Shut Down Company Accused of Beating and Kicking Pigs

Target: Bruce Rauner, Governor of Illinois

Goal: Close company where pigs are allegedly beaten with boards and kicked by employees.

Workers at a livestock facility in Illinois have reportedly been beating and whipping pigs, and the company who employs them seems to be sweeping this under the rug. Three former employees were interviewed by the Chicago Tribune who claimed many workers beat pigs with wooden boards and leather straps, and that many even seem to enjoy doing it. One of the men interviewed was fired for reporting two workers for beating the pigs.

This is not the first instance of these actions happening at a livestock facility, not even the first in Illinois. Another company was accused of beating and kicking pregnant pigs at the farm. Companies who allow their employees to do this, and then protect them when the abuse is reported, should not be allowed to function within the United States.

One of the former employees stated that if most people knew what went on behind closed doors in pig farms, they would look at bacon differently. Our livestock industry has gotten completely out of hand when it comes to the treatment of animals. Companies like this need to be shut down until their practices towards the animals are changed.

Sign this petition to punish the employees and close the company that is beating pigs.


Dear Governor Rauner,

The Chicago Tribune recently interviewed three former employees of an Illinois pig farm, who claimed many workers were beating the pigs with wooden planks and leather straps. The company is apparently hiding this information; one man was fired for reporting two other workers. This company needs to be shut down until they have changed the way they treat their livestock, and the employees need to face criminal charges.

This is not the first time this has happened in your state. Another company was allegedly doing the exact same thing to pigs in their farm. This is not a practice that you want defining the livestock industry in Illinois. Companies like this need to be stopped before they can torture any more living animals.

Use your power as Governor to shut these companies down, and punish the workers who are allegedly committing these crimes. This treatment of animals can not be tolerated. Show your state that you care about the well being of our animals, and create a precedent for further treatment of animals in Illinois.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Stephen Fulljames

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  1. Illinois, you are a disgrace. You know about the abuse going on in these disgusting pig farms yet nothing is done-quite the reverse. An employee who spoke up about it was sacked. There is no excuse for this mistreatment and cruelty. Do something fast and try to improve your bad reputation.

  2. This is an obscenity what vile backward gits these people are. These poor animals how can anyone be so deranged as to hurt an innocent animal is beyond me. It is time the people said enough is enough and put these vile backward gits behind bars for a very long time OR g give them to an animal lover to deal with and let them be beaten kicked and have vile obscenities done to them. I would guarantee they wouldn’t hurt another animal again.

  3. Nooshin Perla says:

    Do these monsters call them selves human?? really? If there is anything to be done to stop this I be the first to do it. I only hope that people with golden heart start to do something about this , and put STOP to all cruelty to these innocent creatures.

  4. Illinoise, is not a good state to have farm lands. When it comes to Animal welfare issues, this State has not gotten up to the acceptable civilized standards of it’s own. Brutality, mistreatment, abuse and torture of their Animals are totally Disgraceful & distasteful too.

    In fact these Animal abusers are the most destructive species on earth….and called the human beings. To correct the evil, vicious heartless two legged ones who are supposed to be taking care of these animals welfare in those farm lands need to be educated and if not they should be fired. Those heartless, ruthless low life individuals who works in farms just merely to rake the Money and profit must be thrown out. DOESN’T ANYONE ON THIS PLANET KNOW the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT & WRONG? Departments who are supposed to be looking in to the Farm Animals welfare need to be truthful & need to speak out and correct the welfare of these animals. Unless they get paid under the tables to keep their mouths shut. PLEASE WAKE UP …PLEASE DON’T ALLOW THESE FARM ANIMALS TO SUFFER IN VAIN…

  5. Where do these companies find these sub-human scum??? To know that there are people walking around in society capable of doing this to innocent animals makes me VERY afraid and you should be too.

  6. Brenda Denno says:

    The way these animals are being abused is so horrifying and tragic. The owners are not innocent – they know what’s going on and they don’t care. They just care about the money. An investigator from Mercy for Animals said that as far as he knows, this type of cruelty goes on in EVERY slaughterhouse. This one in Illinois should be immediately shut down and investigated.

  7. Why are these degenerates not prosecuted?? They are subhuman and need removed from society,also to anyone who witnessed this behaviour and done nothing about it You are WORSE than them,so time to grow a pair and be the voice of these poor animals.

  8. So cowards, so wretched, weaklings, 2legs monsters.

    No humans, no creatures, brainless”things”.


  9. these are the sort of people that really need to be shoved off this planet, why in gods name would you hurt a helpless pig, simple, they are such cowards, nothing would be allowed if it was outside with people, no no, they could fight back, what sick evil vile bastards, make sure they lose their jobs, and i hope with all my heart they have a very hard and sick life.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if places like this breed serial killers. They usually start out hurting animals first. Places like this let them hone their skills openly. If u hurt an animal here & enjoy it, no one looks at u twice. These people should be vetted.
    Why do you want to work here? Do you need the job or do you love killing? Perhaps the owners should be looked at.

  11. shut this evil animal abusing place down now.

  12. This barbaric treatment of animals sounds like something people did in the caveman days. This is in the US?

    Hopefully the Illinois legislation and governor will step up, do the right thing and make us all be able to sleep a little bit better.

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