Puppy Skinned, Shot and Left for Dead on Road Deserves Justice

Target: Troy Grant, Minister for Justice and Police in New South Wales, Australia

Goal: Find and severely punish the person responsible for mutilating and killing a puppy and then dumping it on the side of the road.

A puppy, between 6 and 12 months old, was reportedly skinned and then shot to death and dumped on the side of the road like garbage. The puppy’s lifeless body laid there for 48 hours before it was found. Officials say that the puppy was partially skinned from the scalp to the top of his back.

RSPCA officers say that this was a grotesque act of animal cruelty, and they’ve issued an urgent appeal to the public for information that can help lead to an arrest. So far, the sadistic person who mutilated and murdered an innocent puppy remains at large. Please add your signature to the petition below to urge the police to do everything in their power to find this person and bring them to justice before more animals are senselessly murdered.


Dear Mr. Grant,

A puppy was skinned and shot before being dumped on the side of a road. The person who did this remains at large and will undoubtedly pose a continuous risk to other community members and animals.

We, the undersigned, are calling on you to help bring this innocent puppy justice. Please utilize all resources to ensure that the sadistic person who mutilated and brutally murdered this innocent puppy is removed from the streets as soon as possible and given the maximum penalty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: cskk

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  1. Ellen Sherwood says:

    This piece of garbage needs to die the same way this poor sweet puppy did. This evil bastard should rot in hell!!!!!!

  2. KatWrangler says:

    Whoever this POS is, they need to find them and remove them from this world – one way or another. Whatever works.

    People who abuse, torture, and kill innocent cats and dogs, any living thing, are just taking up precious space, food, water, oxygen. Our Earth does not need them.

  3. Patty van Zeist says:

    The person who did this should be also skinned alive and be shot in the head. This person does not deserve to live.

  4. Simon Rimmer says:

    Animal abuse should be a death penalty crime, best way to clean up the garbage of the world!!!!

  5. aggie patros says:

    They need to find this person and lock him up.That poor sweet baby.

  6. Again, what Most do NOT understand is that TRUE BEASTS that Commit Crimes like these will DO THE ABSOLUTE Same & Worse to ANY & ALL Beings they come in contact with, who CANNOT DEFEND, PROTECT OR TELL! SO..SPEAK UP OR OUT For THEMSELVES..It could Just as Easily be YOUR Child, Your Pet, Your Family member or YOU YOURSELF..their NEXT VICTIMS!

  7. Once again Australia is in the limelight. Animal cruelty seems to be the norm in that country. Evidently their animal abuse laws are not strong enough to deter abusers. The person that left this puppy and abused this puppy deserves to be executed. There is absolutely no excuse for this barbaric treatment of any animal. Australia needs to wake up and prosecute animal abusers in such a severe way in order to help put an end to would be abusers.

    • America, with it’s schizo NRA freaks terrorizing the forests with impunity, is the real animal hellhole…..at least in australia that un totting bunch do not get the same level of acceptance

  8. australian BEAST! How many beasts can you boast of, Australia?Was it one who beats small calves and lambs like pieces of rags?

  9. Do authorities not understand by now, how these evil and cruel tendencies in a person, make up a serious threat to society? Crimes like this must be punished severely, they must.

  10. wendala gibson says:

    So disturbing to how someone can be so cruel and torture for reason to any animals small or large. I don’t know how their heart doesn’t melt when they are near animals. Makes me sick.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    God, I hate so many humans❗?
    Signed & shared ?

  12. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Hopefully somebody does the same to that piece of filth.
    Needs to be removed from society and fed to the sharks.

  13. This serves as a GENTLE REMINDER for HUMANS to BE KIND, THINK RIGHT and DO GOOD!!! Always REMEMBER that GOD IS WATCHING and that KARMA does exist as What Goes Around Comes Around!!! Blessings to ALL THOSE KIND SOULS who are ALWAYS there to SUPPORT and to VOICE for all the voiceless, helpless ANIMALS that were created for us to respect, to love, to care and to protect them and NOT otherwise!!! And prayers to all those poor souls that were tortured and murdered ALIVE so that their souls will rest in peace and that they will not be re-born as animals again!!! Let there be LOVE and PEACE on earth so that every living being can live peacefully thus happily!!! PLEASE LOVE ALL ANIMALS and EVERY LIVING BEING; and you will be blessed abundantly!!!

    • Thank you, Doris, for those beautiful words. Something has to give. It’s hard to believe that this world is so full of pure evil. I don’t like wishing ill-will on anyone but I pray Karma’s justice is swift and merciless for people who commit such brutal and unwarranted crimes against the innocent whether human or animal

  14. If this isn’t mental & emotional depravity, I do NOT know what is! — Crimes against animals MUST be taken seriously — there are way too many idiot-monsters loose in our world – — think of the suffering undergone by this sweet dog — Why allow psychos to get away with these horrific abuses & murders — who do they think they ARE — we MUST round them up & throw them in prison — mete out severe punishments OR whatever it takes to ensure they do NOT repeat their demented crimes — LENGTHY prison terms — along with hefty fines — we want NO repeats of abuses to & murders of animals, EVER !

  15. For the abuser: An Eye for an Eye!

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