Stop the Torture and Murder of Animals for Fashion

Target: Ernie Herrman, CEO of TJX (TJ Maxx and sister companies)

Goal: Stop global retailer TJ Maxx and sister companies from selling products containing fur and angora wool.

International retailer TJX sells products containing fur and angora wool, both of which come from the bodies of tortured animals. Despite knowing the horrors these animals face, TJX continues to sell products containing fur and angora wool.

Animals on fur farms are typically held in small, dirty cages where they have limited access to food and water. After a short life filled with misery and pain, the animals are killed in whatever way is most convenient. Common ways are strangulation, poisoning, neck-breaking, anal electrocution and suffocation.

Angora rabbits have their fur ripped out every three months, all while still conscious. They also typically live in small, dirty cages with limited access to food and water. After a few years of torture, the rabbits are usually killed and tossed away.

Sign this petition and demand TJX stop supporting these cruel industries and end the sale of products containing fur and angora wool.


Dear Mr. Herrman,

Despite knowing the horrors animals on fur farms face daily, your company continues to sell products containing fur and angora wool. Animals trapped in fur farms and angora wool farms are severely neglected and typically live in small, dirty cages with limited access to food and water.

Every three months, angora rabbits can have their fur ripped out while they are still conscious. After a few years of pain and exploitation, the rabbits are usually killed and tossed away. Animals on fur farms are killed in whatever way is most convenient and cheapest. Common ways include strangulation, neck-breaking, suffocation, poisoning and anal electrocution.

Please consider no longer selling products that contain fur or angora wool. Animals should not be exploited, tortured and killed all for an article of clothing.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: PETA

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  2. Heather Brophy says:


  3. just looking and thinking about these dear dear creatures, the so called human beings that have the heart to do such a sick and evil thing, i would give a lot to spend time with these crap people and pull out their hair and skin them alive, i hate them

  4. Bloody horrific, barbaric and totally unnecessary!!! Stop it! Too cruel ?

  5. Makes me ashamed to be a human being

  6. Common ways are strangulation, poisoning, neck-breaking, anal electrocution and suffocation, which is vile and evil sadistic heinous torture of innocent Fur animals and Angora Rabbits. What about the unimaginable heinous torture and suffering the animal torturing Chinese commit against all fur animal including our beloved dogs and cats by skinning alive. And the vile Chinese Government allows these atrocities to continue. These Chinese monsters are responsible for 95% of the Fur and Angora exported Worldwide.
    The importers, buyers and the bastards that wear fur or angora are monsters as well and are responsible as the monsters who torture fur and angora sentient beings to death.
    Down with them all.

  7. this needs to stop.There needs to be strict animal abuse laws made that
    includes the fur industry,and leather,and any other one that tortures and
    kill animals for human profit. This is not necessary and is cruel and in
    humane. Anyone caught doing this needs to be done the same way.Which
    more than likely would’t happen.But they can be put in solitary confinement
    for the rest of their lives.There would be no contact with the out side,no
    t.v.,phone,papers,books,magazines,radio,ect.Just a bucket for a toilet,
    a hosing off for a bath,one set of clothes per month,and just enough food
    and water to be kept alive. No outside time. A cot for a bed.

  8. Nothing in this world surprises me what people do to animals, just look at what people do to people.and it does not seem to get any better for compassion some people, these people want wiping out.PDQ

  9. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Boycott all animal Fur related items. There are wonderful faux replacements available. Whoever continues these practices is doing it willfully and should be punished by consumers. Ideally with high fines but we aren’t there YET.

  10. Fur belongs on animals NOT humans!
    Fur on humans is UGLY!
    No living creature deserves this cruel inhumane treatment.
    I say skin the greedy people who are doing this innocent animals.

  11. What’s wrong with these people?
    Do they really think having a fur coat is more important than not torturing an animal?
    Do they really think that????

  12. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Sick and so cruel! Please stop selling the skins and fur of helpless animals!

  13. How many Decades must WE Put Up with the EXTREME Cruelty, Inhumanity, Neglect, & Torture of Helpless, Defenseless Animals/? This is NOT the only CO., nor is it the ONLY Country, Continually Guilty of CRIMES like these..& As I’ve stated TOO many times & for too many DECADES, It’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY! As for Boycotting, Boycott other COUNTRIES TOO, Like CANADA, MEXICO, & All ASIAN Countries, as well as OUR OWN! Also, pretty much NOT ONE COUNTRY, out of probably the 200 that ARE NOT Just as EVIL, including many TO LIST. What Humanity does NOT yet understand IS, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. When ONE ALLOWS, OR is Complicit in the CRUELTY, TORTURING, PAIN & SUFFERING of ANY Who are BEINGS that ARE, DEFENSELESS, & HELPLESS & unable to SPEAK UP OR OUT, for THEMSELVES?? It’s NOT just ANIMALS THAT SUFFER! Humans WILL TOO, ALWAYS, because the SAME “TRUE BEASTS” True Sub Species, NOT OF THE HUMAN RACE< will & have Always been, those who CAUSE ALL THE PAIN & SUFFERING OF ANY & ALL Who CANNOT Defend, Or Help Protect,Themselves!

  14. This serves as a GENTLE REMINDER for HUMANS to BE KIND, THINK RIGHT and DO GOOD!!! Always REMEMBER that GOD IS WATCHING and that KARMA does exist as What Goes Around Comes Around!!! Blessings to ALL THOSE KIND SOULS who are ALWAYS there to SUPPORT and to VOICE for all the voiceless, helpless ANIMALS that were created for us to respect, to love, to care and to protect them and NOT otherwise!!! And prayers to all those poor souls that were tortured and murdered ALIVE so that their souls will rest in peace and that they will not be re-born as animals again!!! Let there be LOVE and PEACE on earth so that every living being can live peacefully thus happily!!!

  15. In the past year I have learned about so many disgusting things that are going on in my country, as accepted and standard procedures of total accepted animal abuse by many of my fellow Canadians. I am so appalled and disgusted that anyone would want to do these things to any animals. I learned we have fur farms, we butcher horses by the thousands and send them to Japan to their deaths as well. I learned that farm animals are treated with such cruelty that it is mind boggling, the abuse in rodeos, it goes on and on! Our politicians are gutless to pass any laws to protect animals, even when some of us humane Canadians ask for them. This year many Canadians will be parading around and pounding their chests in pride thinking we are a great nation on our 150 year birthday celebration. Well you know we are nothing to be proud of until we stop abusing all animals and change our ways immensely! It’s time for change for animals…NOW! I am NOT a proud Canadian for this reason and I won’t be until changes are done for the protection and respect of ALL animals in Canada!

  16. Jacinta Copeland says:

    How dark souled and heartless can you be? This just makes me want to vomit. You subhumans who do this need have it done to you and see how you like it then.

  17. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & shared ❗??

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