protected from the alleged monster who did this.

Please sign this petition to demand that the person proven to be guilty of this crime be punished to the fullest extent the law allows, and banned from ever owning animals in the future.


Dear Mr. Buser,

A man allegedly hog-tied a cat, doused her in gasoline, and then set her on fire. The helpless cat was then tossed from a car window where she was found by witnesses.

This disturbing act of sadistic cruelty against a helpless, harmless animal is indicative of a highly dangerous person. We’re calling on you to bring this poor cat justice, and protect the rest of society from a possibly dangerous person by seeking the maximum possible penalty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Celeste Lindell

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  1. Please send this scumbag to jail. No bail allowed. This is the least he deserves. Although the perfect punishment will be to set him on fire.

  2. The cat died from her injuries – despite intense efforts to save her.

  3. masayuki tanaka says:

    burn this parasite alive!!

    • Noah Riley I put a cancer curse on you may your ugly body be riddled with tumors and you suffer in agony.This cretin must be publicly hanged. It’s time a Law was brought in that punishment will fit the crime. It’s the only deterrent. Pity the Law makers haven’t the guts.

  4. This demon needs to be burned too.

  5. People who are capable of this sort of torture and unmitigated meanness, and who are so lacking in empathy and compassion, should be removed from society for a very long time. Punishment for animal abuse must be made much more severe than it is now or freaks like the man who brutalized this poor cat will continue to victimize any vulnerable living creature they can dominate – human or animal.

  6. I would be happy to toss the match to set this little prick on fire. His parents must be super proud of the little parasite they have raised. Future serial killer, absolutely! Wish we could just give him a shot and put him to sleep, but that would be far too Humane. He deserves at LEAST the equal pain that he has caused this precious kitty. I’d be glad to snip his penis off before I set him on fire. Am I beyond angry, you bet your ass.

  7. Lisa Fernandez says:

    Sociopaths and serial killers torture and kill animals. This monster needs to be put away before he graduates to humans.

  8. Susanne van der Velden says:

    Do the same with the bastard!Hope he died very long and painful!!

  9. Denise Jones says:

    Little bastard do the same to him if my kids had done that I would have battered them

  10. Unfortunately, this awful guy will not receive harsh punishment. There need to be nationwide laws with stiff punishment for anyone who harms animals. That goes for those who are involved in the vulgar, inhumane practice of puppy mills! Puppy mills are a booming business and they have lobbyists to protect them!

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time to fck this p. o. s. up already❗?
    Signed & shared ?

  12. Burn that bastard alive.

  13. What is this pathetic POS doing in society…
    So he can do it again??
    Maybe next time it will be YOUR pet or child…

  14. May he suffer hell on earth and hell for all eternity!

  15. Abusing animals = future murderers. Why wait until they kill? Jail them for the rest of their useless life!

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