Stop the Brutal Killing of Feral Cats

Target: Mayor Kevin Faulconer, San Diego

Goal: Don’t trap and shoot friendly, semi-tame cat colony.

A proposed roundup in the Mission Bay area of San Diego could result in the barbaric killing of stray cats by nearly any means deemed appropriate, including the shooting of cats. This rushed agreement made between the City of San Diego and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services Division targets cats and other predatory species, including skunks and raccoons, in order to protect endangered birds. The intended proposal will involve the placement of traps throughout the Mission Bay area, and could threaten a well-maintained and beloved feral cat colony.

Mission Bay has been home to a controlled cat colony for decades. These so-called Jetty Cats are unlike most ferals in that they are highly acclimated to people, and many are friendly and unwary. Some have been dropped off by owners who could no longer care for them, or they are the descendants of former house-pets. A number of volunteer trappers and feeders help ensure the cats are all spayed and neutered, are fed, and have medical needs provided. Given enough time, the current cat colony will likely dwindle or disappear as its members pass away due to natural causes. The laying out of traps to capture these semi-tame cats, only to have them euthanized or possibly shot offsite, is cruel and unnecessary.

There is no need to target these cats or to indiscriminately target and kill predatory species in the name of saving birds who already have protected nesting grounds. When it comes to cats, rescue groups throughout the country have proven that humane Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs are far more effective in controlling feral cat populations. Please help to make a stand for feral cats and demand an end to this cruel measure which will endanger their lives.


Dear Mayor Faulconer,

I am writing to ask you to overturn an agreement which grants permission to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services Division to use lethal control to manage feral cats and other predatory species in Mission Bay. In placing these traps on beaches throughout the bay in the name of protecting endangered birds, you are in turn putting the lives of other species in peril.

I am concerned about the authority granted to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to use whatever means deemed appropriate to control cats and other animals such as raccoons, skunks, and opossums, including the shooting of said animals offsite by project officials. This is cruel and inhumane and should not be considered an acceptable means of control.

I am also concerned about trapped cats brought in for behavior evaluations being euthanized should they display any fearful or aggressive behavior. The stress of capture and transfer to a shelter would likely provoke such a response in almost any cat. The alternative of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) has proven to work to reduce feral cat numbers nationwide, and globally.

I urge you to reconsider given the fact that there are already well-cared for and managed colonies of feral cats in Mission Bay. While I agree that the protection of endangered species is important, we should not cause harm to others in the process. For the welfare of all of the animals who call Mission Bay home, please call for an end to lethal control.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Brocken Inaglory

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  1. A feral cat appeared under our porch one winter day. She later had six kittens, which were born in our house after she got tame enough to come in. We found good homes for five, keeping one whom we named Andrew.
    From the beginning, Andrew took on the job of protector of our disabled child. He slept on her bed, purring to help her relax. He swatted away a huge, scary line beetle, ate a spider coming toward her bed, chased a dog that had barked at us. Killed a rat which was almost as big as he was when he was only four months old, as the rat approached us.
    Andrew alone kept our household calm, he just got us through everything we needed help with. He was the true therapy animal, and always there for my child. Nine and a half years he put in every day, as a working animal, better than any human therapist.
    One day a car ran him down, and we lost our Saint.

    • JJ McKibbin says:

      Gee, you would think that a cat that was so vital to your family would be kept safely indoors.

      • JJ, How do you figure that the cat were kept outdoors and did not just dash out as a senior cat?

      • JJ – No pet should be locked in the house 24/7 unless they choose to do so. If pets are spayed and neutered and safe from moving cars, there is no reason they should not be allowed to get out and enjoy the sunshine (or a rainy day)…

      • Bernadette Bockis says:

        Stop it. Comment is just rude. You don’t even know the circumstances.

      • sickofseeingyourpitifulcomments says:

        Your opinions mean zero here. People like you get off on this kind of attention. Sadly, you are getting it. You should be eliminated. But that means lowering myself to your level. Nope. Letting you hang again and again by all these people you have angered – is a waste of energy even. Go away.

    • Nena Miller says:

      We put up a catio off of our family room and my cats do love a good lounge out there on a sunny day. We also have a feral cat that we trapped and kept, and her 5 babies who went on to other homes. It took us a number on months for her to let us pet her, now she has been with us over 10 years and sleeps with us and is very friendly (just with us). Luckily she has never even wanted out. We do not let out cats out anywhere but in the catio. I’m afraid of predators, diseases and unleashed dogs.

    • My heart breaks for you Jean….
      Thank you for giving this special cat a chance to love and be loved… she won’t be forgotten.

  2. as one who manages feral cat colonies, you can take them out of the wild and make them a pet but the drive to be outdoors NEVER leaves and they will find a way to get out. I wish I could keep my feral rescues inside but alas, I have dogs and they figure out the pet door … chips … collars and tags … and prayers their Angels will keep them safe …

    • Nena Miller says:

      Our feral has never even tried to get out . We have had her 10 years and she was indeed wild initially (we cage trapped her and her 5 babies) but eventually became our pet. Babs gets on well with our dogs and with us but does retreat to the bedroom if any other people come in the house.

    • Marian Brown says:

      My mother had three indoor neutered ferals and used a catio and double door entry. They weren’t even trying to get out, happy to have a safe home, but she loved them so much she kept them safe indoors. She didn’t rely on angels, just her good old age experience. She outlived all three cats and then didn’t take in anymore, because she knows she won’t live more than another 15 years.

      • Nooshin Perla says:

        How could your mother be such a loving person, and then we see you. WOW what happened? I believe what you said is just a story. Not real. Growing with good hearted mother like that, kids specially girls would grow up the same. Hate to say ,but you are a hater. That is a pitiful way to live.

  3. Kevin – The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth too and they have just as much a right to be here as we do. San Diego must come up with another way to deal with the over-population of cats. Feral or not, no living creature should be murdered for the crime of being ‘surplus’. Please! Find another way…

  4. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared ❗??

  5. Shoot those bastards

  6. Feral cats are vermin. Soon the us will wake up as Australia has and will rid themselves of these nasty pests. I kill everyone l see

  7. JJ Mckibben if you can’t say anything nice then say nothing!
    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

  8. People are allowed to shoot animals – in the USA OK. People can do anything in the US – that’s sick. When animals are eating other animals, in the nature is the normal, THEN the human has again a REASON these animals also still to shoot – ALL must be shot the children, the man, the woman, other women, other men, other children. A REASON is always in the USA.
    More weapons – more dead – is OK

  9. I expected much more from the Mayor of San Diego – this is primitive, cruel and mindless.

    The problem is a non-caring public and veterinarians (most of them) that suffer from greed. Life, particularly animals, are meaningless to many. Damn them all!

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  11. Jennifer Moore says:

    Do not sign me up for anything! No memberships, etc.

  12. what gives anybody the right to give permission to kill animals.

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