Trump: Don’t Wreck American Diplomacy

Target: President-elect Donald Trump.

Goal: Protect America’s diplomacy from Donald Trump’s rash decisions.

President-elect Donald Trump, in a completely unprecedented move, has ordered Barack Obama’s ambassadors to foreign countries to resign their posts on January 20th of this year, with no grace period and no time to choose new ambassadors. This will leave the United States without envoys in countries such as Germany and Britain, plus it forces ambassadors and their families to find new places to live in America on very short notice.

This is quite possibly one of the worst things Trump could do after we have spent the last eight years establishing good relations with other countries. Trump has already brought out the worst in the already dangerous Vladimir Putin and has announced his intention to block Mexican trade from America. To force Obama’s ambassadors from their positions without giving them any grace period goes completely against tradition and the rules of diplomacy.

We cannot let Donald Trump stomp all over our rules of diplomacy like this. We must allow Obama’s ambassadors the time needed to step down, as well as enough time for America to choose new ambassadors. Foreign relations are very important, especially in this day and age. Sign this petition to demand Donald Trump rescind this decision.


Dear Mr. Trump,

Your orders to Barack Obama’s ambassadors to leave their positions immediately on Inauguration Day is unreasonable and goes against our country’s long-standing rules; by forcing the ambassadors to leave so soon you are leaving America without envoys in countries such as Britain and Germany. This is not good for foreign relations, which we have worked very hard to build over the past eight years. In addition, it is not fair to the ambassadors’ families, forced to quickly find homes in America when such a process can take months.

The tradition of diplomacy in America is extremely important. If you are going to be our country’s leader for the next four years, you must have respect for our diplomatic rules and regulations. Rescind this order immediately so as not to jostle the delicate balance of America’s foreign relations.


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  1. Brenda Denno says:

    Such a rash and unreasonable decision shows Trump has poor judgement and shows his ideology to be dictatorial.

  2. With rednex like him running the Country & the rest of the world, which is whats happening world wide,,, all Animals & people will keep on suffering even more. He is a man with no compassion esp for Animals (take a good look at what his family are involved in)all involves Animals cruelty, suffering & death,,, not to mention planet destruction from over developing & supporting filthy rich busness’s that destroy our environments, Animal habitats etc, hes involved in & supports these kind of people, he’s in denial about global warming too!!! So while someone like him is in power, Animals & most people are worse off!! They are making this world how they want it, ONLY FOR THE FILTHY RICH, PLANET DESTROYING FOR $$$$$ & ANIMAL INDUSTRIES (farming & fur farming) WHICH CAUSE SUFFERING & DEATH FOR $$$$$ & FOR BLOOD SPORT.

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    youre a disgrace to us!

  4. Hail Trump for overturning obummer’s every bad decision! We are looking forward to see the US embassy placed in it’s rightful place, Jerusalem, our undisputable capital! Carry on, Trump! Down with hitlery and her schemes!

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