Demand That Walmart Use Cage-Free Eggs

Target: Enrique Ostale, President and CEO of Walmart Latin America, India and Africa

Goal: Use only cage-free eggs in Walmart stores in Latin America.

In 2016, Walmart announced that it would only use cage-free eggs in North America by 2025, but the company has refused to extend the same policy to its stores in Latin America. By refusing to end the use of battery-cage farms in Latin America, Walmart is supporting farms that keep their birds in cages that are so small the birds cannot even stand up. By not issuing a cage-free policy in Latin America, Walmart is subjecting millions of chickens to a miserable life.

Many restaurants have announced cage-free egg policies for their branches in Latin America. This includes major fast food chains like Burger King and McDonalds. As one of the largest grocery stores in the world, if Walmart chooses to stop patronizing caged farms, it could help lead to the end of this cruel type of farming.

In order to truly show that it does not support battery-cage farms that treat chickens terribly, Walmart needs to use only cage-free eggs in its Latin American stores. Sign this petition to tell Walmart that you want its cage-free egg policy to extend to all of its stores across both North America and Latin America.


Dear Mr. Ostale,

I’m writing to ask you to extend the cage-free egg policy announced for North American Walmart to your stores in Latin America. By not extending the policy to your stores in Latin America, you’re still supporting farms that subject their chickens to terrible lives. These chickens spend all their time in the dark in cages that are the size of a standard piece of paper. They are not able to move around, and their short lives are miserable. By simply extending your cage-free policy to Latin America, Walmart will be able to help end these birds’ suffering.

Walmart’s decision to use only cage-free eggs in North America is commendable, but to make a true impact, you need to extend your policies to your many stores in Latin America. For the good of the chickens who are still stuck in small cages in the dark, please consider using only cage-free eggs in your Latin American stores.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Compassion Over Killing

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  1. Jenna Miles says:

    Cage free is such a lie.

    There are no humane eggs.

  2. i will sign your petition if you change it to FREE RANGE eggs!!

    • AniMaeChi,

      Even “free-range” eggs do not guarantee an absence of cruelty, although they CAN be better. The chickens are only required access to outdoors for a brief time, 5 minutes!–no guarantee opportunity will be taken; outside may just be dirt area; the chickens are still debeaked; male roosters are still killed; chickens can still be crammed in barns; cruel commercial slaughter houses are still used by many.
      Under natural conditions, chickens are intelligent, affectionate and social creatures–but are one of the most abused living beings on earth. It is horrifyingly cruel how miserable most of their lives are!

  3. walmart be kind to the hens now.

  4. Anyone buying or using eggs from caged birds are animal abusers and backward.

  5. Catherine Desjarlais says:

    So true don’t abuse these precious animals

  6. Cynthia Gannon says:

    I am so fed up of signing animal abuse petitions. But I have no choice. Will people ever stop to consider how their actions have reactions. Come on people , just do the right thing. Greedy corporations don’t care about their food production as long as it doesn’t impact their profits. Weird people abuse animals and get away with it. Ok we probably all believe in retribution when we die. The wheels of justice grind slowly. What if we pushed to see sharp and speedy punishment for animal and child abuse when it happens in this lifetime, and without being dragged out. I have a dream….. Animal abusers get punished severely in this lifetime. Animal lives matter.

    • I just wish that there existed a group of animal liberation type people who could go round and secretly assassinate these abusers once identified.

  7. Cynthia Gannon says:

    Yes and you need to investigate your eggs source. Humane means nothing . Really check it out. The really humane eggs are more pricey for obvious reasons.

    • They are pricey to make a profit,nothing more…..likely falsely labeling their eggs as ‘organic’ whatever that means

  8. Totally disgusting_ they would be banned from egg production altogether

  9. The idea of ‘cruelty free’ eggs is a hoax…’s like using the logo for sweatshops, hopefully it does not fool most people….as for Walmart, (which directly profited from deadly ‘locked in’ Bangladeshi sweatshops) you can’t polish a turd no matter how hard you try

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗?

  11. Frigging wallmart…..exploit child labour in the EAST…don’t deny they fucking do…cheap cruelly slaughtered meats….hens that can’t move their entire life…all for CHEAP EGGS….no sence of morality the CEO of wallmart ….greedy ass H…
    IF WE DONT BUY THEN THEY CANT SELL….BOTTOM LINE DEAR FRIENDS…soooooo don’t waste the extra $$$ on Starbucks ….buy humane products…

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