Remove Seal Meat From Menu at Food Festival

Target: Eric Pateman, President of Edible Canada

Goal: Remove seal-based dishes from menu created for upcoming Vancouver food festival.

Vancouver restaurant Edible Canada has made the controversial decision to include seal on its menu for the Dine Out Vancouver Festival later this month. The seals used for the menu would be part of Canada’s infamous annual seal hunt, which has been heavily criticized over the years by activists as a cruel and unnecessary tradition.

Eric Pateman, the restaurant’s president, has defended his choice to include these beloved animals on the menu, claiming that the meat is sustainable and no different than serving more conventional types of animal protein. While it is true that any distinctions that consumers make between the types of meat they will and will not eat are largely arbitrary, it is still a grave concern when anyone attempts to normalize the consumption of yet another species of animal — especially a wild one.

Tell Pateman that seal meat should be left off the menu by signing below.


Dear Mr. Pateman,

I strongly urge you to reconsider the inclusion of seal meat on Edible Canada’s menu for this year’s Dine Out Vancouver Festival. Your claim that seal meat is sustainable does nothing to reassure concerned animal lovers that it is not inhumane.

The annual seal hunt has always been and will continue to be a heated point of debate and controversy. In light of this, consider the omission of seal meat from the menu a neutral position, rather than one that contradicts your personal support of seal hunting. The fleeting novelty of including an unconventional menu item is not worth the opposition it will bring. Please leave seals off the menu.


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    • In relation to the annual and brutal clubbing of baby seals, for FASHION, and the hunting of polar bears, endangered, this banned by all other countries EXCEPT CANADA – a merciless free-for-all hunting of Grizzles as well, currently an “at-risk” species, animals illegally hunted to supply the exotic pet trade and also killed for “animal parts” and black market trading…$$$ eagerly and greedily pulled in, in relation to the promotion of sport “trophy hunting” in the west…numerous and horrific atrocities ignored with RESPECT to the “farmed-animal” industry, government and officials treating people (and respective concerns) as if they literally didn’t exist and “animal welfare protection laws” literally STUCK in the last century, officials IGNORING all, and I repeat all, requests for “modernization”…YES!!! YES, yes, yes…!!

      • Canada a so called civilized country! People who participate in such atrocities!!! You are the biggest disgust in the world today! Along with China, other Asian countries and some Northern European Scandinavic countries! You allow to kill and mame animals for fashion, for “fun”, for disgusting culinary fantasies! (Clubbing baby seals to death or skinning them still alive, slaughtering swine whales and other whales and dolphins for “fun”! Selling seal testicles to Chinese the list goes on…) you are not human, you are disgusting creatures out of hell! May you suffer for your sins…

    • Brenda Denno says:

      I totally acknowledge – as per the two replies below as well- Canada’s participation is multiple atrocities toward animals and humans. It’s horrible and unconscionable. Just want you to know though, that speaking as a Canadian vegan, not everyone in Canada is a barbarian, and in the Vancouver area where I live there is quite a large community of vegans and citizens against these atrocities.

      • Of course, yes… That’s the point. It’s the government and certain POWERS-THAT-BE who are ignoring people… There’s a distinction to be made here – it’s not Canadians…the people, who are “barbaric” (with respect to these and other issues), it’s the government and all the institutions silencing them WHO ARE….
        If we all pull together, change will surely come… There is no way change CAN’T happen.

        • Brenda Denno says:

          Yes, so true. We CAN stand up against the government and other abusive organizations. You might want to check out the excellent book “The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose.

    • I couldn’t agree more, well said.

  2. Brenda Denno says:

    I am a Canadian and along with many other Canadians and people worldwide I am horrified and outraged at the seal hunts, and at all other atrocities happening to animals everywhere. (Not all Canadians are barbarians!) There is sadistic, barbaric cruelty toward animals going on in probably every country. (Some countries are worse than others, that’s true.) I ask Edible Canada to stop participating in the cruel and barbaric seal hunts by your selling of the body parts of these poor tortured animals. I hope people will boycott Edible Canada until they do stop. And please check out the film “Earthlings” for the grisly and heartbreaking truth about the meat industry.

  3. great seals are not food now.

  4. Diane Bonenfant says:

    “While it is true that any distinctions that consumers make between the types of meat they will and will not eat are largely arbitrary, it is still a grave concern when anyone attempts to normalize the consumption of yet another species of animal — especially a wild one.” This is an excellent point that needs to be emphasized. Slaughter and meat consumption is a GRAVE CONCERN because it is inhumane, unethical, unecological and unhealthy.

  5. What are you….prehistoric barbarians!!! Gives a good impression of Canada, NOT.

  6. Wendy Morrison says:


    • Catherine Bowerman says:

      What would you recommend the people of the far North, the Inuit, eat as a source of protein?! Cows, pigs, chickens etc. cannot survive that far North! Nor can any protein rich crops, or crops of any kind, be grown! Seals are almost the only source of protein there, and have been the primary source of protein for thousands of years! Walk a mile in someone else’s moccasins, before you criticize!

  7. Seriously??why do people think it’s ok to eat absolutely everything and anything?? Except these are not things, they are living breathing creatures!!my God,will it ever stop..I fear only when every species is extinct!

  8. Caryl Sawyer says:

    Some people are abysmally ignorant, and apparently Pateman is one of those. So are his patrons.

  9. Jaime Perez says:

    People are getting so vile and evil anymore. Now seals are on the menu? Just stop eating meat!!

  10. Alice Knight says:

    I don’t think it is fair to generalize that all Canadians, Asians, Americans etc. are terrible people. Yes, in fact it is the governments which have the authority to create all our laws. Whether you are a Vegan, Vegetarian or a meat and potatoes person does not necessarily make you a better person than the other. I am not in favour at all to Edible Restaurants menu choice. It’s not a necessity to eat another type of meat. I am not sure how Mr. Pateman business will go forward. Just claiming the meat is sustainable and provides protein are sad excuses. Perhaps it makes him feel good about himself. I am against seal hunting of any kind, no matter how humanely it is carried out. I know all these topics are frustrating and for me as many others emotional on a scale I cannot even describe. I think it’s an atrocity what humans do to the powerless and kind. There is a power element as well as an entertainment value for certain people, that’s what I believe and perhaps these two components make up why they commit the heinous crimes against animals. But if each of us help out in any way to save our beloved creatures isn’t that a good start? Maybe if this kindness and empathy towards animals can be taught to others, it can be passed down to others after us.
    Thanks for reading,

  11. Catherine Bowerman says:

    No country, or person that allows the consumption of cows, pigs or chickens, has any right to criticize the consumption of seals in Canada! In some parts of Canada, seals are almost the only source of protein available in an environment where more typical sources of protein are unable to survive! The people who hunt at the annual seal hunt often have little other opportunity to support themselves, and many have subsisted on the hunt for generations going back two centuries! Seal meat is not a ‘gourmet item’ to them, but a staple of their diet! Many have lost jobs as fishermen or working in fish processing plants due to overfishing in their waters by other countries, including the United States! And these people live in small villages that have subsisted on fishing and sealing for two hundred years or more. There are few other opportunities for employment in these areas! And seals are not endangered in Canada! They are as numerous as cattle in the American mid-west! I am an animal activist, and I sign many, many petitions protesting the cruel treatment of animals. But, people have to eat, and in some areas of Canada, seals are one of very few sources of protein available! For this reason, I cannot sign any petition protesting the use of seal meat in Canada!

  12. Kill them Idiots People are so cruel no need for cruelty Stop now

  13. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared❗?

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