Justice for Puppy Allegedly Beaten with Metal Rod

Target: Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney

Goal: Seek the maximum possible penalty for man who allegedly beat his puppy with a metal rod.

A golden retriever puppy was badly injured after reportedly being put in a cage and beaten with a metal rod. The puppy sustained skull fractures, a broken canine tooth, swelling of both eyes, as well as multiple abrasions and lacerations on his shoulder and head.

A neighbor living in the same apartment complex as the dog reported hearing sounds of a dog crying for months. When she tracked the source, she says she witnessed the dog’s owner, 21-year-old Shundong Hu, strike the puppy repeatedly with the rod while it was in the cage. Authorities also found two cats inside the apartment, both with abrasions. The cats are being examined at an animal hospital.

It appears that this man is extremely dangerous, especially to small animals. If this person isn’t punished appropriately for such allegedly heinous violence towards innocent animals, then there’s a high possibility that more animals, or even people, will become victims. Please add your name to the petition below demanding that this puppy be given justice and the owner penalized to the fullest extent and banned from owning animals.


Dear Mr. Montgomery,

A puppy was reportedly beaten with a metal rod while in a cage, according to a witness who’d been hearing the puppy cry for months. The puppy suffered severe injuries, including skull fractures and a broken canine tooth. Authorities also found cats with lacerations in the man’s apartment, and they’re currently being examined.

This appears to be a disgusting case on ongoing, relentless cruelty to an innocent animal. We’re calling on you to be the voice that these innocent animals don’t have. Please seek the maximum possible penalty and a permanent ban from owning animals, if the owner is guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Marcos Leal

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  1. jacqueline wieser says:

    Please! Will you sign this petition with me and let’s stand together to stop monsters like this from getting away with these horrible acts of cruelty and let’s stop them from having the opportunity to do it again. Please help me be a voice for these helpless little souls that have no voice of there own to ask for your help or to protest for justice against monsters like this!

    • already done!! 2 cats and this poor dog ??? is the dog ok..did he survive? Hats off the the neighbor who called! L

    • Someone out there please find this cretin and kill him but first beat him with an iron bar.A cancer curse on this moron. Hope his body gets riddled with tumors and he gradually rots in agony. This deranged person sounds like a Chinese going by his name and we all know how they treat dogs. Lock the bastard up for life or better still hang the bastard in public, it’s the only deterrent. Punishment should fit the crime.

    • What ignorant person sold/gave this puppy and the cats to this low life poor excuse for a human being? Are prospective owners not screened first? !!!!!!

  2. kill that turd who is inhumane to animals now.

  3. Can I help the puppy in any way?? Can you send him to India? What will the cost be like?

  4. Elaine Benson says:

    Another POS!!!! Let me put you in a cage and beat you!!!!!


  6. Please please throw this monster in jail and let him get the same treatment as he gave these innocent animals!!!!!

  7. Jacqui SKill says:

    I would hope that this dehumanized monster is put in solitary confinement forever as he is so dehahumanized and dangerous!

  8. peter jennings says:

    That scum needs to be taken out of this life some of these scum need to be made a example off Regards Peter jennings

  9. This vile individual must be severely punished and served with a lifetime ban from owning or having anything to do with ANY creature. What I find disturbing is the time that it took for whoever reported this, why did they not investigate sooner. This innocent little dog and the helpless cats must have suffered such cruelty in the hands of this monster. If anybody suspects that an animal is being abused they should act, not wait.

  10. Please send this scumbag to jail for many many years. He is a monster and should never be allowed near an animal in his whole disgraceful life!

    • It COULD be that he was picking up animals and torturing them before eating them in accordance with cultural habits he MAY HAVE been exposed to at one time or another, this a (reprehensible) practice in the place of his origin… The cage from which an animal cannot escape, and the deliberate torture, suggests intentional cruelty for a reason, premeditated… Either way, the torture was prolonged, and deliberate…

      • what is his origin?? Its still cruel…L

        • Media says Shundong Hu, 21, striking the puppy repeatedly with a metal rod while it remained trapped in a metal enclosure, bleeding from the nose and head…
          WHATEVER the reason for this beyond sadistic behavior, let’s hope this guy gets MORE THAN a “slap on the wrist” and a MERE tongue lashing…

  11. This needs to be taken seriously. Cruelty and abuse such as this is the behavior of a sadistic sociopath who has no place in society. He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and never allowed to own pets ever again. Thank you to the neighbor who got involved. She/He saved these pets from further torture and should be commended.

  12. Another evil rat who deserves his own rotten medicine.

  13. well at least they know who has done this so really this evil baxtard really needs to be made to pay, like every one who hurts any animal smaller and helpless, please make them pay. my heart breaks for all animals.

  14. carol anderberg says:

    Do not let us down by not taking the fullest amount of punishment. This is as sick as they come. There needs to be justice, think of the fear, pain, maiming, and no one to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make some noise, make some calls, make this person miserable for life,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOW

  15. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time to beat his ass with the same metal rod❗?
    Signed & shared ?

  16. This bastard needs to be chained up and beaten to death

  17. michelle mitchell says:

    Death and only death must be instigated, to this ugly animal abusing slant eye POS.

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