Stop Letting Animals Freeze to Death in Trucks

Target: Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay

Goal: Promote the humane transportation of animals.

In Canada, 27 pigs have died after being transported in -10-degree centigrade (14-degree Fahrenheit) temperatures. The pigs were on their way from Alberta to a slaughterhouse in Vancouver. However, on arrival 25 of the animals were found to have died and two more were later euthanized due to their injuries. Necropsies on the animals showed that they died due to the cold weather. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the federal agency responsible for enforcing regulations on the transportation of live animals, investigated the case but could not take action as the truck’s driver had left the country.

Despite regulations and other laws aimed at ensuring that animals are transported in a humane way, animals continue to die or suffer injuries during transport. Some firms flout regulations, preferring to pay fines rather than the cost of updating transport policies. Further, while the CFIA has announced plans to reform regulations, these reforms would allow animals such as pigs to be transported for 28 hours without feed or water. This comes despite the fact that the CFIA has stated in the past that pigs may be dehydrated in as little as 6 hours. The agency has also warned that longer transportation times without rest expose animals to risks of injury due to jostling. Sign our petition and demand stronger regulations to ensure the humane transportation of animals.  


Dear Minister MacAulay,

In January, 27 pigs died in transport to Vancouver after spending hours in -10 degrees conditions. These deaths were an avoidable cruelty and yet the CFIA was unable to take action as the truck driver no longer resides in the country. There have been multiple incidents over this year of animal deaths, injury, and suffering due to inhumane transportation conditions. While I recognize the importance of animal agriculture to many communities, I believe that the government must do more to ensure humane treatment and transportation of animals.

As you know, proposed reforms to CFIA regulations regarding the transportation of animals would set maximums on the length of time animals can be transported without feed and water. However, these maximums are not sensitive to weather conditions such as temperature and humidity. The CFIA has previously acknowledged that pigs may suffer from dehydration in as little as six hours on hot, humid days, and yet set the maximum transportation time without feed and water for pigs at 28 hours. I urge you to ensure that regulations are sensitive to weather conditions and hold both the driver and the company responsible for cruel transportation conditions.  


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Photo Credit: HSUS

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  1. The cruelty inflicted upon these intelligent animals is appalling. As a species we have sunk to Nazi mentality

  2. This inhumane cruelty to these sensitive, intelligent animals can not be allowed to continue.

  3. There is no humane way to kill someone who does not want to die.

    • exactly, and as bitesizevegan on youtube pointed out. this petition does little to address the underlying problem: factory farms and other forms of animal cruelty

  4. There is reason for this to happen. Shame on the transport of animals in these kind of conditions.


  6. unacceptable to let great animals die like this . make laws to defend the great farm animals now.

  7. Christina Valero says:

    These poor, helpless animals should never have to suffer. But even if these beautiful beings lived through the hellish journey they would only be savagely murdered by heartless humans in the most brutal way. It breaks my heart to think how these innocent animals were born into such a cruel world and never had a chance to live a life they deserve. And to be happy. These poor animals only live a miserable sad life of pain, suffering and torture. Very heartbreaking.

  8. Cruel human beings like these people must face harsh judgement and penalty for mistreating innocent animals. They have zero respect for the law and are constantly breaking them for their own convenience. JUSTICE FOR THESE INNOCENT KIND CREATURES AND PUT A STOP TO ANIMAL CRUELTY PLEASE!!!

  9. Isn’t it sad that we refer to ourselves as humans and the first thing we are as a species is inhumane? Perhaps our species does need to die off. The rest of the animals AND PLANTS on this planet will be better off for it, sad to say!!

  10. what is this world coming to, for pities sake, who do these people think they are, that they treat animals this way, and i so agree with the two above,

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