Boycott Delta Airlines After Repeated Incidents of Racism

Target: ForceChange Community

Goal: Boycott Delta Airlines after Muslim men were allegedly thrown off plane solely for speaking Arabic.

Two Muslim men on a Delta Airlines flight from London to New York were kicked off their plane after fellow passengers complained that they were uncomfortable with the language they spoke. Since posting video of the incident online, the men, who are known for pulling pranks on their YouTube channel, have been accused of fabricating the entire display.

The incident reportedly started when Adam Saleh and his friend Slim Albaher spoke on the phone and to each other in Arabic. The men claim that a woman turned around in her seat and told them to speak English while another man cursed at them and said they should be removed. The men claim they responded by asking the woman if she’d ever heard another language before. Banter continued, escalating to include additional passengers, until the captain approached them, and they were removed from the flight. At this point, the men started filming, only capturing the events that transpired after.

If the men were trying to pull a prank, they likely would have started filming from the start. Additionally, according to Saleh, he would never use his phone camera to film video for his channel. Reports are mixed on whether or not the men were actually being unruly, but many witnesses have stated they were just messing around and not acting violent prior to being accosted by the people around them. Regardless of whether the men’s actions were used to provoke a response, the response they received is the real issue. Delta maintains that the men were causing a disruption but have not given good reason as to why they were completely removed rather than just seated elsewhere. Police reported that they did not arrest the men as they did nothing illegal.

This is not the first time Delta has been in the news for displays of racism. A Muslim family was forced to change their seats after a white woman made cruel comments about her crying baby. Another incident involved a Sikh woman who was carrying a breast pump, which got mistaken for a bomb. Additionally, a Muslim couple were removed from a Delta flight because passengers saw the woman talking on the phone and the man appeared to be sweating. Outside of these crimes against Muslims, Delta also recently refused medical help from a black, female chief resident, after a man collapsed on the plane.

While Delta is not the only airline to exhibit racist behavior, its blasé statements regarding these incidents are unacceptable. Saleh and Albaher are asking everyone to use #BoycottDelta to expose the airline for its disregard for the lives of minorities. Please sign this petition and add your voice to the call to shun Delta Airlines.


Dear ForceChange Community,

Regardless of whether two Muslim men on a Delta Airlines flight were trying to bring attention to themselves, they should not have been thrown off of a plane for speaking another language. Too often, people let fear dictate their thoughts and feelings, but we are better than that.

Adam Saleh and Slim Albaher were just trying to make their way home to their friends and family when they were accosted by people on their flight. These men were made to feel like terrorists just for speaking Arabic. Delta Airlines cannot continue to get away with this discrimination. I urge you to avoid flying with Delta Airlines and use #BoycottDelta to spread news of this injustice.


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Photo Credit: Andrei Dimofte

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  1. I will NOT SIGN this petition until we all know more about this incident.

    Apparently one of the guys escorted off (not “thrown off”) the airliner is a well known YouTube prankster, who has done MANY realistic pranks including pretending to be stopped and frisked by a cop, etc.

    Others on the same flight dispute HIS version of events.

    It is highly possible that this was another “prank” that may have gotten out of hand…….at this point none of us knows. Part of being “blind” to others’ skin color, race, religion etc is realizing THEY TOO can do wrong or bad things, or play pranks on the media……..and not just blindly accepting that they are “automatically correct”.

  2. Gillian Miller says:

    This is presenting one side of the problem. Carriers have to ensure the welfare of the passengers and if the 2 Muslims were messing around and causing issues then the carrier was right to remove them. Talking in Arabic would not cause me a problem but the messing around might depending on what was happening.

    As one of these is a known prankster/problem then he deserves everything that happens to him.

  3. Thank you Delta! Act now,Ask questions later….

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