FedEx Must Stop Supporting the NRA

Target: David J. Bronczek, President of FedEx

Goal: Stop giving special discounts on shipping to members of the NRA, who are staunch gun control opponents.

FedEx is giving members of the NRA, who have been staunch gun control opponents, enormous discounts on their shipping needs this holiday season. NRA Alliance members get 26 percent off FedEx Express domestic shipping, 18 percent off FedEx Express international shipping, 24 percent off FedEx Ground shipping, and 20 percent off FedEx Office services.

The NRA has vehemently opposed any form of gun control, which would keep Americans safe. NRA members should not be rewarded for their actions with monetary discounts. From common sense measures like increased background checks and a ban on automatic assault weapons, the NRA has stood in the way of progress. This has enabled a slew of violent murderers to get their hands on weapons and perpetrate mass causalities in schools, movie theaters, and churches.

By FedEx offering the members of such an organization discounts, it is indirectly condoning the rhetoric and actions of that organization. Sign the petition and demand that FedEx remove itself from the NRA Alliance partnership and stop offering discounts to the organization.


Dear Mr. Bronczek,

Your company, FedEx, is a member of the NRA Business Alliance, which enables NRA members to be eligible for discounts of up to 26 percent on certain services. Such a partnership is a troubling one. The NRA has constantly stood in the way of gun control reform and common sense legislation. From background checks to a ban on automatic assault weapons, the NRA has used its lobbying power to oppose the safety of the American people.

After mass shootings at elementary schools, movie theaters, and churches, the organization you partner with has continued to refuse to work with Congress and protect Americans from gun violence. Your partnership with them is an indirect endorsement of this unwillingness to cooperate. I ask that you revoke your partnership with the NRA and stop offering discounts to its members.


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  1. I will change from UPS to FedEx. Go NRA

    • Appalling comment. Why are you on this site? If you do not support the petition, do not comment, just leave.

      • 83% of all shootings are drug or gang related. If we took all of the proposed new laws you support in your petition you would not stop ONE killing. Not one.

        You want gun control as a 1st step to banning guns. There ARE gun safety issues that the NRA would fully support. However you oppose those actions.

        Had Hillary not called for a gun ban she would be President on Jan 20th.

      • Because these are the scum that elected Trump into office and why would they make any sense.

        • Gigi, so half the country is scum, huh? Gun-owners and coal miners cost your criminal liar many millions of votes. I can’t believe you wanted to vote a woman into the highest office in the land that sold access to our country for her personal profit. A woman who ran from snipers, had a daughter that was jogging around the WTC on 9-11, a woman who had her office workers smash i-pods with hammers, for God’s sake!! I don’t like Trump but I certainly understand why good people voted for him over a woman who should be in jail.

      • Amy, I suggest you actually do a few minutes worth of research on the NRA as compared to some of the gun control sites. You’ll find that the NRA has a reputation for telling the truth whereas most of the gun control sites stretch the truth to the breaking point. So what exactly would you like to see in order to stop criminals with guns? “No fly-no buy?” Why would America, a country that prides it’s sense of justice, try to prevent someone who has not been charged with a crime from buying a gun? Especially since there are numerous instances of mistakes in the listings? You do realize that we have a record amount of firearms in private hands now and violent crime has actually been dropping for several years, right? Do you think that you can simply call 911 and get a policeman to your house in time to protect your family? You do know that the police have NO legal responsibility to even respond to your call, right? What I suggest to people is that if they are comfortable with firearms ownership then take a couple of courses, do some range time, guy the firearm that suits you and even try some of the shooting sports! You won’t go wrong.

      • Maria Mahyorova says:

        Why can’t he comment when you are promoting restriction of HIS rights and trying to pretend no one opposes? Shut up yourself and let people say what they think. It’s a public place.

    • Nice comment scumbag.

    • Maria Mahyorova says:

      me too. They’d better ban hunters and their trophies from shipment. I don’t see any reason to restrict the others. Here firearms-scared people are trying ti pretend they are vox populi. No, they are not.

  2. I will NEVER use Fed/Ex again. Boycott them people that is how things are changed. If you hit them in the money bag then they listen. BOYCOTT!!!!!

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    boycott fedex now!

    • Not going to happen. Why don’t you firearms illiterates actually try to reasonably respond to some of the comments made here? Scared you’ll look silly because you actually know nothing about firearms or their legitimate uses?

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