End Cruel Greyhound Racing

Target: Rick Scott, Governor of Florida

Goal: Ban greyhound racing in Florida.

Florida is one of five states that still allows greyhound racing, despite the hundreds of dog injuries and deaths this sport has caused. Grey2K, a greyhound advocacy group, reports that 360 dogs have been killed racing on Florida tracks since May of 2013. Off the track, the dogs also lead miserable lives, allegedly spending twenty hours or more a day in cramped cages. They’re reportedly fed a diet of cheap meat, and they’re often denied basic veterinary care. There have also been reports of dogs being dosed with cocaine and other illegal drugs to make them perform better.

Attendance is down at greyhound tracks across Florida, and many tracks are losing money on their dog racing. One of the only reasons that the tracks keep racing dogs is because of a quirk in Florida law. Greyhound tracks make most of their money off their poker rooms and simulcasts, but to keep their gambling licenses, the tracks must hold dog races. In essence, dogs are getting injured and killed simply so these tracks can keep their poker rooms open. This is why many greyhound advocates support “decoupling,” a proposed law that would allow the dog tracks to keep their poker rooms without racing greyhounds. This solution is the best choice for both track owners and the greyhounds themselves.

Greyhound racing has led to hundreds of unnecessary dog deaths in just the past few years. It’s time to end this cruel practice in Florida. Sign this petition to urge Governor Rick Scott to pass the decoupling law, allowing track owners to make money off their poker rooms without having to race greyhounds.


Dear Governor Scott,

Greyhound racing is a cruel sport that has led to deaths of 360 dogs in Florida just since May of 2013. The dogs allegedly spend most of their days in small, isolated cages, and they’re fed a diet of cheap meat. There have even been reports of the dogs being given cocaine and other performance enhancing drugs.

Greyhound track owners are also losing money off of the dog races. In 2015, the Melbourne Track lost an estimated $180,000, and in 2012, the Naples-Fort Myers Track reported losing $2 million. Most people do not go to the greyhound tracks to watch the races — they go to play poker. But since the tracks can only get a gambling license for their poker rooms if they run dogs, track owners are forced to continue the unprofitable and cruel races.

The majority of the country has banned greyhound racing, and now Florida must follow suit. I urge you to work with lawmakers to pass the decoupling law so that dog track owners will be able to have gambling licenses without racing greyhounds.


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Photo Credit: David Merrett

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  1. This needs to stop! Greyhound racing is exceedingly cruel.
    The dogs are severely injured, frequently, and killed and thrown in mass graves. It is a miserable life of neglect and abuse! They are very sweet and social animals.

    360 known deaths of greyhounds in Florida in just 3 years?!
    Dog racing is not a money-maker. There is no purpose for it. Many countries and most of the U.S. have discontinued it.

    There is NO justification for this state to continue this barbaric activity!

  2. ban the cruel greyhound racing for good now.

  3. Anthony Gore says:

    Though I agree**you might as well ban fishing !! Horse racing!!Eating chicken it’s endless isn’t it ?????.

  4. Brenda Denno says:

    This cruel, heartless abuse of greyhounds must be banned!

  5. Where do you people stop.Get over it move on and worry about some of the really important issues,Human rights,child sex trade.These are far more important than bloody dog racing.

  6. Yes why not ban horse racing and show jumping aswel.how many horses aer injured and put down every year from them sports?.if you ban dog racing the greyhound will be the next animal on the endangerd list

  7. Laurence byrne says:

    Close the abortion clinics first.
    Then ban cars and all motorised vehicles. Should save thousands of human lives annually???
    If u manage to ban greyhound racing the old folk and young folk won’t miss these beautiful pets. ??? In fact you may even end up closing the poker rooms and the people employed by both businesses will enjoy life as unemployed citizens.

  8. I worked as a mutual manager at a track in the states for 15 years not 1 time have I ever seen a dog be mistreated in anyway! And I would swear under oath! These dogs are the owners living and they are treated with the utmost respect better than the house dog that you may have ! I also have family members that have made millions off of dog racing . Yes Professional gamblers! You grey 2 k people were and are on a mission to shut down people’s business! Because of your of love dogs . But your facts are way off!!! It’s to bad you have brainwashed people to believe they are abused. The racing industry brought in millions of dollars and employeed thousands! Thanks to you who have nothing better to do than shut down peoples lively hood! Get a life Grey 2 k!!!! Pat P you need to get your facts straight. Since when has dog racing not been a money maker ??? Before you came in our tracks handles were 800,000 I guess that is not a money maker ????????

  9. Oh don’t worry they will go after horse racing next….one of the worlds greatest spectating sports!! They drive me nuts!!!
    They need to mind their own business and take care of there rescue greyhounds!!!!
    All the things going on in this world can’t you think of something with human rights to fight for?

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