Stop Donald Trump’s Political Cronyism

Target: Senator Charles Schumer, Senate Minority Leader

Goal: Deny appointment of Trump adviser’s husband to important administration position.

George Conway, the husband of Trump’s top adviser Kelleyanne Conway, will allegedly be given a top position in Trump’s administration as U.S. solicitor general. This pick shows once again that Trump is rewarding friends and close allies with top government positions. Even more troubling, he will be surrounding himself with “yes men.”

As solicitor general, Conway will be the lead lawyer of the federal government before the Supreme Court. He will defend any policies the Trump administration puts into place and decide what happens to the policies and legacies left behind by President Obama, such as the Affordable Care Act. Most troubling, Conway will be able to defend any and all conflicts Trump’s businesses present, should Trump not rid himself of his company and its assets while in office.

Conway’s past resume includes working for the disenfranchisement of citizens. If Conway is approved for the position, Trump will probably not be challenged on a single piece of legislation or conflict of interest. Sign the petition and demand that Democrats in the Senate work with others to ensure Conway’s nomination is denied.


Dear Senator Schumer,

Donald Trump will allegedly nominate George Conway, husband to adviser Kelleyanne Conway, as U.S. Solicitor General. In such a position, Conway will be able to defend any Trump policy, as well as any conflict of interest Trump’s businesses present. Conway will also play a role in determining the future of President Obama’s policies.

Conway’s nomination would be troubling because it would show, once again, that Trump is not only rewarding his friends with important government positions, but also surrounding himself with men and women who will neither question nor challenge his policies and conflicts. I ask that you rally your fellow Democrats and even Republicans, who fear a government without checks, and work to deny Conway this possible appointment.


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  1. Why bother to waste time writing these petitions? The Congress will let him do whatever he wants…..and he will continue to do whatever he wants at the moment in spite of laws, common sense, ethics, traditions, etc.

    • While I’m inclined to agree with you, I’m still going to make my objections heard. I’ve been protesting for fifty years, and I’m not about to shut up now with this dangerous man in the White House.

    • Remember, one person can make a difference. If you change your outlook to be optimistic instead of pessimistic, things can happen for the good!

    • Why bother to breathe air? Yes it’s that important to sign these petitions. Do it…Please.

    • Carol Borys says:

      Hitler’s was able to do what he did because good people did nothing. If people stick together… they can move mountains. Never give up!

    • It’s attitudes like yours that enable them to get away with this stuff. Stand up for what you believe in and make your voice heard. We can make a difference if we all stand together.

    • If we all stand together we can make a difference. Stand up for what you believe in and make your voice heard.

  2. Pam Burridge says:

    We can only hope some of it is impeachable. Of course then we’re left with pence.

  3. Like all Presidents before him, they all stack top government positions with their own. Obama filled his administration with his own peeps. This is a liberal attempt to continue to whine like a baby.

  4. justsayin320 says:

    Cry me a river….. smh

  5. Realistically were not going to stop most of his appointments from happening. But I am still going to do whatever I can to throw a wrench into his cabinets agenda . On the first day of Congress they wanted to do away with the ethics oversight agency and would have . Except for the huge uproar of people calling local government offices and flooding their inboxes with emails. So some things CAN be changed . This is SUPPoSEd to be a democracy with checks and balances . So no were not going to get everything that we want . But neither should they so stay involved and don’t quit .

  6. It is absolutely essential for each person to do more than merely sign petitions that may or may not have any effect. It had been shown we can impact their hidden agendas when they are trying to sneak behind the backs of the American people. But of more consequence in getting the names, emails, addresses and phone numbers of your congress, Senate and representatives. Gather together with as many other people as possible and several times a week form letter writing campaigns and phone call groups. Make it a fun time. Have coffee our lunch together and start making phone calls, one after another. Send it emails (word then differently so they do not sound like form letters and male sure you are polite but firm). Plan grassroots events in which you get out into your local community and inform people of what is happening. There is so much ugliness and misinformation (propaganda) being distributed many people just don’t know what to believe. Provide accurate and documented support for what is happening. Hold your local government accountable for how they are responding to this dangerous and irresponsible agenda. Governors and state politicians can be held accountable to stand up for us. They too are supposed to be our representatives.

  7. Sheila Menache says:

    Everything must be done to stop Trump with all his crooked ways – if enough people sign petitions and make a noise surely someone in America will listen to some sense and stop Trump before he even enters the White House

  8. Suzanne Matthews says:

    He is the most disgusting piece of human flesh there could ever be….Hitler all over again . What is wrong with his wife!!!!!!!!!

    • Gillian Miller says:

      To what are you referring and what evidence do you have? If you’ve been listening to the media then you are merely repeating lies. I am not a Trump fan but did you know that, during the 1990s, Trump worked with Jesse Jackson to get black people into industry? Did you know that the person who runs Trump Towers is a black woman? Did you know that Trump employed the first woman project manager to build a huge tower? That Trump has helped people out without blowing his own trumpet? Has Hillary done anything for anybody other than herself? Her husband, the rapist, has been supported by Hillary abusing the victims and calling them liars. That her husband is also a paedophile and is friends with a convicted paedophile who has children on his island and that both Bill & Hillary have visited him on several occasions? That Hillary has allowed the death of 4 Americans including an ambassador then like to the families. Commited perjury laundered money and not paid taxes on billions of dollars. I’m sure that you know about the emails etc. There is no way that that scumbag should ever be in government again. Of the two I prefer Trump who is already showing that he loves America and is working to save jobs etc.

  9. Just more and more proof this PEOTUS of ours has absolutely no clue what he’s doing.

  10. Heather Brophy says:


  11. He picks the experts/best people. Trump is awesome and deserves respect. Trying to hurt Trump due to false media is sad.

  12. bonita ryan says:

    I’ve had plenty of opportunity to watch the behaviour of Clinton supporters, the violence, the ugly comments, the lies, the tears; and all I can say is “Thank GOD” Trump won! Hopefully he will get Americans to grow a pair, because the feminized version of the USA is a global embarrassment.

  13. The nation has gone nuts. That simple.

  14. This is disgusting. So what was that about “draining the swamp”??? I’d say Alec Baldwin had it right when his trump character said “Build the swamp”. This is a flagrant affront to the intelligence of every American with an IQ over 40. And it is illegal, or it should be. And mr. trump, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOUR TAX RETURNS YOU FILTHY CROOK?????????

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