Release Bears Cruelly Trapped in Concrete Pit

Target: Tim Williams, Roswell, New Mexico Parks and Recreation Director

Goal: Retire the two bears at Spring River Park & Zoo to an accredited sanctuary.

Spring River Park & Zoo is a roadside zoo in New Mexico that has confined and allegedly neglected its two bears for much too long. The two bears, Sierra and Ursula, are trapped in a concrete pit with little to no stimulation. The lack of stimulation leads to excessive stress in the bears, and they are often seen pacing back and forth. We must take action now to save these innocent bears.

The bears allegedly live in neglect and filth. Their small pools of water are reportedly riddled with algae and smell terrible. In addition, the concrete pits can lead to many health problems in the bears including arthritis and damage to their sensitive paws.

Sign this petition and demand that Spring River Park & Zoo retire its bears to an accredited sanctuary. It is time these bears experience the happy life they deserve.


Dear Mr. Williams,

Spring River Park & Zoo currently holds two bears in a barren concrete pit, and it is time for these animals to be retired to an accredited sanctuary where they can live the life they deserve.

Sierra and Ursula, the two bears at the zoo, are often seen pacing back and forth, a stress indicator, due to the lack of stimulation. Their pools are allegedly filled with algae and give off a horrible smell. In addition, the concrete can cause injury to these animals. The constant contact with the concrete puts extreme pressure on their joints and can damage their sensitive paws.

It is time Sierra and Ursula are brought to a sanctuary where they can feel grass underneath their feet, play with other bear friends and roam freely. The animal rights organization PETA has offered to help with the move at no cost to the city. It is time you accept this generous offer and let Sierra and Ursula finally live the life nature intended.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: N_Steffens

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  2. Mexico again. Unfeeling and uncaring. Do the right thing this time and release these unfortunate, abused creatures to a life worth living. Have you no anti-cruelty laws or are they just ignored. Mexico, it seems , has a reputation for unthinking (or deliberate) cruelty. Prove this to be wrong!!!

    • Marcia Hale says:

      The bears are not in MEXICO…they are in NEW MEXICO which in the USA, which also allows cruelty to run rampant, particularly in the Western US where animal welfare laws are nonexistent.

  3. Linda Cummings says:

    How on earth are these bears surviving in the miserable heat of summer there? And why would anyone have an once of heart want to treat these smart animals this way. I really want to hear from them. I really want to know what the hell is wrong with you? If there is justice you will spend eternity pacing a concrete pit in hell. Because that is exactly what you have done to these bears.

  4. do you NOT have any protection for animals in your backward country? Stop this obscenity now it is CRUELTY!! Look the word up in the dictionary. Retire these poor abused bears to a proper and loving sanctuary.

  5. “Il nazismo non è affatto un momento storico, ma una dimensione immortale dell’uomo, e lo prova il fatto che, mancando le occasioni di esercitare il proprio potere su uomini inermi, lo si esercita a freddo sui figli inermi della natura”, da Anna Maria Ortese, “Le Piccole Persone”

  6. Mexico is another country where there are many low life Animal abusers live. Shamelessly they still practice the barbaric era bull fights, cock fights,bear dancers you name every backward morons actions are still exist. When are you pathetic evil, no- brainer actions would be stopped and look in to a brighter civilization.

    Controlling and imprisoning the defenseless animals means you people are still the stone age Barbarians. Not belong in this modern world to fit with modern civilization. You filthy morons need to wake up and release these 2 poor Bears to a appropriate Sanctuary to live their lives as BEARS. And NOT as the SLAVES…

    • Marcia Hale says:

      OMG people NEW Mexico is a state in the USA! The petition is going to NEW Mexico, not the country of Mexico. Doesn’t excuse the condition these bears are in, but please stop pointing a finger at another country…sadly there are no borders when it comes to animal abuse. It happens EVERYWHERE, we don’t need to name call an entire country, it’s individuals who do this and in this case it’s a citizen of the United States. (And no, I’m not of Mexican heritage, just tired of the blame game…let’s just sign the petition and politely put pressure on the state of NEW Mexico to take care of the situation).

    • New Mexico In The United States.

    • New Mexico In The United States. I

  7. This is disgusting and you can believe it has done something to these poor bears. God help them and hopefully they can die outside and peacefully

  8. Brenda Denno says:

    I want to point out to some of the commenters that this is not happening in Mexico, but in the state of New Mexico in the good old U.S.A. Unfortunately, terrible animal cruelty happens everywhere. The cruel abuse and neglect of these bears needs to be immediately stopped. I join with others in asking that they be rescued and sent to a good sanctuary where they will be cared for properly and appreciated for being the beautiful creatures they are.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗?

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