Demand Trump Admit to and Apologize for Mocking Disabled Reporter

Target: Donald Trump, President-elect of the United States

Goal: Demand that Donald Trump apologize to the disabled reporter he so hatefully mocked in front of thousands.

For well over a year, Donald Trump has continually denied mocking a disabled reporter at a political rally, despite concrete video evidence of Trump doing so to the amusement of thousands of his supporters. When referencing a story by reporter Serge Kovaleski, Trump told his audiences, “You’ve got to see this guy,” before flailing his arms about his head, rolling his eyes, and speaking in a fake stutter as he imitated the reporter, who suffers from a disability in his arms.

The fact that Trump continually denies he was mocking the reporter is not only absurd, since video evidence clearly shows him doing so, but also extremely heartbreaking. America is a nation with nearly 50 million citizens suffering from a disability. For Trump to so blatantly mock someone for their disability shows that the man, who has lived a life of privilege, has no care, regard, or sympathy for a large population of his own citizens who have lived their entire lives with a disability.

Trump is nothing but a bully, a bully who has now been given the platform of the highest office in the land to laugh at and degrade those who cannot defend themselves. He must apologize to Kovaleski. To do so would show that he is serious about being a president for all Americans.


Dear Mr. Trump,

For over a year now, you have continued to deny that you played any part in mocking a disabled reporter. However, video evidence of you shows otherwise. Though you may claim you were simply moving your hands around, perhaps imitating “groveling” as you argued on Twitter, those watching saw you reenact mannerisms specific to Serge Kovaleski, the reporter to whom you were referring who has a disability with his arms.

A majority of Americans watched in horror and heartbreak as you mocked the reporter for your supporters’ sickening amusement. Ever since, you have refused to admit to doing so. You have taken on the role of, not someone who should be President of the United States, but a high school bully embarrassed at being called out for what he really is. By mocking the disabled reporter, you mocked 50 million disabled Americans, disabled Americans who you now hold power over. I demand that you apologize to Kovaleski and the millions of Americans you hurt by your horrendous, heartless, and cowardly actions.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. This happened months ago, when he was campaigning, why start a petition now? Just curious….

  2. Brenda Denno says:

    Trump’s attitude toward disabled people and his denial of his actions are extremely alarming and concerning. This, along with his racism, misogynism and other biases, is truly scary. He should admit it and apologize.

    • Gillian Miller says:

      Do you mean when Trump lent his jet to a young boy with essential medical equipment when no carrier would take him for life saving treatment. Or do you mean in the 1990s when Trump worked with Jesse Jackson to help young black men get into professional companies. Do you mean the black woman who runs Trump Towers or the young lady Trump hired who was the first female project manager in construction? More people should be this racist and misogynistic.

      • Angela Rabon says:

        If, and I do mean, if Trump did a good deed, it by no means excuses mocking a disabled person or all the other disgusting acts he has committed. Will he apologize for his actions? NO! Trump once stated that he has never asked for forgiveness because he has never done anything to ask forgiveness for!!!! Can you imagine that? A perfect person, so he thinks. He will get what he deserves. Maybe not on this earth, but making comments like that, yeah, his day is coming.

        • Brenda Denno says:

          Yes, he’s extremely arrogant. Maybe he thinks his good deeds will cancel out his bad deeds. No, can’t be, because he doesn’t think he does any bad deeds. This type of person should not be running a country.

  3. Gillian Miller says:

    This petition is symptomatic of the stupidity of so many Americans all of whom believe the media lies because they want to. Not one of you has done any research into the truth. I did and was amazed at the number of things Trump has done because he could all of which were good and none of them mentioned by anyone. Trump did not mock the reporter, he didn’t even know he existed but someone has to take everything said and done as bad. I’m not saying that Trump has not done stupid things but nothing like the things he has been accused of by morons. Perhaps you should go back to the crying corner for finding out that everything you thought you knew (which doesn’t seem to be very much at all) is untrue so you will have to find something else to complain about!

    • You need a lobotomy as you are living in your world and don’t deal well with reality. Typical of Trump supporters.

    • Angela Rabon says:

      Who do you think you are? Superior to all and we are ignorant minions? I am educated and read constantly from both sides so preach to somebody else! America knows exactly who Trump is and he has displayed himself to us as he campaigned and lied and lied and lied! His own voters have started to question their votes due to his lies. I do not have to rely on the media for Trump’s latest exploits, I listen to what comes from him, and for the president-elect, his behavior is childish and divisive. It has nothing to do with him being Republican even though I wish he wasn’t, it is the way he behaves! When Medicare and Social Security is gone, go hug Trump and the Republicans because they are working as hard as they can to diminish both of them. I could go on and on …. but if I went through all of his lies I would be here for days.

  4. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    disabled people are people so they exist!

  5. bonita ryan says:

    This was debunked, but I expect no less from Clinton supporters.

  6. He will never admit it just like he won’t admit that the Russians did in fact help him win this stupid election. I can’t wait until he gets impeached for pushing his rich ass luck too far.

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