Tell Trump Americans Still Want to See His Tax Returns

Target: Donald Trump, President-elect of the United States

Goal: Immediately release tax returns to prove no business dealings in Russia.

Donald Trump has been publicly asked once again if he will release his tax returns by a reporter at the first news conference the President-elect has given since his victory. He claimed that he could not because they were still under audit and that Americans are no longer interested in hearing about them anyway because he won. In asking the question, the reporter implied that Trump’s tax returns would prove whether or not he has business deals with Russia, certainly serving to increase the interest of the American people.

All former, living presidents released their tax returns before assuming office, and both tax lawyers and the IRS have said that an audit does not prevent him from making the returns public. Numerous polls show that citizens are very interested in seeing Trump’s tax returns in order to understand how much and where he makes his money. Sign this petition to remind Trump that America is still waiting for him to release his tax returns.


Dear President-elect Trump,

At your news conference where you had someone detail all the ways in which you will be divesting from your companies, you shoved aside a pertinent question asked by a reporter: When will you be releasing your tax returns?

Originally, you promised to release them if you ran for office, and now that you have been elected, it is only right for you to comply with this tradition of transparency. Maybe you could prove once and for all that you don’t have business holdings in Russia. I demand that you release your tax returns before assuming office.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Anne Moeller says:

    Mr. Trump- if you have nothing to hide then show us the tax returns!!!

  2. Why does anyone care? Seriously!? Obviously a lot don’t as they voted for him. Petitions are for worthy causes. Not because you are nosey bastards. Get a life. Knowing how much money he has etc doesn’t affect his ability to govern. Bet you supported Hillary. Ho hum….

  3. No “we” do not. I want to see 33,000 emails…

  4. I care as because he won’t I think he is hiding something. Scumbag.

  5. Brenda Denno says:

    Trump’s excuses are pathetic. His excuses show what a con man he is.

  6. Ginger Neimo says:

    Only time will tell whether Mr Trump has helped the country. Lets remember only a few presidents were squeaky clean. Many had something to hide.

  7. Rosa Borisova says:

    TrAmp is nothing but a “scumbag” … I agree 100% with Ms. Gigi M. The U.S. voting system…is outrageous… year no one is saying or doing anything about it. They say you get what you deserve. The “president elect” doesn’t even deserve to take care of flock of sheep. Stupid, greedy, arrogant and greedy individuals like him are sadly in “fashion”. I guess, it must get worst in order to get better … if ever. In the hands of evil there’s no end to misery, lies, manipulations, suffering, accusations, racism, discrimination, hunger and self destruction. Trump is the biggest clown ever.

  8. Look at the petitions here: unbearable animal cruelty and environmental destruction, among others. These are issues worth fight against; instead we are fighting each other over Trump’s tax returns even after the election, squandering our passion in vituperative name-calling and hysterical fear-mongering while truly evil people get away with horrific deeds because we are distracted with hating each other. I will not sign this petition.

  9. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    alright evil trump youre a nazi and youre nothing but trouble!

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